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photo Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)

Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)

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Biography Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
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 Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)

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  • AELITA for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • few in our time these guys)
  • agatka for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • Sugar: -*
  • agatka for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • Sugar: -*
  • zasranka:) for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • Well in my eyes he is the embodiment of opposites: the romantic, brave courageous hero, and Boy-plahish ... Nuclear mixture! And it's not a hindrance! = 'Could not I adore! :)
  • angel 99 for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • How sick of these typical Hollywood boys sverkayuschiu his smile play-fighting on the right and left ... How nice that Heath Ledger does not apply to them. Just a breath of fresh air, look nice!
  • denny for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • He's a great actor, and even with dark hair was just sexy
  • Hell-ena for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • God, I hope it "there" good! "God rest his soul!
  • Stenya for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • Good people are always small, but they est.Pochemu God takes them so early? "I guess they need it most. Hmmm how insulting that would not be new movies nim.No we will always remember those we liked movies. With this appearance, I do not udevlyayus, more should have been novels. He simply sweetheart. In Russia there are none, as zhalko.Spasibo for the fact that I can leave feedback about this AWESOM actor.
  • Katerina for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • I am greatly shocked his death, he should not have been so stupid to leave! Rest in peace, Heath.
  • Diana for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • ya vchera pasmatrela evo paslendni film Batman The Dark Knight, . i ya uverina samnoi saglasatsya vse, . else bi ne Heath Ledger, . malo bi ludei zainteresaval etot film, . OCHEN JALKO shto eta bila evo paslednaya rol: (no ya shitau shto on dastoen bolshe chem oskar, . ya vsegda budu evo pomnit May Your Sould Rest In Peace, . We All Love You Heath Jalka shto on tak rana ushol at nas no mi budem evo pomnit Heath RIP Sluboivu / With Love Diana,
  • Kotik for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • Heath Ledger super! All films with super! The Dark Knight-Oscar! Kingdom of heaven!
  • Vitdicta for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • Heath Ledger - one of the most brilliant actors. And the Joker, he played just Otpad better this would not have made one! For me so far, his death - a shock (((... you stay the best, Hit! Rest in peace ...
  • Joker's girl for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • He is a very good actor ... was .. and now he will always live in our hearts ...=(( Rest in peace, Heath ...
  • Casanova for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • Yes, indeed, Heath was the best! He always be remembered by his fans! We are with you ....
  • max for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • He's a great actor
  • Anonymous for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • I love it
  • Jude for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • Remarkable actor ! Not only handsome, so he also талантище. And the Joker played great, just oboldenno. He earned a million Oscars ....... pity that type seat layout will be no new movies with him, but I hope that he would quietly. Land Hiti you down ! People will not forget!
  • Marina for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • Pity very sorry ...... such a good and handsome actor ...........
  • alex for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • best Parun
  • Victoria for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • Thank you for such sites where you can hear good reviews about his favorite actor. Pity, . What unites us is really gore.HIT ACTOR with a capital letter! "Thanks to him!" Artists are very susceptible to lyudi.I this happened, . there is always should be to support, . ... which toppled him in a difficult moment, . catching malyshku.Ya not blame her, . but not opravdyvayu.Ona herself an actress and should understand, . how terrible to be alone ... I hope now he is well !...........,
  • Lyubimka for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • Horror, do not even believe that this remarkable actor and just a handsome man, no longer with us ...
  • Alena for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • I am very sorry that he died SUCH its wonderful AKTER.NAVURNO HE WAS NOT BAD CHULOVEKOMYU.ZHAL HIS CHILD
  • Lika and Xena for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • Yesterday watched the movie "Casanova" now understand that his death is a nightmare! "He really Casanova! This is his role! A pity! Kingdom of heaven!
  • Paul for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • I watched almost all movies with him, not now, when he was gone with us, and as they appeared. The first time I saw in "A Knight's Tale". And that's what I want to say. I remember every role. The roles of heroes and villains, it is not important. Each of them was played superbly.
