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Action MIA " Russia today ": a photographer Stenin about gumbataliev in Ukraine

Action MIA " Russia today " in support of the photo correspondent of the Agency Andrey Stenina, disappeared in the East of Ukraine, is designed not only to attract attention to the problem of safety of workers in the hot spots of the correspondents, but also to talk about the humanitarian catastrophe in the East of Ukraine.

The campaign, which started on Sunday, took place on 3 sites in the Russian capital. On Pushkin square, at the entrance to Gorky Park. Bitter and Zubovsky Boulevard volunteers from among colleagues Stenina handing out leaflets with photos of his authorship with the appeal to Express support of demands for his release in social networks. First of colleagues Stenina posted on the YouTube video with the petition to release the photographer. In the evening on Sunday near the building of the Last news opened a photo exhibition with the works of the photographer made in the South-East of Ukraine.

The exhibition under the open sky, which represented 30 works of Andrey Stenina, made in the East of Ukraine, started at the building of Last news on Zubovsky Boulevard in 17: 00 GMT.

" Andrei Stenin - magnificent master, great photographer. Today's Action is to attract attention to the problem of Andrew, and in General to the work of correspondents in all the hot spots and the most in Donetsk ", - told reporters the Director of the joint Directorate of photoinformation MIA " Russia today " Alexander Stoll. According to him, it is expected an extension of the exposition will be zapechatyvanie fresh photos, However, as the photographs placed under the open sky, much will depend on weather conditions.

in addition, an Exhibition of photographs by Stenina shows war as a humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine." This is a great work. They beat of the heart, They hit the emotions. Such a war cannot be. War is not politics, This is a humanitarian disaster that occurs in the East of Ukraine. This, too, we wanted to say, " added Stoll.

Interest in the share of the audience at Gorky Park. Gorky was not only helpful, but also generous - Most passers-by were ready to provide not only information, but also financial support, told the volunteers.

" citizens take the leaflets are interested in, ask the question, how to help. Very Most offer to give money, but we explain that we Rally in support, we want to hurry to release our colleague and disseminate data ", said Last news event participant in Gorky Park. In her expressions, volunteers explain willing to help, which is enough to put hashtag with the pictures that Andrei is made in Ukraine, and just to talk to friends or relatives.

" Support of people of very large and very palpable. There are even those who return, take another two leaflets and distribute to your friends already specifically in the Park, " said another participant of the action. In her expressions, a special interest in the event causes the youth and the elderly.

Activists of the event handing out flyers on Pushkin square stressed that most of the audience was informed about the disappearance of Andrew Stenina and willingly discussed leaflets with his photos.

" Many people took leaflets, very Most that we were pleased, understood what it was about. They watch the news and were aware. The most pronounced that it is necessary to pray for him, " said a participant Alexander Borovaya. Youth and married couples were most interested sections of the public, she added.

According to another volunteer - Erast Mishurova, passers-by enjoyed the fact that the missing journalist trying to help his colleagues.

" Was the return on this. When citizens have heard, It's not advertising Campaign, we not only give out leaflets, and This must for any serious business, then responded, " - said he, adding that some passers-by even returned heard, because It is an Action in support of the disappeared journalist.

in General, according to the Activists of the event, the Moscow audience was responsive and caring.

" Thanks to the reaction of the public. All positive. Our society is not indifferent, as we thought, " said Borovaya.

Photojournalist " Russia today " Andrei Stenin, who worked in Donetsk, Slavyansk and other cities of Eastern Ukraine, does not communicate with the 5th of August. An informed source told Last news that the journalist was seized by Ukrainian law-enforcers and inaccurate data that is placed in the security service of Ukraine in Kiev. However, the management of the SBU in the Zaporozhye region claimed that he had not detained fotokor, and that in their region there is no any captured authorized Russian media.

Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov assured that the Russian Federation is making efforts through all relevant departments to return Stenina from Ukraine.

the General Director of MIA " Russia today " Dmitry Kiselev yesterday drew attention that the work Stenina Ukraine wore only a humanitarian character, and it worked on both sides of the front, showing a war on all sides. On the first day weekend " Russia today " filed in the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine, the message with the request to take urgent measures to search Stenina. The message was accepted into the Central apparatus of the Ministry.

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Action MIA ` Russia today `: a photographer Stenin about gumbataliev in Ukraine
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