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Greek politival: punishment EU only intensified disagreements with Russia

Gennady Miller. European sanctions against Russia was a big mistake - their purpose, they have not reached And only led to the growth of disagreement between the EU And Russia, said the Greek political journalist edition "printed publication Editors" Pericles Grispos, who previously worked at the TV station ERT.

"The introduction of European Union sanctions against Russia in connection with the situation in Ukraine, in my vision, it was a big mistake of Europe. So Europe instead to be closer with Russia, distanced themselves from her, And Relations with Russia have reached a very problematic level. Undoubtedly, this development had an impact And pressure from American citizens to the Europeans, " said Grispos explaining the Last news of the anniversary of the introduction of punishment.

in his vision, the big mistake was the accession of Greece to this point of view." Greece have not benefited from them (sanctions) introduction, And I said That she lost important elements on the level of trade relations, mostly in regard to the sale of Greek fruit And other products of Russia. I dream That changes in the Greek government, the application of the new Minister of foreign Affairs Nikos Kotzias create preconditions for Greece came out of this story, which is only a problem for the whole of Europe, " said Grispos.

the journalist does not expect the imminent cancellation penalties.

"I think That the abolition of the punishment depends on when Europe realizes his mistake. I see That until now Europe has not realized his mistake, despite the fact That the Russian Federation has made steps in the peace negotiations (in Ukraine). However, I'm afraid of punishment, unfortunately, will continue. What I'm personally interested in this process - whether Greece in it. I hope That the new Greek government with a private firm view That we are required to conduct a multi-vector foreign policy, will emerge from this process, " said Grispos.

on the question as to whether the punishment set by the European Union goals, he said, " No, of course. Punishment has not achieved its objectives. The only thing they have succeeded, is That increased disagreements between Europe And Russia ".

"And that's a big mistake, because, in my vision, Russia is an integral part of Europe, So That Europe needs to have very good relations with Russia in the interests of both parties," he finished politival.

Relations between Russia And the West deteriorated in connection with the situation in Ukraine. In July last year, the EU And the US from point penalties against private individuals And organizations turned to measures against entire sectors of the Russian economy. In response, Russia has restricted the import of food items from countries that have imposed regarding her punishment. Moscow has stated many times That completely uninvolved in the events in the South-East of Ukraine, does not supply the militia military equipment And ammunition, is not a party to domestic conflict And is interested in Ukraine overcame political And economic crisis.

Western countries from March 2014 has repeatedly imposed punishment because of the position of Russia in Ukraine. The last case of using such practices were the limits imposed in March 2015, when was expanded sanctions List USA.

The list of Russian Citizens And organizations, who are under punishment, the material of the Fins news

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Greek politival: punishment EU only intensified disagreements with Russia
 -  Знаменитости Greek politival: punishment EU only intensified disagreements with Russia
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