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The mother denied the stars of "House-2"

Mother star of "House-2" Anastasia Dashko, prematurely released from prison, abandoned it. Marina Afanasyeva, last seen his daughter 6 years ago, for the first time explained why deprive her of living space and completely stopped communicating with her.

Imprisoned for fraud Anastasia Dashko was an exemplary prisoner. She had not violated the regime, were dressed in a wedding dress on prison podiums and took part in the circle of Amateur. After a year and a half instead of 3 former member of the popular TV show "Dom-2" issued from the ladies ' IR-5 freedom for good behaviour. After leaving prison, February 6, Dashko disappeared. Reporters still could not find out, left the woman in Chelyabinsk, went again to conquer Moscow and returned home in Salekhard, where still living with her relatives.

50-year-old mother Anastasia Marina Afanasyeva haven't seen her for 6 years. "I do not communicate with her. Me nothing about it not interested. She is a Mature woman, she is 32 years old. What it does, where he lives - after all that She did, I was not interested. Yes, it does happen that parents do not want to see their children. It's not spelled out, I ordered it from this house through the Tribunal. She will not come. During these 6 years many things have happened. And return to our normal relationship cannot be. How many times have I said: "Yes, mom, you're right, I don't live, now everything will be different". And all likewise all the same. My strength has almost nothing left. She constantly does things in its own way" - outraged mother Dashko.

With crime Anastasia got in touch when he left the "House-2" in 2008, and not finding your own love. Back in Chelyabinsk, a young woman met with some Alexander, who pulled her into a big money Scam. Dashko entered into contracts for the supply of building materials, but, after receiving the advance payment or the whole payment, ceased communication with visitors. The total amount of loss caused to an ex-member of the "House-2" and her boyfriend was about 3 million rubles..

"Yes, I immediately realized that the wrong man she chose, that he is a scammer. I am a Mature man, I did it. I've seen that comes to his father, takes some wads of cash, I asked, they answered that it is his building, he takes on the materials. I asked her man what he was doing and why he is working at home and earn this money? She didn't like what I said - sadly remembers his mother Anastasia. - After that I went home, I started from banks call, to make a statement about some credits. I couldn't understand. She took out loans, as it was written. I called her, asked questions, cried, begged to tell me everything, she said that doesn't know about any loans that it is not true. I begged her to turn her head.

Currently Marina Afanasyeva worried that her daughter returned to the representative of the stronger sex, which brought her to the prison. "You know, what's the problem? I'm not sure that it does not communicate with him. I, moreover, convinced that they will be together, shared their concerns with the publication Super.ru mother Dashko. "I understand that, when she was free from prison, she was met by a representative of the stronger sex..."

Marina herself to meet her daughter went. "After a month I sell this house in Salekhard and moved to live in the South. I begged Nastya through family members to move with me. I wanted a month until we issue the documents before moving, we started her health, she was examined, like the clinics shop, put ourselves in order. Well I wrote it, but nothing would suit her registration. And later we would be together moved. I stated that I was going to leave that city, where nobody knows, start a new life. I wanted to live with me, found a normal job. I told her that all will help. If I saw that she had changed, I would have helped her to acquire living space. I asked, I begged her to listen to me. She denied it categorically. She knows that I'm under this option would control her, but she doesn't want this, it is not satisfied. She does not want to work on a normal job and live with my mother, complains Afanasyeva. - She wants I gave her 3 million for the purchase of housing, and no fooling. You know, I do not feel sorry for funds. But I want to see what a person is corrected, I wish she went to work".

Source: The mother denied the stars of "House-2"

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