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  • Sandra for VITAS
  • Thanks to producer Sergei Nikolaevich. )) Sergey! You are a talent!
  • Esther for VITAS
  • Hi, you know, very upset that no one Vitas dzhaet interview. I am a future journalist. And I hope that all did something to change, and I'll talk to this wonderful man. Vika.
  • Love for VITAS
  • Vitas-a wonderful singer, wonderful and cheerful! Sociable man! And Sergei-talented producer.
  • Raspberries for VITAS
  • Hello all prklonikam Vitas, I am a hometown Vitas - Odessa. I'm 12.5 years old, studying in the 7th grade school? 8.Lyublyu listen to Vitas and konchno to search any information about nem.Rebyata write to me, I'd be happy to chat!
  • Leah for VITAS
  • Vitas you really have izbranitsa? Ate wakes not difficult to answer, yes or no. I will wait with impatience. I'm from Kazakhstan. Come to visit us last concert I really liked.
  • Leah for VITAS
  • Hello Vitas. Please answer me. If your companion? Let's be friends, I live in Kazakhstan, and when you come here you'll be awakened by a friend. Imeila but I do not have ICQ 193-420-580. I'll wait for your answer!
  • Alinasvetlana for VITAS
  • Vitas you come again in Serpukhov?
  • Man69chka for VITAS
  • Vitas first heard on "Christmas meetings". And since I'm always with him! From the very beginning! He's just gorgeous!
  • korifanski666 for VITAS
  • Hello ioryaki, I think that Vitas breathes not zhabrami.Vitas breathes ass!
  • tali for VITAS
  • normal guy. drags on клубняку and loves blondes. live even dearer. quite pin and not pathetic. and the rest, that all seems - PR, PR, PR!
  • elena_kelesidi for VITAS
  • Vitas, you're very wonderful singer and a nice man, I wanted byochen with you poobschatsya.Priezzhay to us in Saratov!
  • lenusja for VITAS
  • Hello Vitas! I would like to know in your plans, there is a tour of Chita. if so, when?
  • Diamond for VITAS
  • I love Vitas since even when I was in school, still admire his talent and very sorry that it so rarely heard in recent
  • 125tere for VITAS
  • Hello, Vitas, I admire your talent! The last time was at your concert in the autumn in St. Petersburg in BKZ. Come to us !:) Regina
  • Regi for VITAS
  • Only with the concert! So far impressed! Thank you, Vitas, a good mood! Regina, Karaganda
  • kotrezon for VITAS
  • Today we have in Pavlodar Vitas gave a concert, . on really high level! Me and my girlfriend very much liked the performance of Vitas! And the opportunity to talk to him after the concert! CLASS! DO NOT FORGET! PEOPLE, . If possible, . Take her! VITALI THANK YOU!,
  • Pilligrimm for VITAS
  • Vitas, hello! So many want to tell you. I admire your creativity and your talent! Many thanks to you and your producer Sergey Pudovkin for what you are doing with their creativity, this world is brighter and cleaner, and souls of people happier! Health and all the best for you, Vitaly.
  • Tanya for VITAS
  • Vitas I adore you, I really like your songs, come to Tatarstan often I like your concerts.
  • valy32006 for VITAS
  • Hello Vitas! When you visit us again in the Crimea, and more precisely in Simferopol? After all, you promised! ":)
  • Ольчик for VITAS
  • Vitas you're the best! Voice prilestny! So keep!
  • tigrisa for VITAS
  • Victor, thank you that you have:)
  • Bronetemkin Ponosets for VITAS
  • Why would the distinguished Vitas not try to perform a waltz "On the Hills of Manchuria"? With his voice would turn out to be no worse than Kozlovsky, and half the country it would be very grateful.
  • Lera for VITAS
  • Hello! My name is Valeria, . I live in Pitere.Mne really like Vitas and his tvorchestvo.Mne molodets.On think he succeeded in, . that all his love and respect, . that he was not a kid who sings, . as an artist with a capital which has a great voice! AND THANKS Pudovkin S.N,
    . for an artist who waited so long !
