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photo Catherine Strizhenova

Catherine Strizhenova

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Biography Catherine Strizhenova
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 Catherine Strizhenova

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  • Vasily for Catherine Strizhenova
  • I do not know how to Sasha, but I like women with brains. Katia, sorry, do not pull. Naigrannost spoils. Poor in high school taught.
  • Dic for Catherine Strizhenova
  • Chschtelby take a closer look. Admire with you ..........
  • OSTAIN for Catherine Strizhenova
  • Slava for Catherine Strizhenova
  • Before I talk nonsense about a man, much less talk about his intellectual abilities, we should at least know it, and not to engage in verbiage!
  • Denis for Catherine Strizhenova
  • Amazing, wonderful zhenschina.Kazhdy times, looking at Catherine, I catch myself thinking that I am sorry that is already married.
  • Gleb for Catherine Strizhenova
  • Katya, I am a long time and as you know, hopelessly in love with you! I'm waiting every week when I see you leading the program "Morning", overlooked, probably all the movies with your participation. In the Internet looking for your photos. Kate I love you! and thank you that you have and I can only let you see! listen to you !
  • Vera for Catherine Strizhenova
  • Very, very, very much like Catherine herself, and her semya.Schastya, health, success!
  • Nina for Catherine Strizhenova
  • Strizhenova woman not thoroughbred-shy about his huge bust and rightly so-is style milkmaids. Sings disgustingly vain reproach from Noskov, and as a cow on ice in lednikomom period. Aunt, think again, shame on you. Katia, you are out of date for the entire. Eldest daughter of a very bad. Strizhenov own son just did not do anything sensible himself, only able to ugliness otozhratsya. Your mother in law was Skirda intriguer and climbing with a friend in foster care. Not respect you all.
  • Another Nina for Catherine Strizhenova
  • In "Ice Age" you wonder. And now for the Nina, the girl herself YOU COW
  • Andrew for Catherine Strizhenova
  • Is a woman of my dreams. As they say in color and in color. More and nothing to add.
  • Andrew B. for Catherine Strizhenova
  • Hello, Catherine. I am not an expert in the field of acting art, but I can appreciate the sincerity of. In their roles as you are honest and sparkling seemed to me when I see you in the role of leading. Not all within the ability of a person, but much worth a try not knowing (or assuming), what would ideally. Sam countries do so. You are not afraid to try, learn, begin, and this is a sign of unordinary. You are beautiful like a woman. Many people only would be enough for life, but you. And now I will be brief - I envy Alexander Strizhenova white envy
  • Alexander Maximov for Catherine Strizhenova
  • Beautiful TV presenter. We wish you happiness in life. Yours, God, Archangel Alexander, Mother Earth, Archangels \ 6 \ 12.12.2008 g.
  • Andrew for Catherine Strizhenova
  • Kate you are beautiful
  • Aida for Catherine Strizhenova
  • Catherine, you fellow! Versa everywhere, not everyone is given, all thanks to you just want to watch Ice Age. Your generosity, moderation, makes you so confident that any would have envied. Molodetststs.
  • Love for Catherine Strizhenova
  • We see that she is very ambitious, "made" beautiful, very fixated on THEMSELVES favorite! "Climbs" over backwards "to something else - something, someone - prove something about me favorite ... Husband, in my opinion, it is stupid (sorry), but she turns them ...
  • Tom for Catherine Strizhenova
  • She wanted children to engage in ... Took off all of her husband. On the ice is heavy and very cautious. Many thinks about himself. He thinks of himself that is beautiful. Arrogance in it a lot.
  • Marina for Catherine Strizhenova
  • Catherine strizheneva very beautiful kind caring sweet! I love her so much
  • Anastasia for Catherine Strizhenova
  • Dear Catherine! I want to congratulate you on the coming holidays and wish you all that, . Why do themselves! Suppose that you all will be well at home and at work! You are a very remarkable woman! Do not listen to those, . someone tells you bad things, . because they are just very jealous of you!,
  • Anonymous for Catherine Strizhenova
  • For Nina, my darling you are so unlucky in life is not so much to Katherine and to their parents and to his beautiful and beloved of ART that makes us envy her Majesty well, Failed to life what is so loud hiss
  • Victor for Catherine Strizhenova
  • Katia, you wonderful woman! This is my type of woman.
  • angelinochka for Catherine Strizhenova
  • for washi: if Catherine was not "drain", something she could not be achieved in life! So, John, Joe, sit down and shut up ... For all ZAVISNIKOV: No more digging into someone else's life, to carry out their!
  • Ludmila for Catherine Strizhenova
  • Katyusha not pay attention to the envious, APT, who wrote you nasty-GOD they sudya.a you-clever, beautiful, purposeful woman and her eyes vasschastlivoy radiant spark shine. vybudete live long and happy and do the same husband loves you igorditsya, invisible to the naked glazom.poyte, ride, dance, play, etc., you still can ! Health to you and your entire family! You all be happy! DHBs.
  • dmitrii for Catherine Strizhenova
  • Tatyana for Catherine Strizhenova
  • Katia, you are delicious. thanks for the beauty that you are giving the world and that inspires. Thank you for your ice dancing when I saw your number on a song Muslim Magomayev, I cried. As soon as you have time ... to be so beautiful, and two children, and all your work ... success, inspiration, joy, and you want to keep up ...
  • Anonymous for Catherine Strizhenova
  • Satiety love husband
  • Sandal for Catherine Strizhenova
  • Marvelous! Always fresh, young ... ... I would like a woman! In it everything is fine ...
  • Patya for Catherine Strizhenova
  • God bless you God!
  • makron for Catherine Strizhenova
  • znamentelnaya zhenschina-in, good morning, I followed her participation / from Sofia / .zhelayu offer large success in life and in TV.
  • Vadim for Catherine Strizhenova
  • Katia You are a wonderful woman! I admire you. And do not listen to anyone. No you perfectly! Sasha was lucky that he has beside him a woman. And he knows it. I wish you happiness, love and good luck!
  • Svetlana for Catherine Strizhenova
  • I adore Catherine! I watch "Morning" only when this transfer is she. Clever, beautiful and just Pts. good man! Plus a wonderful actress. Done! Keep it up! And who does not adhere to my opinion, just a loser.
  • Sasha for Catherine Strizhenova
  • when I saw the first time, I thought, perhaps, a Jew! "when I read about it, I realized that I was mistaken, and" thank God! "(although he himself atheist) would be more of these beautiful women in his life and on screen!
  • Julianna for Catherine Strizhenova
  • Kate is my ideal of beauty, and medicine for depression. Do not know why, but looking at her pictures, I am inspired by ... want to live ....
  • Irina for Catherine Strizhenova
  • Dear Katyusha! Looking at us you want to live! Even with the photos you charge optimism. Thank you for what you have is this! God give you happiness, love her husband and children! They are beautiful! And for those who hisses never pay your attention (they do not stand). PS: And on "Ice", you shone, and were ludshey!
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