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Biography Catherine ANDREYEVA
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 Catherine ANDREYEVA

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  • Vital for Catherine ANDREYEVA
  • Hello, My name is Vitaly. I am 28 years old I graduate. I have also long admired you when I see you on TV - and very much would like to talk At least by E-mail. But I'm not sure that I'm just sending you this letter. But even so what the devil is not joking. I will be glad to talk if you do not mind. Advance thanks Vitali!
  • Julia for Catherine ANDREYEVA
  • Catherine you are a wonderful woman you need to take an example. I really want to be like you. Owned harekterom. Yours Julia
  • Sara for Catherine ANDREYEVA
  • Hello Katia My daughter she 13 years old, she wants you to be televeduschey.Kuda she must first go to study at the end gimnazii.Podskazhite, please.
  • kila for Catherine ANDREYEVA
  • Dear Commercial Ekaterina. My name is Alik. I am from Baku. I admire your appearance, professonalizmom and the ability to be very personal and close to us, the viewers, despite the semi-official and the responsibility entrusted to you. You, with absolute certainty, can be called TV-Miss World. Beauty, femininity and professionalism! You are a godsend for ORT and First on First! "Thank you for everything! Alex
  • Psychiatrist for Catherine ANDREYEVA
  • Frigid Barbie! Salon fool!
  • Nadeschda for Catherine ANDREYEVA
  • Same4atelnaja televiduschaja.
  • Ruslan for Catherine ANDREYEVA
  • Hello Katia In August of 2006-th year I was waiting for you in front of the first channel that would tell you that I know the facts intsedent unpleasant happened to you regarding the recent (I will not publish). You left the building and no one noticed me. I sat on a bench in a striped suit with a woman. The next day I went to the sergeant dezhurevshego the day at the entrance to the building and told him all what he promised me everything you send. His name is Vyacheslav (name not know) that if you want to know, then ask him.
  • linda for Catherine ANDREYEVA
  • privet ekaterina, uminia adna mithta htob ti lizala maiu vlagalihe.
  • SerClown for Catherine ANDREYEVA
  • Beautiful, . like smart. But some unreal, . plastmassovaya.Mozhet afraid of short-range ballistic, . Because it opened nechego.Naverno, . lived all his life near the Kremlin wanted to become a ruby zvezdoy.Holodnoy and luminous ..... you would have come to the wedding with me from the baths, . -there would be in the bath and ostalas.Kak you can at least know something about the life of the people, . looking at life from the window Mersedesa.Hot silent, . and something your compassion looks like a very oskorblenie.Izvenite for mnogoslovie.Tseluyu handles.,
  • Vanek for Catherine ANDREYEVA
  • Vanek Kuchinsky your lover
  • Skain for Catherine ANDREYEVA
  • Just a clever and beautiful woman!
  • Alya for Catherine ANDREYEVA
  • Very beautiful woman, and those who speak badly about her, just her very jealous.
  • Roman for Catherine ANDREYEVA
  • As far as I know, probably, much admire Ekaterina Andreeva. In my opinion, all this time nothing has changed, except that I have matured. I was horrified the first time suddenly thinking about her age. Now more than not thinking about it! What idiot came up with passport. Hopefully, for me it will always be smart, beautiful and very charismatic girl! Let it be!
  • isak for Catherine ANDREYEVA
  • Just thank you is nice to look at you, happiness and good health.
  • romeo for Catherine ANDREYEVA
  • katyuwa! vu sexy, sexy, sexy!
  • Pauline for Catherine ANDREYEVA
  • Hello, I would like to know you, I really want to be an announcer or a news reporter, where I have to do for this??
  • Lesya for Catherine ANDREYEVA
  • Sincerely yours feel about you, as broadcasters and AS SIMPLE TO MAN. STAY ON TV as long as possible and giving people as possible Positives. You will make it good at. TELEVISION IN ANY AT ALL LEADING AND VERY VERY MUCH, AND YOU ARE THE ONE. HEALTH AND ALARM smaller ETHERS.
  • Andrew for Catherine ANDREYEVA
  • Katyusha hello! I have a house in a prominent place hanging your portrait and are always happy when I see you out at TV-U-P-E-P
  • man for Catherine ANDREYEVA
  • Very sexy and sexy. Moyab will - would have 24 hours a day, and if not burned - not sorry to spend time, energy and soul to ignite. It can not burn. For male envy and happy for her husband. Katya is a rare instance of emerald, which is to be worn on the index finger, if only all these comments it is not stervozili, and betrayed more and more sex appeal. I
  • Catherine for Catherine ANDREYEVA
  • smart, beautiful and dignified woman, I admire you.
  • Diyar for Catherine ANDREYEVA
  • Speaking the head of the Kremlin. Incompetent puppet conductor custom lie. Primadonna zomboyaschika. All my life be nachetchitsey and sexton "infallible" authorities. Nobody had not wished such a fate, like Ekaterina Andreeva. When this regime falls it will be ashamed to look people in the eye.
  • Lena for Catherine ANDREYEVA
  • Catherine! I am delighted with you. From his childhood dreams of becoming a television presenter, as you ... naveron because we resemblance! You are a fine fellow! With respect to you, an adult female )))))
  • Vladimir for Catherine ANDREYEVA
  • Amazing beautiful woman! And as so far it does not exist in the project Rozhdestvennskoy, they are there that all blind
  • Ala for Catherine ANDREYEVA
  • Definitely a beautiful and intelligent woman. looks good for his age. but where to look stylists of the first channel? what she wears?! polka-dot jackets a la Aunt Nura, pearl divers on ... do not often watch the news with her participation, but a few years, not even once saw that she was dressed with vkusom.imho.
  • Lena for Catherine ANDREYEVA
  • Catherine you are very beautiful, intelligent woman. I am delighted with you!
  • Dmitry for Catherine ANDREYEVA
  • Very beautiful eyes, lips, nos.Odnim word - krasavitsa.Zhelayu be such a beautiful life.
  • Dmitry M for Catherine ANDREYEVA
  • Tormented by the question you are married or not)
  • d for Catherine ANDREYEVA
  • Ya xo4u 4tob ona sosoala moy 4len kajdiy den dolgo i uporno poka ya ey ne skinu spermu na lico iv rot!
  • Anonymous for Catherine ANDREYEVA
  • always dreamed of, shoby such thick-lipped announcer sucked from me. I want you Katyusha. otlizal to your pussy with pleasure
  • Anonymous for Catherine ANDREYEVA
  • yuiocht. aaalchdzhvtayulpavltmsch. zhuzhz have oztsl. u.kenurp
  • Tuna for Catherine ANDREYEVA
  • Well! And they say that the ideal woman does not happen ... There is!
  • admirer of your talent for Catherine ANDREYEVA
  • We all felt for you. With you mlliony and not only in Russia. Be always with nami.Zdorovya and forces vam.My can say now for kordonom.Vy personification of Russia. God grant you hear all of us
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