  • XxX for VITAS
  • Actress zhzhet.Pey Pesenko escho) I give and bring all odminam aytishnegam)
  • By ******* for VITAS
  • VITAS! Thank you for what you do for us! I admire your talent and creativity! You are very wonderful person! Uzhzhzhasno love you! "Yesterday I was at your concert! Thank you for not forgetting our city. Come again. It is waiting.
  • Anonymous for VITAS
  • Hello everyone! CHELOVECHKOV love that!
  • Ina for VITAS
  • Everyone Welcome:) When I went to a concert Vitali (he told me before that dreamed, honestly, and he invited me to the concert), I thought that I would fanatet of his songs and his image. And he was a yard away from me and did not even look at me. And then I realized one thing, the singer - is the ordinary man. His voice and "howling cries from the heart", he broke away from the daily crowded masses. Vytas, thank you for the lesson taught by))
  • Natalie for VITAS
  • He always liked me as a singer. Even in early youth I could not detach from the screen when I saw him on stage. But it was enough to see him in real life in a Moscow nightclub ... I am very disappointed. What is he vytvoryayut, it had to be seen. My idol was a real monkey. How awful!
  • Ludmila for VITAS
  • Acne, the very thing you luchshee.chto have in my zhizni.Skazhu your same sti -
  • Ludmila for VITAS
  • I am without you, as without the sun flowers /
  • OLYA for VITAS
  • HELLO sweetheart Acne! YESTERDAY WAS ON YOUR gigs in Vinnitsa TO Seh have not been able to score ABOUT YOU! YOU JUST SUPER! Once DO NOT FORGET VASHY last word "not forgive" WAIT FOR YOU STILL WITH U.S. IN THE CITY!
  • love for VITAS
  • Really upset his concert in Koroliov! He missed more than half an hour, and after the concert I saw that one of the girls, who bestowed him flowers, fake!
  • Vika for VITAS
  • you are an interesting but unfortunately some are not true of you blows cold
  • Nastya for VITAS
  • Vitas I'm listening for many years, almost from the beginning. I love him very much. and despite that he was already married, I still I T E B A S B L E))
  • Katenok for VITAS
  • Acne) I know that I am not acquainted with you) although I really want this) but I remember: I T E B S I L B L E )))))))))))
  • Ilona for VITAS
  • Every day I look photos and videos, listen to songs and convinced that Vitas - ideal! Do not miss a single concert, when coming in Mariupol. Once you see it live, or say a modest "thank you" for the flowers you want to fly. VITAS, I love you!
  • Faith for VITAS
  • Vitas you my most favorite pevets.ya no one so fond of Russia's pop like you! Thank you for your songs for music and a special thank you to Sergei Nikolaevich ! ! !,
  • Vera for VITAS
  • AndreyBrusentsov for VITAS
  • Acne great guy in all respects and ТАЛАНТИЩЕ! His positive energy, . its unique crystal voice, . which are born once in a century on the planet Earth, . his charisma and talent of the Artist - makes people overjoyed without exception in all corners of the earth! And note - this is our man! Vitaly - a long and happy life years, . family happiness and happy people themselves and their creativity!,
  • Annette for VITAS
  • VITAS ideal man, I just loved him! "This man should be cherished!
  • cache for VITAS
  • I'm just delighted with the creativity Vitas only time I was at the concert, I was shocked by his talent as he sang a song my mother was that! then neveroyatnoe.VITAS IF you read this TO KNOW YOU ARE THE BEST I LOVE YOU How wonderful SINGERS BE HAPPY.,
  • Rose for VITAS
  • Why are these zazhratye Pugachev AB i.t.p. affect that Vitas is rarely shown on TV. I have no money to go to his concerts, almost all the albums I bought and am listening constantly and no one so I do not like from the show I am 60 years old, I admire his work. his health and happiness in the family
  • Anonymous for VITAS
  • I think that he is engaged in Aikido, the movement on stage is very smooth and beautiful. And he is spiritual.
