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The star of "House-2" talked about life in prison

Former participant of the absurdly popular show "Dom-2" Anastasia Dashko was released from prison after 2 years of imprisonment. She informed about life in prison and declared that he forgave his mother for what she disowned her.

Former member of the famous TV show "Dom-2" Anastasia Dashko was another celebrity guest of the program "live". A young woman has recently released from prison, where he spent a year and a half. Dashko reported its first emotions of being behind bars. Before the young woman you've never been in a similar situation and had not the slightest idea of how to behave.

"1st fright - when you get in jail. It's terribly terribly, terribly hard. And in the colony at all... so It is a thousand women. The fairer sex are angry, unsatisfied. Typically, this drug addict and murderer. Naturally, there were some fights and scandals. Had to stand up for themselves. 1st time everyone wanted to stab me because I am with TV in the colony fell. Later, when I realized that to stand up for themselves I can," said Anastasia.

As confessed Dashko, stay in places of confinement taught her to be more discreet. "Had to suppress unwanted emotions, not to go once again on the incident. All rush to leave early. And this right must be earned. Because you need to do without violations, collisions, etc.. And their own emotions from time to time had to hold back. I had one violation of the result of the transfer of food products. I tried to share with another young woman, but this is no way," said Dashko.

Not without touching encounters. The transfer came a prison friend Dashko Svetlana Petukhov. She reported the behavior of a friend in prison: "Nastia as such there were no incidents with anyone. She sewed, read books, studied cultural events". By the way, Dashko with their hands embroidered icon of the Mother of God, which her friend had brought to the Studio.

In the Studio, among other things, appeared close Dashko. To support niece came aunt Anastasia, the other turned to her with the support of the teleconference. Both women said about the relationship Nastya with her mother, who was discharged from the housing, while she was in prison. Despite the scandalous interview own mother, in which she declared that it is ready to renounce criminals-daughter, Dashko declared that it would not hold a grudge against my mother and understand her. Besides all this, the woman publicly admitted their own guilt and reported that her mother superior. Curiously, in the program in addition there was a meeting with Anastasia's father, whom she had not seen for 20 years. The representative of the stronger sex came to support her daughter, but was laconic.

When talking about the intentions Dashko, she honestly told about the intention to become a mother. "I am 31 years old, I have no children. For each age group has its own priorities. At the moment I extremely wish kid!" - she said. Anastasia doesn't hide that he is in a relationship in which quite happy. According to Dashko, her favorite - athlete, world champion in kickboxing. The couple plans soon to legitimize the relationship.

Source: The star of "House-2" talked about life in prison

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