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Alexey Panin throws films for families

In an honest interview absurdly famous artist Alexey Panin explained that no longer wants to act in films. At the moment he has only one desire: to return the deceased spouse and to find their own missing child.

In September, the ex-wife of actor Alexey Panin model Julia Udintsev stealthily took their joint daughter-the first form of the NUS and went with a girl in St. Petersburg. The actor learned about it, he accused the former spouse in the theft of the baby. At the moment, the girl lives together with his mother in St. Petersburg, and Panin wants to discover
address where to hide from him the baby. As they say, Alex and Julia divorced when NUS was a year old, with the scandal and mutual allegations of excessive use of alcohol. In recent years, the ex-wife was never able to find a common language.

"I can't call my mom a lady who is in a drunken stupor twice almost killed my baby. For several years I tried to persuade Julia to start communicating with NUS, gradually become a family man. But Julia, as I may seem at first glance, nothing was done to achieve the desired result. My wife just wrote to me of slander. It is with tears in my eyes all said that I could not give to meet my daughter. But I know that it is not true! Naturally, many believe a tear-stained pillow lady, allegedly suffered at the hands of inhuman men, especially when the representative of the stronger sex with a reputation as a trouble maker. The first 2 years, not going to lie, I hid the baby. I realized that it was my duty to defend his own daughter. The NUS grew up in a happy family, but every day I understood that the child needs the mother. I realized that I could not deny his own daughter communication with Julia. I wanted to come to terms with Yudintseva, but she didn't want to compromise" - quoted Panina "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

And yet, the artist went ex-wife to meet. "Together with guardianship with the bailiffs since February of this year we began to organize meetings of NYSE with my mother. They were all recorded on video, because to accuse me in a lie at Yudintseva will not work. On the video it is noticeable that I have been encouraging Udintsev to enter in our situation, understand that after so many years, you cannot just take and pass the NUS. She is not a toy! The first baby should get used to a new person. And after that, the NUS itself stated that it wants to live with dad," said Alex.

The actor confessed that he was experiencing a "terrible burden": "I had Previously divorced with his own beloved wife Lucy, and now lost and the NUS. I no longer want to act in films. I have one desire - to return the daughter and wife Lucy". As explained Panin, he came to the aid of colleagues on the shop floor. "Thank you to everyone who helps me, and special thanks to Vladimir Abramovich Etush! He's 1 of the few who without unnecessary questions called me and offered help. This attention is well worth it. I honestly cried when I heard on the other end of the electric wiring of the voice of the famous Etush. I want to thank the painter Nikas Safronov, who, having learned that I have difficulties with cash, brought me the right amount. The support of such of the inhabitants of our planet really means a lot to me," he thanked Panin.

Source: Alexey Panin throws films for families

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