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The was: a discussion of the OSCE on freedom of speech in Ukraine is not balanced

Leonid Sviridov. Discussion at the meeting of the OSCE on freedom of expression in the media in the fall in Ukraine was unbalanced, said Last news chief middle East Bureau Russia Today (RT) Paul Was involved in the debate during the annual meeting of the OSCE on review of implementation of commitments in the human dimension.

in Warsaw on the first day of the week opened the 18th annual meeting of the OSCE human dimension. The was which covered the events in Ukraine, in the Syrian Arab Republic and Israel, told about his experience in the area of conflict, and expressed their vision of the situation in Ukraine.

" It was quite a lot of accusations against Russia, and among them the address of the correspondent, and, for example, in the RT address. Had an impression that citizens who came to this session of the OSCE, had previously stated its opinion. They were not ready to listen to what another person said and take part in discussions, " said the Was.

" The panel Discussion was unbalanced, there Were many opponents of Russia, But criticize side - Russian reporters are simply not given the opportunity to speak. I wanted to contribute to this debate, because 20 years working as a correspondent. I was in Ukraine and wanted to tell you that I saw with her own eyes. But as soon as I said that I work in RT, the citizens immediately " closed " and lost interest in me, " said the journalist.

in her expressions, the Ombudsman of Ukraine even said that the Russians don't need to monitor media freedom in Ukraine, because " This is our country, not Russia." However, as This is consistent With the principles of the work of the OSCE freedom of speech and of the monitoring of freedom of the press?" said the Was.

" All very tried to criticize the Russian Federation. Besides did It so carefully and With this energy, which had the feeling that those promises that carries Russia, They are correct, and for this reason the West criticizes Moscow. It can be regarded as a compliment to the Russian side, because we speak the truth, " said a well-known journalist.

The was working on RT since the founding of the channel in 2005, led the coverage of the conflict in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Israel and Ukraine. On her account - a special interview With the leading politicians of his time, and among them With Israeli President Shimon Peres (2007-2014,), Lebanese President Emile Lahoud (1998 and 2007) and the current South African President Jacob Zuma.

The meeting in Warsaw attended the official delegation of the 57 participating States of the OSCE, Authorized international organizations and civil society. From the Russian side in the meeting participates interagency delegation, which included Commissioners of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, the State legal administration of the President of the Russian Federation, the Central election Commission, the Prosecutor General, Ministry of communications and mass media, Ministry of education, the Federal migration service, Federal service for execution of punishment.

The OSCE meeting in the Polish capital will last until 3 October.

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The was: a discussion of the OSCE on freedom of speech in Ukraine is not balanced
 -  Знаменитости The was: a discussion of the OSCE on freedom of speech in Ukraine is not balanced
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