  • Svetlana for VITAS
  • Dear and respected Vitas! You're very nice chant. You me and my children very much ponravilis.U you a pleasant voice and appearance. A nice warm, kind vzglyad.U you funny songs and music. Спосибо you for what you sing for us.
  • Elena for VITAS
  • YeDRPOU 3551315 MFO 326825, IMEKSBANK G. OCHAKOV, . R.S.26000014801001 NOBO'MARGARITA 'DIRECTOR Kovaleva Elena. Not to remain indifferent! Disease few people are warned of his arrival, how the trouble, . it always appears suddenly, In continuation of 9 years Ivleva Victoria, . Born 1988, . sick on systemic 'lupus erythematosus. "constantly taking medicine for one disease, . girl has acquired another illness,
    . Strong medicine destroyed in the body of calcium. Ivleva Victoria urgently requires the acquisition of Total beztsementnyh endoprosthesis of the hip, . as shown in the Academy of Medical Sciences Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics g,
    . Kiev. If time does not do the surgery, the girl sits in a wheelchair, it will be for her a very big psychological trauma, as she goes. Every day the girl, fewer and fewer moves. The cost of operation 80000grn. Before and after the operation 20000grn. As given doctor's recommendations: 1.ogranichenie load (walking with crutches) 2. at pains to take: 'Ketolong', . 'Etal-fort'ili' Deksalgin '3.LFK 4.prinimat' Biokaltsevit ', . 'Miakaltsik nasal spray 200' 5. 'Osteschginon' 6.massazh 7.steklovidnoe body 8.Erbisol IS VERY expensive drugs. In this situation need to act very quickly and BESPROMEDLITELNO, . not to be late, . because the hip joints wear out, and change will be nothing, . t.e.POZDNO! Let's save and will not give Ivlev VICTORIA sit in a wheelchair. Let her walks and enjoys life! Information by phone: +380963575342 Mykolayiv CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION 'Margarita',
  • Alesenka for VITAS
  • Hello, Vitali! I really like your songs, they heal, I am cured of migraines, listening to your songs ... I ask you, if possible, call me on 89059126081. depends on my life ... I beg you, call ...
  • Gulnaz for VITAS
  • Hello Vitaly! My name Gulnaz, . I live in the city Ufe.Ya first time in my life I write this little letter for you, . I will not say that I am your fonatka, . and I'm not dreaming of you as do many, . but I'll tell you only one that you really like me as a person,
    . Sincerely Gulnaz.
  • Anastasia for VITAS
  • Hello! Vitalik I listen from the beginning, and I really like! "He's very talented, enigmatic and unique singer!" Such a present and a great talent like Vitas was not, and nebudet.On Idina so talented! Come see us in Ufa, we are always happy see you!
  • Alesenka for VITAS
  • Hello again Vitaly. I asked you to call on 89059126081. I want it badly, and in general I think that the stars should be closer to ordinary people ... I beg you call, you will know why. Please call if you can in the time interval from 7.00 to 13.00 Moscow time.
  • dimas singer for VITAS
  • Vitas clearest pepper him a big hello
  • cache for VITAS
  • People tell anyone else where on March 21 in Omsk will speak Vitas
  • Natalia for VITAS
  • Hi, Many thanks for a concert in the city of Smolensk (October 2008). You were as always on top!
  • Natalia for VITAS
  • When you're in Kovrov?
  • cache for VITAS
  • Tell me when your concert in Omsk, and where it will
  • Jan for VITAS
  • Hello vitasik we love you very priezhay Kosmomolsk in Kharkiv
  • TAIS for VITAS
  • I know you who you are and where!
  • TAIS for VITAS
  • Still, I know you who you are and where!
  • Milan for VITAS
  • I you and your greatness! You're my favorite man.
