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Putin said the successful development of relations with the Republic of Serbian

The head of the Russian Federation centuries Putin on Thursday met In the Russian leadership with the leader of the Bosnian Serbs, the President of the Republic of Serbian member of Bosnia and Herzegovina, by Milorad Dodik.

Opening the meeting, Putin said that trade between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Srpska though modest, But increasing, and the relations between the parties " develop successfully."

Also the head of the mentioned elections, which soon obliged to go in the country, and recalled that not So long ago in the subjects of the Russian Federation has Also held " the biggest election in the history of modern Russia ".

" in the pre-election period, the internal political situation is heating up. But the elections eventually starts normal everyday work, " he said.

" I dream that we are going to work as well as we did, keeping in mind that business, constructive relations between countries that have developed, " added the President of Russia.

yesterday's visit Dodik in conversation Bosnian TV channel RTSS said he plans to exchange views with President Vladimir Putin and representatives of the Russian authorities on the situation in Ukraine.

on the first day of the week in Moscow Bosnian Serb leader met with the leadership of Gazprom and Zarubezhneft, the results of the negotiations were signed documents.

So, according to Gazprom, an agreement was reached on the main gas supply in the Republic of Srpska. The document provides for export to the Republic of gas through the existing pipeline corridors in the period from mid-2015 to enter in the Republic square of the gas pipeline " South stream ". The rules require the supply of clients under direct contract with the gas company of the Republic of Serbian GAS RES d. O. O.

in addition, Miller and Dodik discussed the main directions and prospects of cooperation in the energy sector, for example, the construction of the " South stream ". Now in the framework of the project the parties are finalizing the preparation of the intergovernmental agreement. The document provides for joint construction and a further diversion from the main part of the pipeline in the Republic of Srpska, as Well as the development of gas-fired power industry of the Republic.

in 2012 Gazprom and the Republic of Srpska was signed by the statement of understanding, which predusmatrivaet the construction of the gas pipeline branch from the " South stream " in the Republic of Srpska, as Well as gasification of settlements along its route. The document Also expressed the interest of the parties in the development of projects in the electricity sector, including the transfer of natural gas operating in Republic square power plants.

equally on Monday according to the results of negotiations with the leadership of " Zarubezhneft " an agreement was reached about the opening in the Republic of Srpska 4 gas stations and supply of fuel oil for the needs of the Serbian side from the refinery Brod ", owned by a Russian organization.

Bosnia and Herzegovina consists of 2 parts (entities) - the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Muslim-Croat) and the Republika Srpska. Truly, it is a Union of 2 independent territorial entities over which are the Council of Ministers and the Presidium (the collective head of state).

The country has a complex power system, taking into account the desires of the three constituent peoples - the Bosnian Muslims (boshnakov), Serbs and Croats. This model is provided by the Dayton peace agreement, which ended the war of the 1990's.

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Putin said the successful development of relations with the Republic of Serbian
 -  Знаменитости Putin said the successful development of relations with the Republic of Serbian
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