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Against Basharova opened a criminal case

The police opened a criminal case on the well-known artist Marat Basharova. Because homemade scandal of the actor and his wife Catherine Ancharovoj became public, he continued, regardless of the couple.

"Medical documents describing the state seeking support Katie were transferred from a private hospital "Be healthy". Catherine did not want, that in respect of Marat was launched criminal proceedings, because the statement to the police did not write. But she was not able to influence the process, because the case has a public character! On the television was the Duma deputies who were outraged with impunity famous artist. And here is a criminal case is initiated. At trial, Katia will not require financial compensation. She forgave him, and are ready to confirm this process. At the moment it corrects for health in Jurmala and wants only to quickly divorce drunk and rowdy" - quoted a close friend Ancharovoj "Express newspaper". Now Marat Basharov threatened with imprisonment up to 3 years.

Remember the news about beating Basharova wife received much publicity. Someone stood up for the artist, refusing to believe that he is capable of hitting. However not less defenders and found the victim Catherine. For example, social worker and writer Maria Arbatova publicly announced that Arkharov just have to sue her husband. And radio presenter Kate Gordon even offered the wife of Marat free legal assistance.

Sister Catherine Mary reported that Basharov cheated on wife immediately with 2 ladies. She told reporters that the actor was beaten Arkharov and during a summer trip to Sochi. But the ex-wife of Marat and concurrently the Director Elisabeth Crocko did not confirm the words of Mary. "From my point of view, all these narratives and fiction only from idleness. Cousin Katie admits that Marat beat wife in Sochi. This, of course, heresy. Marat in Sochi around the clock worked, it was not until the showdown. Most likely, when people have nothing to do, and then there are suspicions and jealousy. At this early turn of the marriage things are traditionally excluded. And, from my point of view, all from idleness. If you are very busy, you will not be thinking: "what currently makes my husband?!" - laughs, Crocko.

As a result, the brawl between Marat Basharova and his wife Catherine Ancharovoj ended in divorce. On the morning of 27 December, the couple filed an application 1 from the capital of the Country. According to the defender Ancharovoj Catherine Gordon, the couple decided to divorce through the Tribunal and to leave peacefully. "Previously, Catherine wanted to break the marriage through the Tribunal, but in the end, after talking with Marat, has decided that it is useless. By law, Marat and Catherine still have time to think. If their decision after some time will not change, the application will be granted and they will officially divorced," not so long ago the incident told Kate Gordon.

Source: Against Basharova opened a criminal case

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