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Analysts: Georgia needs a new referendum on joining NATO and the EU

Georgia needs a new referendum on the foreign policy of the country, because the results of the plebiscite 2008, according to which membership in the Alliance voted 77% Georgian who came to the elections were rigged. This opinion was expressed by the participants of the video conference Moscow - Tbilisi, organized on Wednesday MIA " Russia Today ".

" That declare the will of the Georgian people to join NATO and the European Union, is nonsense, if you refer to a plebiscite on January 5, 2008, when about 70% voted for NATO. But everyone knows That It was forged by at least 30-40%. For this reason, we demanded and now also require to spend in Georgia referendum - whether the Georgian people to choose the way of the West and the EU, or rapprochement With the Russian Federation and Georgia's accession to the Eurasian economic Union ", - said the leader of the coalition " Eurasian choice - Georgia Archil Chkoidze.

He referred to the polls, according to which the vast number of citizens of Georgia (70-75 %) are in favor of restoring brotherly and neighbourly relations With Russia. At the same time, showed activist, USA funded non-governmental organizations in Georgia that daily stand against Georgian traditions and against the Georgian Orthodox Church.

With Chkoidze agree, the Fund Manager of the Union of Russian and Georgian people Vladimir Khomeriki.

" in Georgia, we need a referendum on the issue (joining NATO). The referendum, which was during Saakashvili, as He and his power - it was a complete fabrication. Today the new government, the people once got rid of Saakashvili, he untied his hands, completely different desires. Today, the Georgian people do not want their site to have any base that does not want to become the object of military expansion, which can cause the presence of (country edit) in any blocs and alliances. Of course, if NATO were to occur in Georgia, the forces will be, whether we like it or not, is aimed at the aggressive bloc, " said Khomeriki.

He is convinced That Today the greatest Danger for Georgia comes from NATO, and not from Russia.

" The danger comes from an active member of NATO military power of Turkey. Turkey, which Today is not fully occupied Georgia, which is now openly informs That in 2021 Adjara and Batumi will be its territories. What NATO we want? Where is our judgment Georgian?" said Fund of unity of the Russian and Georgian people.

According to the chief editor of the Internet representation of the scientific society of Caucasus, expert, strategic culture Foundation Andrew Areshev, the forced presence of Western non-governmental organizations gives rise to internal instability in Georgia, What we observe at the present time.

" Political processes in Georgia related To dismissals, reducing the parliamentary support of the coalition " Georgian dream ", caused not least by the lack of stable political party system in Georgia. In an environment of instability, challenging socio-economic tensions contributed to the problems of ethnic and confessional plan associated With Adjara, - all this is a serious nutrient broth to turn Georgia if not in some semblance of Ukraine, at least in the hearth of export instability in the North Caucasus. That already happened in the 1990s, " said the expert.

in his vision, at the present time, in an environment of instability that is observed in Georgia, it is difficult to talk about Some breakthroughs in relations With Russia, and especially about the Fact that Georgia has turned off the Euro-Atlantic and European ways.

" But I think awareness will occur as individual provisions of the contract (Georgia) eurosocial will be introduced. I think That all this will further strengthen the support for an alternative view on the future of Georgia, which is present in the Georgian society ", predicts the Areshev.

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Analysts: Georgia needs a new referendum on joining NATO and the EU
 -  Знаменитости Analysts: Georgia needs a new referendum on joining NATO and the EU
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