  • BaTaLeoN for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • уважуха forehead! he played the Joker! Turretless dude vasche burning shame that the "left" ((
  • Vera))) for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • God why all these leave this life! Hit best)))
  • MrPeter for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • Actor Heath Ledger from God! With this one can not argue, but for some reason these people notice only when they "leave" from us. His role in the movie "Dark Knight" is certainly good and he played it on the excellent. Only his other work for some reason are not observed. "10 Things I Hate", . "Patriot" - surely he has not played for an Oscar in these films? Why is his contribution to the Arts noted only after death? "Such people should be seen in his lifetime and then they will be with us for a long time! I will not die so stupid! "Rest in peace, . dear Heath Ledger!,
  • Natalia for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • Oh, my God, how can I feel sorry for him ... He was brilliant, just brilliant actor ... pity that such good people are leaving our world ... =_(((
  • style company for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • was the best ...
  • Roxy for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • I saw many films with his participation, but were particularly impressed with "The Dark rtsar. This is my ideal of the actor. A pity that he left so early ... apparently the fate of ...
  • Asel for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • When I heard about his death a long time I could not believe. Heath has always been my favorite actor and will remain so forever. His death is a senseless accident, apparently God really need people around him, and not on earth. I remember about you every day of my life Hit, sorry you no longer with us, in my heart you'll live forever ..
  • Anonymous for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • he is the best .. genius actor, I still can not believe that he died .. pokoyvsya with the world
  • Katerinka for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • I honestly shocked))) I can not believe, . that such a fine actor is no longer with us and many other amateur film .... Looking at his charming smile: I'm having two very different feelings, . first, because my heart is warm (I would have been even nicer if someone - anything and so I smiled, . secondly, . sure, . for the great loss as a great actor, . and very sensitive and just a good man!,
  • Radara for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • Oh how I'm feeling sad ... why he died ... tolko28let ...
  • Marina for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • Very sorry for him! He died so young, he would still live and live! Nobody will replace, especially his charming smile!
  • Irina for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • Tomorrow, April 4, not yet written, even today - his birthday ..... ........... Terribly sad to see the typing in the search for his name come up against .........." found in his apartment .......", . a bud-then the most important thing about him, . rather than his movies, . his life ...... smile, . laughter .................. I opened it for myself after all this, . so sad in double! And despite all the writings which punctuated the Internet, . seems to me that he did not play its primary role, . roles ....... they should have been a lot, . infinitely many stages and facets of his talent !...... and Matilda !...... this strange sweet charming charismatic hoodlum, . was amazingly gentle and loving father,
    . Happy birthday !.... Hit the post you will be warm, light and quiet at heart !.... I remember and love you ........
  • Nastya for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • The best actor, the most beautiful guy on earth! a great pity that so little of it showed the world. This is my ideal man! both want to gdenibud was born the same person, as a hit!
  • Anonymous for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • So young and talented and beautiful. Blin so sorry that he died ((((
  • Lilia for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • Heath Ledger - Best Actor, despite the fact that he lived so little. Beautiful and extremely talented. He could play different roles and each of his work is unique. He keeps his chin, was not allowed to attach to itself the role of the same type. January 23, I learned about his death and yaprosto could not believe it. Why is it so early gone out of life? It seems to me that despite his foreign carelessness, Heath was a vulnerable man. He needed help and support. And I still can not believe that Heath is no longer. He will always be my favorite actor ...
  • SashaS for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • I loved him so ....((( he was such a good actor, a man we will never forget ...
  • Vaselisa for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • Heath Ledger coolest actor. As he played, no one else will play. What a pity that it is no longer with us.
  • ingritte for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • For me, the hit was the ideal of male beauty, I fell in love with him since the issuance of the screen "10 Things I Hate". Until now reconsidering his photos and I'm sorry that UNIKOMY are born only once in 100 years. Reviewed all the films with his participation. Brilliant actor. simply GENISCHE! Very sorry about the sudden death, I grieve with all! HIT you'll stay in my heart till the last breath !
