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Chaliapin will return Kopenkina apartment for 18 million rubles

After businesswomen Larisa Kopenkina found out that her husband, artist Prokhor Chaliapin, cheated on her with a model and now she expects the baby, the couple decided to divorce.

The pair came to the agreement that the contractor returns businesswomen given him a living space for 18 million, with all this leaves her own sonorous name.

Guests transfer of Andrei Malakhov "Let them talk" yet another couple Prokhor Chaliapin and Larisa Kopenkina. At first, the visitors came out businesswomen. She told me that she learned about the future of the paternity of her spouse through the press. Namely, that Prokhor Chaliapin be daddy at the end of February of the coming year, it became known through fasting, placed his mother in Instagram. The lady said that will soon be a grandmother and was very pleased.

Interestingly, the mother Chaliapin Helena, which from the outset was against his marriage with Kopenkina appeared in the Studio and publicly apologized own young daughter-in-law for the fact that this whole situation happened a secret from her. "I was convinced that Prokhor you told everything. I by no means wanted to offend you, Larissa!" "mom said Chaliapin. Needless to say, Kopenkina quite sensual respond to the emerging situation. Literally barely holding back tears, she said: "Honestly, I look at them, and I cringe. But I'm happy for them. Prokhor wanted children. Let them marry and give birth. Let them be all sweet and happy. The kid should appear in the marriage."

Appeared in the Studio and Prokhor Chaliapin. He announced that he owes nothing to anybody and not to mention about the future of fatherhood was going to tell Kopenkina only after the birth of his son. But in this situation, divorce is inevitable, and the couple has already agreed: Chaliapin said that he would return donated by the wife of the housing 18 million Larissa, or rather her son, Yuri. "For these 18 million me all the power in the powder has been erased, is sadly announced Prokhor. Also, Kopenkina wants to keep the sonorous name of the spouse. "As soon as I was married to him, I changed his own name to start a new life. After divorce I will remain Shalyapina!" said Kopenkina.

Visitors, of course, was expecting in the Studio and mistress artist, model Anna Kalashnikova. But pregnant girlfriend Chaliapin, apparently, decided to keep his own nerves and appeared before the meditators only on the screen. She announced that she hopes for understanding Larisa Kopenkina, because "she is a mother and wise woman". Anna Kalashnikova showed their own living space, including a bedroom, in which she hopes to equip for the future kid. Young parents are also busy with the selection of the joint housing. Prokhor Chaliapin and Anna Kalashnikova have chosen a suburban area and spacious house. Parents even agreed to jointly pay the mortgage.

Source: Chaliapin will return Kopenkina apartment for 18 million rubles

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Chaliapin Prokhor
Chaliapin Prokhor

Chaliapin will return Kopenkina apartment for 18 million rubles -  Знаменитости Chaliapin will return Kopenkina apartment for 18 million rubles шоу бизнес последние эротические фотографии  эротика лучшие
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