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Anisina became entangled in a new trial

Skater and wife absurdly famous musician Nikita Dzhigurda Marina Anisina gave a heartfelt interview employees transfer of Andrei Malakhov "Let them talk". She generously paid for the story of why she wanted to divorce shocking spouse.

However the story Anisina those not satisfied with the reporter, and she urged him to return the cash, not allowing the skater to leave. Now Anisina is preparing a lawsuit against workers program.

Brawl around Nikita Dzhigurda and his wife Marina Anisina those proceeds. Couple that unexpected change your mind about divorce, announced that in the foreseeable future will apply to the police and claim in the Tribunal workers talk show "Let them talk". Showman and his missus is accused of TV defamation, abuse and extortion.

It turned out the employee transfer profits to France to interview Anisina those. According to the figure skater, the base of the scandal was the indignation of journalists unsatisfactory degree of openness of the narrative of the disorder in her family. Wife Dzhigurda said that during the interview, she received a large fee - 600 thousand rubles, in its opinion, full of them "worked" by all the terms of the contract. But this did not suit the TV.

"You know, just came to the point of absurdity, they told me: "Marina, this is no good, can give us a little bit of drama?" The result after 3 hours 1 of correspondents announced to me his indignation. She said that she was ready to call the police, because I cheated on her hopes. I don't know what they wanted to hear me address Nikita. He hung my feet to the ceiling? But it wasn't! Not to mention the fact that I can't say anything ugly about the father of their children. I told them the situation for what there is. I have spent on their only day off. And for what? In order to hear it?" quoted Anisina Super.

As a result, employees transferring all the same managed to persuade her to continue the interview and filming of children who live together with her in Lyon. But the incident, according to the skater, aggravated: 1 their journalists began to threaten and physically to keep Marina on location. "The reporter stood in the door of the machine and did not give me either close the door or leave. Started to accuse me that I am a swindler, con artist, that I stole their money, even though I said not only to all spelled out in the contract issues, but also on additional! But they announced that my story is not what they were promised. I sat in the car kids, they are tuned, they will recite poems. But our Nikita children are not even released from the machine. Due to the fact that the door had been flung open, they quickly froze and began to cry. I had no other choice than to call the police," said Marina.

As reported by lawyer athletes Sergei Zhorin, arrived, the police conducted a conversation with the conflicting parties and does not allow journalists to keep Anisina, after that she managed to leave the place of the interview. "The actions of employees of the program can be regarded as an insult and defamation Marina Anisina those who will not go unpunished. In the foreseeable future I will be prepared statements to the police and the Tribunal," he announced star lawyer.

It is curious that he Andrey Malakhov did not know about the incident. "I recorded an interview with Marina and flew away. What happened next, I have no idea. About money also hear for the first time. Let Zhorin will show me the contract. This is probably another PR," presented by the presenter.

Source: Anisina became entangled in a new trial

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