  • inna for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • How many hearts subdued HIT, how many broken hearts with love and how many strangers mourn him? It is a pity that such a handsome man so early has left this mortal coil. Death hit for me was the emotional trauma for a year can not find a place to mourn yet. Review all the films with his participation, and photos. Such as he will no longer be a pity. The Lord takes the best in his younger years! And do not blame Michelle in divorce - so formed stars! HIT. I love you, love you and will love forever! You're in my heart! Offer my condolences to the father that gave ТАЛАНТИЩЕ!
  • voilairene@mail.ru for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • For centuries genius recognized only after his death, as happened with Heath. It's a shame when a film in the credits was described as Actor. Magnificent actor, caring father and loving husband. What else is life do you want? Balde from his smile and his evil eyes! Fall asleep with thoughts of him. As he there? It hurts to hit, for his wife, for my parents, for producers. Pity. sorry! The world has lost a genius - irreparable loss! I love so far! I am distressed and crying!
  • ingebrga for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • Until now, I can not believe that Heath is no longer. The enormous loss for the world, and for me. The appearance of Heath (his height, leanness, his sunken cheeks, a wonderful kind smile) for me are the standard of male beauty. All the time I think about it, who to blame for his death? I realized that the reason is not Michelle, not tablets - a role that silly role as The Joker. That she had exhausted and brought to the insomnia. Predastavte. so sigrat this monster. much he had to get used to the role and pass through itself all this abomination (gait, posture, facial. gestures, movements. deeds, etc.). Because HIT constantly thinking about it and be happy again. On the other hand, if the film director was a believer (Christian). He would never put this horrendous film, which influenced the tragic outcome of all of us lover. Actors are superstitious, and not everyone would have dared to play ugly monster. HIT accustomed to the role perfectly and deservedly received an Oscar, sorry. that only posthumously! If this award was presented during the life. HIT may have been alive, delight us by their roles. Dear girl, do not cry, it does not become easier. Contrary HIT gets wet from your tears and suffering (who is a Christian. will understand). Let him go out of your hearts! I offer my condolences and mourn with everyone!
  • Anonymous for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • HIT - you're a genius. talent and just очаровашка! I love thee to the loss of pulse! May God forgive all your sins and take you in my arms. They say that God's forgiveness, should ask in life, you see no time ... Now I pray for you. so you do not were attributed to the silly role of the Joker in heaven. Rest in peace. let the earth you rest in peace!
  • anira for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • Brilliant HIT, HIT talent - an actor from God, and the role of the Joker from the devil. She turned a lot in his life, and most importantly HIT get used to the role of the wicked. That Satan at him and encroached. It is a pity, certainly wonderfully handsome boy in their prime. Do not become the land of another wonderful person. HIT Rest in peace, you all remember and love! God grant that God has forgiven you! You're home. but we are still in AWAY!
  • Dommage for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • I support all vyshesizlozhennoe above, starting with Ingritt. Heart and soul grieve for Ledger hit! A huge loss! Hard to perceive the death of young people. especially idols. The children themselves are a cross of parents, and how many had parents to sin, to see her child in a coffin. Children should bury their parents, but neither the parents nor their children! All of us on this earth bear his cross for the time. HIT has otmuchilsya. Handsome HIT here you were visiting, and then you're home! Rest in peace, the world will not forget! LOVE, sorrow, REMEMBER !
  • Miroslav for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • HIT - you're the best of men ! How I miss you, your amazing smile. your shining eyes. your voice! I can not come to terms with what ever you do not see. I love all my heart, with every cell of your body! Sleep well, my dear man, I'll always remember! The kingdom of heaven!
  • fed-preved for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • I can not accede to all the statements nizhevyskazavshihsya people who knew him so well. the pictures. stop the buffoonery, it is inappropriate in general did not know it until joker. entire film - his. You can only watch his episodes. my hero, all in point. lived his wonderful life and left when he had. molodchaga
  • Kristina for Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger)
  • Very beautiful, very young, ochentalantlivy! One of the best actors of modern cinema. And why such leave ?.....
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