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Chaliapin in shock from divorce with Kopenkina

Deceived businesswomen Larisa Kopenkina gave ex-wife Prokhor Chaliapin and his pregnant mistress Anne Kalashnikova interesting gifts in broadcast TV. Musician she handed the red dressing-gown, and the model - certificate of divorce, with which Chaliapin fell into shock.

The day before, on December 16, went 2nd evening program Andrei Malakhov "Let them talk", dedicated to Prokhor Shalyapin, his wife, Larisa, Kopenkina and pregnant mistress Anne Kalashnikova. Despite the fact that throughout the transfer 58-year-old Kopenkina was bodies and was able to squeeze out a laugh, it was evident that she was upset in consequence of what is happening in the Studio. Before unexpectedly appeared passion Chaliapin Anna Kalashnikova, Kopenkina managed to say the words of the approval of choice of spouse. "I think Prokhor obliged to make an offer Ana. Let them get married. I let him off with a pure heart. That's what I want to say it," she declared. There was a response word and Kalashnikova. She formally apologized to Laura: "I would like to apologize to Larissa. What can I say? We Prokhor young, and we want to live. I am currently in such a position that all the filth that pours on me, not for me of little or no value. For me at the moment, there is something more important".

The apotheosis of chaotic ether (visitors in the hall definitely supported Kopenkina and disagreed with Chaliapin, and the guests were divided roughly evenly divided in their sympathies to spouses) were gifts that Larisa decided to give prospective parents. For Chaliapin she prepared red Terry robe with a Golden crown on his back and his name on the cuffs and Kalashnikova - certificate of divorce in the holiday frame. "Anya, specially for you I divorced. Here, it is you my gift," said 58-year-old businesswoman, holding out a pregnant mistress, ex-wife of the document. Chaliapin has changed in the face, seeing such a gift. He literally went into shock and doesn't even managed to say.

Kalashnikov as literally shone with happiness and clung to the artist. "I'm happy, because I would become a mother. And that Prokhor recognized this fatherhood, having nobly," said 30-year-old model. When Chaliapin and Kalashnikov told about his own relations were noticed some inconsistencies. So, Kalashnikov said that with Prokhor known for a long time - more than 5 years. If they met at the event, jointly negotiated and performed. However when reporters wrote about the future fatherhood Chaliapin, itself Kalashnikov and adept musician with full confidence said that their acquaintance, equally as proximity, only happened this summer, specifically on the birthday of the model. Not to mention the fact that when he raised the question as to how long the artist has learned about his own future fatherhood, Chaliapin announced that recently, and Kalashnikov said that he told him as soon as I realized I was pregnant. In General, the impression that the pair, which combines only the baby, I can hardly imagine a life together: together or apart, in the status of friends or spouses. There is no doubt that Chaliapin and Kalashnikov rely on the help of parents.

By the way, in the Studio was mother Prochorus and Anna. Potential mother-in-law Chaliapin, like her daughter, was radiant with happiness and endlessly repeated, as she is happy that she will soon be a grandmother. "Understand, this is my 1st grandson. Anin 1st baby. She still 30 years. This is a very desirable grandson, I dreamed about him," said Kalashnikov older. Also in the Studio appeared buddy Kopenkina, a resident of the United States Paul Ivanenko. He literally spilling optimism, said that relations Chaliapin and Kopenkina was like a fairy tale, and yet he is happy for the artist that will soon become a dad. However Ivanenko questioned whether or not this child of his. After this passage lawyer Chaliapin, which during the entire broadcast literally stuffed mouth even the old-timers program, said on preparedness of the future parents to do a DNA test when the baby will be born.

At the end of the transmission Prokhor Chaliapin, who throughout airtime were not habitually serious, suddenly took out a bouquet of white roses and handed them to Kopenkina. "Forgive me, for God's sake", - he said quietly to his wife, but that just took the bouquet, he gave his mother Chaliapin. Larisa has made it clear that he was not going with him to discuss the whole situation. Suddenly supported Kopenkina mother of the singer, which from the outset was against his marriage with businesswomen. She said Chaliapin that he behaved badly and actually guilty wife.

Source: Chaliapin in shock from divorce with Kopenkina

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