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Nenashev: RF stands to give France two weeks on the decision on " Mistress "

Russia should Give France a couple of weeks to find out the date of the transfer of the first helicopter type " Mistral ", and If this does not happen, the Russian Federation is to terminate the agreement and demand a fine polled Last news professionals.

While the officials of the Agency emphasizes that the meaning of this Treaty was to get the technology of erection of such military courts.

On Tuesday, it was announced that the head of the French Republic Francois Hollande decided to stop for some time, the supply of the first Russian helicopter type " Mistral " because of the situation in Ukraine. Deputy defense Minister Yury Borisov said first Fins news that Moscow until will not make a complaint France because of the decision to stop at some time the delivery of the Russian Federation " Mistral " and waits for the execution of the contract.

the head of the national movement of the support fleet captain first rank Mikhail Nenashev believes that the message of the Elysee Palace on temporary suspension of the contract " Mistress " justified by the fact that the French government is forced to wait until the U.S. will weaken the grip, and Paris will try to save face, realizing that it is threatened with punishment.

" I think we should wait for transmission over a month, maximum 2 to show leniency and generosity to France As a partner, but we must go out on real dates. I think that at the present time these meetings are Rosoboronexport, " said Fins news Nenashev.

in his vision, If France does not say that presumably 15-20 December delivery helicopter " Vladivostok " will be realized or will not refer to force majeure, will need to take action, because the Russian Federation has the right to use provided for fines and submit proper claims.

" The French are trying now to keep his face in front of US, but with the " Mistral " they went into this story could end up worse for them. I think in the past week or two we should go to a meeting in France and Give them time to find a new date of surrender, and our guide is to weigh everything, but pull not worth it. Give them a week or two and revoke the crew. If they are during the week will not be determined that, for example during the month, give us 1st ship, to terminate the contract on our part and enable penalty, " added the head of the Department.

Nenashev noticed that the Issue now, not only in the contract, and the health and condition of our sailors and their stay in Saint-Nazaire.

As said the former head of the international Treaty Directorate of the Russian Ministry of defense, Lieutenant General Yevgeny Buzhinsky, the Decision of France to stop for awhile delivery Mistral at the moment is absolutely legitimate - French party may delay the transmission of the helicopter without explanation for three months after the official date (November 14). So, until February 2015 France legally can pull with the decision ".

according to the comments of the head of the Department of disarmament and conflict resolution Center international security of the IMEMO (RAS Andrey Zagorskiy, Decision on the " Mistral " is not final and the 1st turn is connected with a common mode of punishment, but Russia this agreement only interesting from the perspective of the adoption of technologies.

" France is for us a very important partner in military-technical cooperation. Some of the main directions of its development - getting us French technology in avionics, electronics, " said Zagorski.

He said that today no country in the world can not " entirely on its own to produce complex integrated military systems ".

" Even the Americans import a large number of components for its military equipment. The question is not so much in the ship, but in the technologies that we could use in the future When the development of shipbuilding, " explained Zagorski.

He said that relations with France " in some degree subsided, but sank not fatal ". The expert recalled that France, which a few years ago in Russia called preferred strategic partner, today is to some extent a wait-and-see attitude towards Moscow. It is not anti-Russian " hawk ", but it is not Germany that tries to establish a dialogue and come to a consensus with Russia.

" The decision is not final. Transmission is possible, If there is to be significant progress in the resolution of the Ukrainian fall. Solution Hollande is connected with punishment. In history there have been precedents when France, for example, not passing vehicles to Israel, because it imposed punishment ", - the expert said, noting that as long as there is a tendency for the continuation of the conflict in Ukraine.

with his hand Buzhinsky said that the official Paris had driven themselves into a corner, torn between commitment to the overall position of the West on the situation in Ukraine and its own economic benefit.

" Delaying the transmission of the helicopter carrier to Russia, France expresses its solidarity with the United States in the fall in the Ukraine. Give " Mistral " Moscow is currently for Hollande, the same as a private person to spit in the face of Barack Obama. Anyway, France herself had made themselves at an impasse and, frankly, " gets money " - the Transfer of " Mistral " Russia will spoil relations with Western colleagues, at the same time to anyone except us, helicopter carrier, adapted to the rules of the Far East with Russian inscriptions in the salon, they sell will not " - said the expert.

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Nenashev: RF stands to give France two weeks on the decision on ` Mistress `
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