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Dyuzhev told of his newborn son

New father Dmitry Dyuzhev, who was born the 2nd son said about his first meeting with the baby. Popular actor and Director confessed that he feels feelings.

A happy event in the family star "Teams" happened on January 26. After 3 days Dmitri took away from the hospital wife Tatyana and newborn son. On discharge from hospital was also the first-born artist Ivan. Dyuzhev could not help comparing his own feelings in the present moment and other feelings that he had experienced when he emerged into the light his 1 son. It was August 7, 2008.

"I imagine, when I was born first - Vanya, I was so worried that 1 moment not even remember what his outline of the face, did not realize someone similar. At the moment, everything was different: I literally within a few seconds all realized the person of the son etched in my memory. I remember seeing your baby for the first time, to think: Yes, this our son is like me and Tanya. When he was taken to the nursery for some children, the doctor decided to joke and asked: "And now his look?" And I absolutely knew our boy", gratefully said Dmitry.

Becoming a father for the first time, the actor was not immediately realized, and felt all the charm of the moment. "The representatives of the stronger sex differently arranged the brain. When a baby is, we are all waiting for him to say, "Hello, folder! I love you. Let's play, 're going!" And here lies before you is a small ball that screams, laughs... I certainly helped, tried, but at the moment I know that everything goes pretty quickly and I as if something did not, " he complained to the Hello magazine Dyuzhev. - Psychologically I realized that I became a father only when Ivan spoke. Currently, with the advent of the younger son want to catch up is to pay attention to every moment, every move".

Interestingly, on the replenishment of the family of the artist first found out and told not ubiquitous photographers, and his colleagues on the stage. As already mentioned Days.Roux, the news that the 36-year-old Dmitry and 33-year-old Tatiana was born on 2 son, appeared on the official website of the Moscow Art theatre named after A. P. Chekhov, in which he plays an artist. "The Moscow Art theatre congratulates Dyuzheva Dmitry and his wife Tatyana on the birth of their son! With a new life, dear parents! Be happy and healthy! Hurrah!" - read the official news.

The couple were married in 2008. Earlier in the media it was reported that the sex of the baby Dugave to know in advance what did not. In early September last year, the couple spent a romantic holiday on the French Riviera. The couple lived in a Suite of a five star hotel. According to one of the guests, Dmitry and Tatiana looked perfect family and walked, holding hands. And the artist was stroking the abdomen own pregnant wife and communicated with the future child.

Source: Dyuzhev told of his newborn son

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