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Jolie about the trouble at the wedding pitt

1 of the most attractive Hollywood Actresses Angelina Jolie has admitted that she deserved the marriage with brad pitt from the start went off script and was full of surprises, isn't that much fun. But all these problems did not spoil her 1 of the most touching days in life.

At the moment the star recalls all these sudden incident with a smile. Started with all the cake lovers do not have time to order. Still, what's a wedding without a classic layered dessert with crispy figures of bride and wife on top? But angelina and brad from the panic and frustration saved ten-year-old son pax. The offspring of artists from a young age has a passion for cooking now managed to get around in this art own famous mother. Learning about the trouble with the cake, the boy prepared a truly amazing dessert that struck newlyweds beauty and luxurious taste and causing them to attack pride for his son.

However this confusion at the wedding did not end, informs the newspaper The Australian Women's Weekly. Guests of the festival, apparently, so udivilsja hasty wedding Jolie and pitt did not have time to learn the words to the song Here Comes The Bride, which was to start in the most conscious point in the ceremony, and not sung. When brad and Angelina stood at the altar, he heard their relatives began to publish the sounds of someone in the forest who for firewood.

"We wanted the guests sang Here Comes The Bride. But our project failed: someone forgot the words, someone not in time came... it All sounded very funny," admitted the actress. And so completely comical were with their spouse wedding vows. The authors of the texts words for the bride and groom have their children, because reading your own marriage promises, Angelina and brad was literally shaking with laughter, which robbed the moment of solemnity.

Version Jolie, all of these nerves in consequence of the organization of celebrations and special ceremony painted with colored crayons and markers veil only became better acquainted with her lover. After so many years together it is unlikely that anything will be able to destroy the harmony of the spouses. "We are together 10 years and have been through a lot to bring the matter before the wedding, not disappointed in each other. We were 100% convinced of the fidelity of this decision. Everything went perfectly, I'm happy to be a wife, with a smile said Jolie.

As we were informed Days.Roux, marriage, the most famous in the world of kinobori was incredibly modest. At the ceremony, which took place on 23 August, was only 22 people dearest to: the sister of artist Julie Neal, brother Doug pitt's parents, Jane and William, and others. It is interesting that Angelina was not invited to the wedding of the father, the actor Jon Voight. An elderly artist learned about the actual event in the life of the daughter through the press. Later the couple so explained his decision: "it was important for Us that this day was warm and filled with laughter. It was so unusual day, we wanted to share with our children, and an extremely happy time for the family".

The ceremony took place in the Chateau of Miraval" estate, which the couple rents since 2008. Permission to marry pitt and Jolie have received from the judges in California. He held a ceremony in France. In the wedding celebration was attended countless offspring pairs. Altar angelina were the eldest sons Maddox and pax. Zahara and Vivienne threw flower petals at the time as Shiloh and Knox was holding ring.

Source: Jolie about the trouble at the wedding pitt

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