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Dzhigurda refused to divorce Anisina those

Absurdly famous musician Nikita Dzhigurda did not want to divorce his wife, figure skater Marina Anisina those. Showman swears his love for her, but is going to apply to the Tribunal for a Corporation, which is engaged in the ice show, where he performs athlete.

Initially, the 53-year-old Nikita Dzhigurda almost on every street corner screaming about the fact that divorced 39-year-old Marina Anisina those. Before its official dealer, lawyer Sergei Zhorin, started to prepare all the required documents, Dzhigurda suddenly changed his mind to part with his wife.

"Served Marina for divorce is her right. After the outbreak of the riot, we certainly have hlebanul. Came in the Marina itself, I do not know. But I am glad she is my medicine had sent word that he loves me. I was dying, and she felt it. And I'm alive! What is divorce? From Olympic champion, famous women? I could live without it can not, without a favorite! I without choking! No divorce speech can't be!" he also said the Nikita Dzhigurda "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

The flamboyant musician said that now is going to sue a company that organizes concerts Marina Anisina those and Glendale Pazera. "Actually, for the first time in my life will I plead in advance, as stated by Baron Munchausen, said they duel. And will also benefit the company, and Glendale who stole my soul! Gwendal slipped her contract, the company, taking advantage of the naivety Anisina those received signature. Gwendal brought agreement on French language printed with your own signature, laid before her, said, that in it all, as we agreed. And Marina without reading it, signed it and fell into the trap. This is "my beloved" Gwendal implemented it, though not for 30 pieces of silver. The cost of higher - 50-60 thousand euros. She now says: "Your spouse is inadequate, he is for fascists, terrorists, and we will pick the show!". And I: "are not you ashamed? You promised totally different words?". And they, smiling: "the Final decision is made by the supervising producer, why you signed it without reading it?" - told the Dzhigurda.

The singer announced that Marina too trusted Gwendal Pazera. "He was almost constantly engaged in securities: they discussed terms on the words, he made a Treaty was later signed the papers. And here was stipulated one - our song, my participation, and as a result, in the last moment I was thrown out of the show for political reasons. "All tomorrow my training," says Gwendal, "And you're a guest here, and not raise your voice!". It is clear, in what situation did I get here? Girl forced to ride under unloved melody, with the unloved partner that it is unnerving! As it currently understands who he is. But with him it has business relationships, and behind it the company Holiday on ice, which threatens the wildest fines. This pressure was happening with me: the 8 police officers, members of the company, Gwendal and brainwashed Anisina. She is taken prisoner, startled by the company and Gwendolen. And they knocked me out of the game! Understand, why mention the word "divorce".

In conclusion, Nikita Dzhigurda expressed the hope that Marina Anisina decide to divorce. "I want to believe, I am comforted that she is 3 months will come down and will come here. But I don't want to wait, the consequence of this is served in the Tribunal Corporation Holiday on ice to get at the moment until February 23, when we will have seven years of marriage."

Source: Dzhigurda refused to divorce Anisina those

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Dzhigurda Nikita
Dzhigurda Nikita

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