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Children Pregowski there was another mother

In the Studio the transfer of Andrei Malakhov "Let them talk" discussed the mysterious death of a former socialite, ex-wife of billionaire Yevgeny Frolov Yana Pregowski.

While some considered the version of the beating, some were convinced that the reason alcohol dependence the deceased. At the same time, it was discovered that three children Pregowski brings up another lady.

Friend Yana Pregowski Christina Alpatov appeared in the Studio program and announced that she had a chance to talk with a physician who has treated Jan when she got to the hospital. According to the statement of a young woman to her friend did not come near as she could to convince doctors. But she still managed to record a conversation with a doctor at the camera. "Virtually no other injuries in addition to injuries of the skull, no. There are injuries on the body that were not life-threatening. She could not communicate with us, the staff," said the doctor. And the friend of the deceased said that Prieska ill with anorexia. If Jan had stopped to eat normally six months ago. A few months Prieska lost 30 kg.

Similarly, Christine said that her husband was traded to Jan on some Mary rotan. "Ordered it in school as a mother of children, i.e. Jan even be allowed there couldn", " she announced. As learned correspondents, a new beloved oligarch actually was a native of Ukraine Maria rotan. Outstanding blonde remarkably similar to Brieskow and likewise, as she has three children. Mary was married to a Ukrainian football player Ruslan rotan. After moving into the house where she lived Prieska, rotan received as a gift from the oligarch all the things his ex-wife. It is worth noting that Mary gave birth to his house the next baby. Therefore, the oligarch and his new companion now raising seven children, says Starhit.

The friends of the deceased claimed that Jan had told them about the dangers that allegedly did to her. Socialite Olga Rodionova, which is similarly superb knew Brieskow, said: "I'm with Jana met a year ago. She told me about her own tragedies, children. Jan said that the husband she left herself with jewels. I am of the opinion that its a big mistake that night was not to pick up the children. She claimed to have gone nowhere. She actually told me that Eugene beat her, but when directly, not specified".

Rodionova read aloud the last correspondence with Jana. In a conversation with a friend Prieska complained of bad health, the inability to see the children and the terrible conditions of the removable housing. Ex-wife of a wealthy man also asked for credit from a friend of 300 thousand dollars and promised to give throughout the week. But Rodionova failed to lend her the same amount did not believe that the funds necessary to pay the living space.

Remember, in these days of Jan Prieska, which once lived in luxury, was found unconscious under the bed in the Metropolitan housing in Zhulebino. On the body of the ladies had a great number of bruises. In this form of the secular lioness found a friend who called the ambulance. After 3 days 41-year-old Prieska died in the intensive care branch of the 67th hospitals. Health workers diagnosed her with closed craniocerebral trauma and acute violation of cerebral circulation.

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