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Nenashev: fresh American ships in the Black sea - " the politics of higher rudeness "

The arrival of the flagship of the Sixth fleet of the U.S. Navy frigate USS Mount Whitney and missile destroyer USS Cole in the Black sea Is the policy of the top rudeness " from the American States, said Last news on the first day of the week leader of the national movement of the support fleet captain first rank Mikhail Nenashev.

" I would have assessed the actions of the American state as the highest policy rudeness. When in the European Union, in the capital of Russia and even in Kiev sounds more initiatives in the field of peaceful resolve this fall, the American political class is not satisfied with a possible peaceful resolution image of this bloodshed, " said Mikhail Nenashev, explaining the occurrence in the Black sea the next batch of U.S. military vessels.

He also said that so the US is trying to support the Ukrainian government in its confrontation with Russia " in the direction of the Crimea "." This is an attempt of the political hypnosis that we are terrible and do not leave even for a minute without attention Kyiv authorities and will Orient ", He added.

the head of the Department also clarified, because This is yet another proof that Americans contribute to inflaming tensions in the Black sea and adjacent region.

" I think They do This not only from the perspective of threats to our interests, But also put pressure on Turkey. They are from Turkey want greater involvement in the battle with the extremists of the Islamic persuasion. But for us in Russia it is clear that the world is in the South-East in the new Russia and other Ukrainian territories, not extremely beneficial to Americans, They are certainly not until the end of the downloaded self-defence orders, for them It is a multi-level task, and not a question of international law and good neighborliness, " he finished Nenashev.

The command ship Mount Whitney " well-known fact that in the last month of summer 2008 was the 1st ship of NATO, delivered to the port of Poti (Georgia) humanitarian cargo received damage during the conflict in South Ossetia. The Russian foreign Ministry expressed on this issue, their concerns and doubts in the humanitarian nature of the mission. In addition, 6 November 2008 this American ship could not enter the port of Sevastopol due to the anti-NATO protests in g. Later, the ship still entered the port, But the ship's crew was unable to go due to the actions of the protesters.

According to the Montreux Convention, the military court nachimovsky countries have the opportunity to be in the Black sea is not more than 21 days. The total tonnage of warships nachimovsky countries in the Black sea is not required to exceed 30 thousand tons. Before this year, the Convention had violated the American frigate " Taylor ", exceeding the ten day limit stay in the Black sea.

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Nenashev: fresh American ships in the Black sea - ` the politics of higher rudeness `
 -  Знаменитости Nenashev: fresh American ships in the Black sea - ` the politics of higher rudeness `
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