  • Leka for VITAS
  • on ! I love Vitas! early in life he made on me unforgettable impressions ))))))))))
  • Vitas, . Hello, I am to you with a very serious voprosom.Vo first I've heard that you have a daughter, . with what he wanted to congratulate, . and from the heart to wish her and her mom all the best! And now that I can not even properly formulate the question: I have a mom, . who loves to listen to your pesni.Kogda to it do not come, . She always turned your disc, . and she always plachet.Kogda I saw that she was so responsive to your songs, . decided to give her drive ..,
    . presented. She kissed him so, . so sobbed, . that we are even scared Do not take me for a fool, . but I really do not know what has to do with it? "She is not kid-fan, . a woman went through a lot in life, . This is no accident her 55 for her already boyus.Ona refers to the fact, . that it treats your voice ...,
    . not think this is nonsense, and so it can? but many cry !??? I must admit you as a soloist, I also like very much your behavior on the scene worthy of respect! You of course SUPER! Why do you write do not know, but I want to help her mother ... I can not bear to watch it! Let's think .... I wish you to continue to please all their songs are truly your Voice of the Divine! And your mother's health for many years, and thank her for such a son!
  • victoria for VITAS
  • Hello, VITAS! I really like your songs, you have a perfect voice, the words of your songs penetrate deep into the soul! I do not have enough words to express my admiration for your talent and beauty. You are very handsome young man! Do not think that these words are crazy female fans. Definitely not, I do not belong to such. I'm just telling the truth. This is true, in your appearance there is no blemish. I sincerely wish you, Vitaliy, health, happiness, love, great creative success! Let the star of your talent will never be quenched. You ТАЛАНТИЩЕ !
  • Anonymous for VITAS
  • utoy
  • omichka for VITAS
  • Vitaly vladasovich say whether he acted on March 21 in Omsk or concert was canceled so huge greetings Vitas you are my favorite singer for you bright sun you're my angel for me. thank you dear "alien friend".
  • Natalia for VITAS
  • love it!
  • Svetik for VITAS
  • just listened, looked VITAS on K2, I'm shocked. In this state I go every time as soon as I see it. It has long admired his talent, singer, actor, creator, man, firework, man-holiday. Every time I get positive charge of emotions for a long time. VITAS THANKS so much for the happiness that you give to the fans, listeners! I wish you to your success, creative work brings only pleasure and not interfere with a happy personal life. I wish you health, happiness, love, inspiration and luck.
  • Cvetik for VITAS
  • VITAS, bright man, THANK YOU!
  • Ramashka for VITAS
  • You're doing fine!
  • Mariska omichka for VITAS
  • really when you realize that you are not alone on this planet in the sense that listening to Vitas very nice and I really love him he is really the perfect man. such as Vitas on our stage there are no more and never will. SOLNYSHKO LIVE CREATES Love and LOVE YOU ALWAYS BE ME. I adore you VITAS GIVE YOU THE BEST IN EUROVISION dispatched the first place precisely WE WILL IN FACT ITS NOT LIKE MANY in this country only but also to Example: In China Romania IT,
    . D.
  • Tolia for VITAS
  • Hi ! How are you??
  • Pauline for VITAS
  • Hello Vitas! I have a 2000-year sow day'm your fan! I was 36-fold on your concerts they are all beautiful, without doubt, . only sorry, . in Togliatti you come rarely Why? because in our city are always sell-out in the hall! have to travel to other cities! Come soon in Togliatti ! !,
  • Anonymous for VITAS
  • Vitas - THIS IS THE MOST Sama coolest SINGER. Yaya SERDTSEM.ON LOVE HIM ALL THE BEST. I did a lot to understand in life thanks to the wonderful songs ITS. I do not understand how can it LICHNOSTI.ESLI HATE HOW SOME PEOPLE THINK SO, SO THEY HAVE ALREADY LOST IN LIFE.
  • mari for VITAS
  • Hello Vitas (in Latvian, . but really - Vitaly Grachev), . I respect your talent, . but most of all, I admire you for FREE, . and have a voice, . like you - this gift from God! Most amazes me how you take those high notes, . and practically without tension, . anyway, . without a strong napryaga.Eto true gift! I wish you success! I would certainly see you, . as they say "live", . but ..,
    . that it is possible to Jupiter - not you try! I am, mind you ..... