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photo Anna Netrebko

Anna Netrebko

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Biography Anna Netrebko
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 Anna Netrebko

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  • niki-show for Anna Netrebko
  • Hello, Countess, I congratulate you wholeheartedly with everything what you made, I wish you happiness and joy! "All who knew you - proud of it, Thank you for the opportunity to talk. ... I kiss the hand as always:) Nikishov
  • Alex for Anna Netrebko
  • charmingly simple and charming figure and face
  • Alexander for Anna Netrebko
  • What a beauty! I her lyublbyu:)
  • Antonio for Anna Netrebko
  • Anna Netrebko is a very talented Pernaja singer who has achieved much through their talent and hard work !
  • Sabina Bargaman for Anna Netrebko
  • Anna, you are beautiful! I admire you! I sincerely congratulate you on the birth of a son, is happiness! They say that beauty will save the world, Anna, will save the world for you! DELIGHT!
  • Rim for Anna Netrebko
  • hbv for Anna Netrebko
  • Neither the skin nor the faces What marvel that a chest which melenkaya My daughter 13 years and then a lot more screaming as the other as loud and nasty,
  • Seraphim for Anna Netrebko
  • Anna, you are clever and beautiful! Happiness to you and your baby, good luck, good health!
  • Ivan for Anna Netrebko
  • Annie, but do not want to try themselves in something else, such as in electronic music, for example, sing with your voice, download benny bennasy - singler day ... writing and arrangement, I take leave, with respect, Dj Extrim.
  • Marie for Anna Netrebko
  • Today on the world opera scene (and the stage is mostly of) no one who at least could be on a par with this charming gem - Anna Netrebko. Here, indeed, this is the case, when the Lord gave all Odnoy.O it can only speak ill of nothingness, and envious, as such, unfortunately, crawled on this sinful earth and, sadly, not enough
  • Svetlana for Anna Netrebko
  • Anya! Good luck to you and your family, health, love, prosperity! happy for you! all dreamed about - came to pass. I hope you remember their college years and his friends from the dormitory on the street. Valor. You're doing fine! you long have you been to this happiness!
  • Hope for Anna Netrebko
  • Anna - a unique combination of beauty, intelligence, charm, artistry, and - by itself - the amazing voice who wants to listen again and again ... The most amazing thing - the novelty, many arias and songs, which previously had so many times perepevali that, it seems no one can sing well, to impress ... And you, Anna, each time striking with the heart and forever.
  • Zin. for Anna Netrebko
  • You are beautiful, dispute net.Dazhe mirror response, the pride of humanity.
  • Nina for Anna Netrebko
  • Anna, you are a miracle! The joy and the pride of humanity and your loved ones. The further you happiness and good luck.
  • Daria Pronin for Anna Netrebko
  • Well korovushka as your daughter when she was 13 years old breasts more !))'d better merilis vocal skills, but not the size of the breast. And Anna is beautiful, love her millions and her talent to admire. Talent, rather than individual parts of the body!
  • Olga for Anna Netrebko
  • Anna Netrebko - a wonderful creation of nature, their own parents and teachers! It combines everything: beauty, charm, incredible power and wondrous beauty of his voice, combined with excellent vocal technique. And the notion of an opera diva, . in the full sense of the word, . probably, . entered into force, . when the world was Anna Netrebko! When you listen to her record or watch videos soul is filled with some bright joy, . probably because Anne herself - a bright man! Bravo, . Bravissimo! Happiness and health to you and your loved ones!,
  • Natasha Ichenskaya for Anna Netrebko
  • Unique singer! The most beautiful WOMAN! Swarthy, . Haired, . Browed, . NO EYES, . While the eyes, . BRIGHT, . Have a natural THIS BEAUTY, . Owns her own body, . DANCING, . ARTITSTICHNAYA, . Straightening up OPERA FROM mothballs and returned SEXUALITY, . Love and sparkling on the operatic stage! Bravo, . Queen Anne! They pay no heed to her concert WOULD BE NO MONEY - 5 of its Salary Wizard to pay! Bravo!,
  • LEO for Anna Netrebko
  • I listen and watch with great pleasure that Anna Netrebko on the Internet (You Tube). Often, I catch myself on that I want to stand next to Anna, and also sing, though for vocals I have neither the first nor the second or third ... Not even a fourth after dinner (just kidding). Thank you and Bravo Anna!
  • Nik for Anna Netrebko
  • Hallowed be thy name!
  • Nina for Anna Netrebko
  • em words of admiration
  • Angelina for Anna Netrebko
  • Anna! I'll soon be singing with you on the same stage in Zaltsburne!
  • Anonymous for Anna Netrebko
  • James gondjian for Anna Netrebko
  • Anna You are the most beautiful person inside and out. I am in love with you.
  • El cobra for Anna Netrebko
  • Impactante mujer de exuberante anatomía, expresada en unas colosales y enhiestas glándulas mamarias y en un soberbio torso que desciende airoso y se agota en un glorioso trasero de opulentas y preciosas nalgas, custodias de un cálido orificio natural, incitador a oficiar los ritos de Eros, en una suprema cópula y un inmenso y avasallador orgasmo simultáneo.
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