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Mistress gave birth to a son Chaliapin

Fashionable folk singer, Madame Janette, left 59-year-old Larissa Kopenkina, first became a dad. His mistress Anna Kalashnikova gave birth to a son.

The child was born in one of the Moscow hospitals. For the first time became the mother of Kalashnikov and a newborn, I feel fantastic now preparing for discharge, according to the newspaper Super. About the joyous event, neither the age nor Anna in their own social networks has not yet been notified.

Reporters until you know whose name will make a Kalashnikov in the field of fatherhood. According to some publications, the father of the baby is considered not Prochorus, and are legally married Armenian businessman. Although initially the lovers told reporters that the father - Chaliapin and that they are not planning a baby, conceived it inadvertently. Now, some informants from the inner circle of the pair claim that without the DNA test it will not be.

One child said the mother of Prokhor Elena Ivanovna of Klaskin, always objected to the marriage of his son with Kopenkina and his dream of the raising of grandchildren. She shared his happiness with friends on Instagram, posting photos of Chaliapin, on which he is extremely fond of hugs and hand stroking the belly of Anna. "My son with model Anna Kalashnikova, which in a few months will give me a welcome grandson!!!" - boasted self-satisfied mother of the actor.

And in not so long ago the incident interviews Anna stated that they went hard at choosing a name for a future son. "When he's born, we'll see what suits him best, to which he will respond. 'll call it that. While considering such names as Vladimir, Theodore, Andrew, Richard, William," he listed the 30-year-old model and star of the movie "the Simple truth".

As we were informed the Day.Roo, not so long ago Prokhor swore to reporters that will approximate the Pope, but to marry had not intended. "About the wedding with Anna until thought. Now we have friendly partnerships without unnecessary feelings," said the singer. The kid at Chaliapin and his girlfriend were unplanned. "We Prokhor are in expectation of the birth of a baby. This will be my 1st baby. I feel very well in anticipation of a miracle. We had planned baby, somehow it all worked out," explained Anna.

About the fatherhood of Prokhor a few months ago and spoke of his former wife, Larisa Kopenkina. "As I said on the drum! He "Mercedes" will be presented at 3 million, in early March will see the baby. My friends and I were laughing now just sitting on this news. Let all give birth to kindergarten. I'm tired. I wish only to be left alone. I'll pay you! Take it already! Will divorce him without hesitation. Tired of this madhouse!" - said the ex-spouse Chaliapin.

Source: Mistress gave birth to a son Chaliapin

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