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Shepelev bought rings for wedding with Friske

In relations known singer Zhanna Friske, which is experiencing a remission after an unbearable struggle with cancer, and her boyfriend, TV presenter and showman Dmitry Shepelev it is a new frontier.

The representative of the stronger sex is going to make a proposal to the singer and already bought an engagement ring.
After the Christmas holidays Zhanna Friske went to the United States for another examination. Together with her flew and Dmitry Shepelev. For 4 years the couple passed a lot of tests: they had a baby together and fought with cancer of the singer. To the Registrar Jeanne and Dmitry did not hurry, but now the situation has changed.

"Dima is going to make Jeanne offer in the foreseeable future, he already bought the ring. For Joan this is certainly a surprise. And mother Olga Vladimirovna, and dad Vladimir Borisovich currently little experience and don't think about it," he said, a family friend and neighbor Sergei.

While Jeanne is on the mend and slowly returns to ordinary life, Dmitry literally shoots for two. In not so long ago occurred interviews Shepelev said, as Friske impressed with it. "Here a few weeks ago she met me from the trip. For the first time in 2 years she came to the airport to meet me. This by itself is worth a lot. It is quite valuable, it is important for our family," explained Dmitry.

As outlined leading, all the free time he devotes to his family, namely his son to Plato. "If during the week I can afford to do their own chores, to stay in Moscow, not to see him, then Saturday and Sunday I am obliged to spend with his son. Play, read, walk, eat, sleep. No, nothing unexpected happens, we're best friends, we have good relations. Time with him is the Grand bliss for me. And he is very good. Curious to see how it changes," said Shepelev.

Helps baby Plato close friend Jeanne - actress Olga Orlova. At least once a week she comes to the godson. "I love it, indulge relentlessly. It does not peel off from my hands! Child excellent, cheers all. While not particularly communicates, delivers only the most common words for "mother", "father", "grandfather", "give", "to". Once presented him a designer, but he was intrigued by Plato, apparently, a bit early. With appetite it all very well! As a true representative of the stronger sex, he loves meat. Not so important, mashed it, or boiled - absorbs up to the last spoon. Loves cars, when you mix it in my car, asking to make the music louder. Energy he sea. If we Janna lead him to walk, he is worn for a long time, and only if very tired, can request to be taken in a wheelchair," said Orlov.

By the way, in April, the baby will be 2 years old, but excellent celebrations Dmitry and Jeanne not going to organize. "To be honest, we are not building far-reaching projects. I want to have a birthday party for our boy we met together. And for me almost of no importance geography and surroundings. You see, for too long, you can replace the bliss of opportunities to travel, to spend the cash, to surround themselves with expensive items and important people, but in reality, the main value are the people your relatives. I wish that we were together. Home. More it is necessary nothing. Everything else we have," said Shepelev.

Source: Shepelev bought rings for wedding with Friske

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