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Klitschko, Pannetiere told about the daughter

New parents, boxer Wladimir Klitschko and Hollywood actress Hayden, Pannetiere, expressed his own tender feelings newborn baby, which she called Kaya Eudocia. They confessed that they are in seventh heaven and madly in love with the baby.

On their official page on the social network Instagram Wladimir Klitschko posted a picture (and not a picture of the newborn crumbs as looking forward to a lot of fans) and summed up the results of the past year. "The results of the year: the birth of my daughter, 2 successful title defence and other services on the way. It was a wonderful year, and I'm really looking forward to 2015. I'm ready to take on new challenges," he signed photograph of Klitschko.

Soon after the birth of the baby, CII Eudocia skillful boxer and his girlfriend, Hollywood actress Hayden, Pannetiere spoke about newborn daughter, admitting that absolutely happy. "We are in the seventh heaven and madly in love with her, " said the newly minted parents E!Online.

Earlier in an interview at that time still pregnant, Pannetiere confessed that he looked forward to the birth of a daughter, and announced that it will be extremely attentive mother. "I am very happy that my first child is a girl, because I feel that I can bring up strong woman. I feel it is my duty, and I think my daughter will be the same". Similarly, Hayden announced that certainly confident in Vladimir and his paternal instinct, and can't wait when he will become a father. "He's such a flexible person. He is so calm and patient. I never heard that he was raised voice," confessed the actress.

Remember the news that Wladimir Klitschko and Hayden, Pannetiere became parents for the first time, appeared a few days before the main action in their lives. Until all the world's media race wrote about the birth of his daughter, the couple, in their own Twitter account Wladimir Klitschko clarified the situation, stating that became Pope later declared correspondents period. "We are pleased to confirm the birth of our daughter, CII Eudocia Klitschko. She was born December 9, and feels unsurpassed," said the athlete.

Wladimir Klitschko and Hayden panettiere were engaged early in the year and had planned to get married in the early summer, but in early may, the couple decided to postpone the celebration in consequence of events in Ukraine. Klitschko and panettiere meet since 2009. After living together for about a year and a half, at the beginning of may 2011 they announced the termination of the relationship, and at the end of 2012 back together again.

The next six months the pair strongly denied newest novel, occasionally appearing in public in an embrace. Later, there appeared the information about the interesting position of Hollywood actress. Alan panettiere announced that the pregnancy of his daughter was scheduled. "Our whole family is glad of the news. Especially happy Volodya and Hayden. Their schedules currently pretty busy, but they will work on in order to find time for the wedding," said grandpa.

Source: Klitschko, Pannetiere told about the daughter

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