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Rod Stewart injured his fan

2 years ago, the 69-year-old temperamental Race came in so strong excitation during a private concert that began to hit penalty for meditators. Aggrieved fan of rocker Mustafa Porridge announced that the ball was shot at him with such force that he broke his nose.

According to The Telegraph, the performance artist ended unlucky lover hospitalization, expensive operation and large economic losses. As compensation, the representative of the stronger sex has demanded that Stewart through the Tribunal 6 thousand pounds (or 10 thousand dollars).

In its own statement, the inhabitant of California said that the artist allowed himself negligence and throwing balls into the hall caused harm to their own viewers. "I Start a lot of experience in football. He perfectly represents how strongly you need to hit the ball that no one is hurt. He is young has been playing Amateur football clubs," he analyzed the biography own opponent Mustafa, who, according to him, today is experiencing the strongest pain - both physical and moral.

By the way, not so long ago similar conflict happened with pop Princess Britney Spears. As already written Melbourne Herald sun, the singer accidentally broke his nose native dancer dawn Noel, when he was preparing to shoot the latest clip with bright title "Work bitch" and practicing dance moves. Fascinated, artist absolutely casually brushed his hand face of the dancer. In the crunch, the sound for the whole room, surrounding realized that only one injury is not limited.

Britney immediately brought his own apology to the victim, and agents Spears has promised to compensate for the damage Doan. It could be the end of the world and not to penetrate into the press, if the followers of the artist has fulfilled his obligation. Operation to resume broken nasal septum cost Noel expensive, and it is expected that the cost of the treatment she will reimburse, but a few months later, the agents Britney refused to its own promises.

Now the dawn is looking for justice in the superior court of Los Angeles, bringing a lawsuit against Britney for a broken nose. Dancer admits that Spears at the rehearsal was inadequate, a drunk, a little on his feet stood, not to mention the correct execution of the PA, in consequence of which and caused her injury.

In addition trendy foreign artist Robbie Williams concert in Newcastle fell from the stage in the auditorium and broke his own hand 52-year-old admirer. Witnesses to the incident tell us that the concert was magnificent, and Williams is a very cheerful, energetic and active. 40-year-old artist tonight actively communicated with fans, many danced, jumped and ran to the visitors on the ledge of the stage. During one of these runs Robbie slipped, lost his balance and fell down, right on standing at the scene fans.

Musician more or less gently landed and got off lightly, but the accident fairer sex. The hardest hit 52-year-old fan of Williams Margaret Nash. Artist broke her arm. Immediately after the speech admirer turned to the doctor complaining of pain in his hand, and those defining the fracture sent her by ambulance to the hospital.

Source: Rod Stewart injured his fan

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