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Alexey Panin revealed illegitimate children

Fashionable artist, famous not only roles, but also foolish antics, Alexey Panin stated about their illegitimate daughters Mary and Sophia. The actor said that he supports with their mothers warm relations and, despite the decision to enter a monastery, intends to continue to help them financially.

Currently, Alexey Panin things are not so. Not only that tour fail (for example, in Sevastopol visitors did not buy the required number of tickets, and to pay for the rent of the hall, Alexei invested personal funds)to the same wife Lyudmila dropped it and now asks for a divorce. As a result, Alexey Panin decided to enter a monastery. "I live in the monastery. Don't know how long, life will show. This decision is directly linked with the divorce, and with my mind. I planned this not so long ago. Without Lucy me the theatre, the cinema, and the world around us, not interesting. I want to be alone with God and with ourselves", - declared Panin.

But despite this decision, the actor is not going to leave without economic aid own illegitimate children, Maria and Sofia. "They are 3 years old. 1 was born on 19 April, 2nd - 21. Masha and the Dormouse. It so happened that the young ladies who gave birth, dreamed of children. But to me Tatyana and Olga were not able to become pregnant," competent said Panin.

He stressed that with two ladies have maintained a great relationship. "They are happy that they have guys. Nobody is deceived. Admittedly, didn't expect that she will give birth to the Dormouse, and about pregnancy Tanya learned immediately. From the outset, Olga and Tatiana, told me: "Complaints to you as daddy no". But despite the fact that in my life at the moment it is not the best times, I help Finance all children" - quoted Alexei Panin "Express Gazeta".

The actor is reported daughters: "Tatiana has spouse, his girl calls the father, and it would be wrong, if I had applied for the job. We are all in amazing ways, and my other children consider Masha sister. DNA analysis I hold no intention: I think Masha daughter... Sonya is my middle name - Alekseevna, and she's not my name, she Mogucheva. I in any case not saying that what happened was right, but it happened".

As told Panin, his mother knows about the existence of the grandchildren, all warm relations. Alexey no means does not refuse from the payment of alimony: "Tanya and Olga know I'm a man, when I have a lot of money. I do not, as some Papa, be compelled to pay alimony". In fact, in consequence Panin not going to go to the monastery forever. "I will not cut their hair as a monk, but I need to be with myself. Will not remain in the monastery forever, since I have a mother and daughter, which should provide," said Panin. Note, that the artist growing up legitimate daughter from the Yulia Yudintseva Anna.

Source: Alexey Panin revealed illegitimate children

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