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The Patriarch opened the Exhibition " Rurik " in " Manege "

Olga Lipich. Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill has opened in the Day of national unity in the Central exhibition hall " Manege " multimedia exhibition about the first Imperial dynasty of Russia " My Story. Rurik " - as part of the annual, 13th exhibition-forum " Orthodox Russia ".

A new exhibition was visited by the President of the Russian Federation centuries Putin, the head of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin, high-ranking representatives of Islam, Judaism, Catholicism and other religions, the staff of the foreign Ministry, famous politicians, artists, leaders of public organizations. As in previous years, the opening of the exposition of the Primate of the Russian Church applauded children from different regions of Ukraine.

" History of Rurikovich is the history of the formation of the Russian Federation ", - said Putin.

The tour of the exhibition for the head of the country was held by the Patriarch Cyril. He showed Putin 18 rooms, which are currently divided arena. Here presents the highlights of the reign of the princes of the family of Rurik - from the founder to the latest Fedor Ivanovich, who ruled in 1584-1598 years. Patriarch Kirill told the President the many stories associated with this generation of Rurikovich - the curse of the genus and the miracles that accompanied many of them, wisdom and greed part of its commissioners. During the reign of Rurikovich district States increased from 200 thousand square Kilometers more than 7 times, Rus was baptized, it was torn princely feuds, which had to suppress and prevent the collapse of the state.

" Who are older - the closer the blood, " said the ancient rules of Putin. The President put the candle in front of the icon of St. Sergius of Radonezh, which specifically brought to the arena of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra.

head, a year earlier had been on a similar exhibition dedicated to the Romanov dynasty, left a note in the Book of honorable guests. For reviews of Putin, " the exposition dedicated to the Romanov dynasty and Rurikovich make a very great contribution to the education of the people of our state in the spirit of love for the Fatherland and of great importance.

" This year the Exhibition is devoted to the first dynasty of Rurik dynasty, which United Russia, has done everything to ensure that isolated, feudal crushed the Russian principalities were United into one powerful state, reflected foreign raids on the Path of spiritual and material development. If in 2 words to describe the activities of Rurikovich, then it was aimed at overcoming strife in the world ", the fraternal enmity, strife, " said the Patriarch.

He said that in 2014, Russia emphasizes the 700th anniversary of St. Sergius of Radonezh, and in the center of the exhibition in the " manage " icon with the relics of the Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra, which was passed this year throughout Russia. Sergius, According to the Patriarch, " As no one else has United the peoples of Russia and pushed them to the accomplishment of the feat - Kulikovskii battle."

The Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church noticed that other traditional religions " was always present in the life of our Fatherland." Today our prayer to overcome " the hateful strife of this world ", to preserve the spiritual unity of Holy Russia to flourish peoples who formed this Holy Russia, and now living in independent countries, to peace, prosperity and brotherhood existed in the vast historical Rus', " wished the Patriarch.

Computer technology " revive " Historical documents, books and maps, events " Tale of bygone years "clearly represent the ancient trade routes, and among them the famous " route from the Varangians to the Greeks ", the legendary battle, examples diplomacy and Holiness.

Halls of the exhibition is devoted, for example, subjects: " the First Rurik " (calling three Varangian Prince Rurik, Sineus and Truvor), " Road from the Varangians to the Greeks ", " Saint Vladimir ", " St. Sergius of Radonezh ", " Dmitry Donskoy ", " Ivan IV the terrible ", " Fyodor Ivanovich " (the last of the Rurik dynasty).

Avoiding Exposure, its creators, the Patriarch and guests discussed the individual pages of history: the Khazar Khaganate, At the first Rurikovich territorial greatly surpassing Russia, the military exploits of Prince Oleg and Svyatoslav, the wisdom of Princess Olga, Pannonia, Galician Rus, Horde, Empire of the Khan, Lithuanian Rus', the Kingdom of Ivan the terrible. In the hall dedicated to him the Patriarch stopped at the stand of " the First information war in the European media - developing an awesome image of Russia ". On the same stand - the story of the Livonian war for access to the Baltic sea and the first political and economic sanctions against Russia."

One of the oldest dynasties of Europe, the princely family of Rurik ruled in Russia for seven and a half centuries. Historic themes represented in the exhibition by several hundred media stands and exhibits, in 18 halls with a total area of 4000 square meters.

exhibition " My Story. Rurik " in " Manege " will be open until November 20. While the organizers assure that in contrast from last year, when the Exposition dedicated to the Romanov dynasty, three times has been extended due to the unprecedented number of people wishing to visit the current exhibition will be held strictly 4 through November 20, and will not be renewed. This is due to the fact that from 1 September 2015 1-Ohm pavilion at VDNKH will earn a special multimedia Museum, which will house both the exhibition " the Romanovs " and " Rurik "and future projects of the exhibition-forum " Orthodox Russia ".

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The Patriarch opened the Exhibition ` Rurik ` in ` Manege `
 -  Знаменитости The Patriarch opened the Exhibition ` Rurik ` in ` Manege `
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