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Kardashian divorced from her husband after humiliation

Foreign media like thunder in a clear sky had spread the news that the marriage curvaceous star of the reality show Kim Kardashian and famous rapper Kanye West broke up six months after the gorgeous wedding.

Another misunderstanding of the spouses has led to the fact that the beautiful brunette filed divorce documents. However, the refutation is not forced to wait long.

First the sad news told InTouch magazine, devoted temperamental couple the cover. It flaunts a sensational headline "Kim submits documents for divorce after 6 months of marriage!". As they say the journalists, Kardashian and West are tired to tolerate selfishness each other and want to entertain the audience the most imposing divorce in the history of the earth's population.

According to the magazine, Kim already started the best lawyers Los Angeles (reporters even elaborate, citing expert divorce processes Mark Watson) and discusses with them how to get full custody of them with the Kanye joint daughter North. Rapper, really quarreling with his wife, if he left her alone on thanksgiving and flew to Paris to carouse with friends.

The paper admits that the West slammed the door just because very dissatisfied too sincere outfits own 2 half and her love of exposure. Not so long ago occurred full nudity Kim for a glossy magazine, the artist was never able to experience. Since it is logical that all your cherished places spouse must demonstrate only wife. There should be something to belong only to him and no one else?

"For Kim last straw was the fact that Kanye suddenly changed his mind about her cantankerous photo shoot in the magazine Paper, said the shark pen mysterious informant from the inner circle of stars. Its still discuss admirers. And the West has stopped supporting it never makes compliments, as well as Kardashian constantly felt close to him as behind a stone wall, the most loved and cherished".

In addition InTouch claims that frustrated the West deliberately humiliated own suspicious, depending on the opinion of others spouse. He gave her a divorce documents in the presence of the whole family. And the rapper threatened the mother of Kardashian Kris Jenner that will achieve absolute custody of the daughter.

However, the newspaper Gossip Cop is a direct competitor InTouch made fun of this publication about Kim, calling her fabricated "a complete lie", and brought a whole list of previous blunders yellow journal, which is often mistaken in their own hasty headers. Virtually all sensation InTouch over time to be a duck, designed so that the entire print run of the magazine racquets.

"Kim is NOT diluted with Kanye. This is utter heresy" - quoted by the official representative Kardashian Gossip Cop and encourages private readers not to focus on the next fake divorce dishonest correspondents, deceiving Americans for many years.

Source: Kardashian divorced from her husband after humiliation

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Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

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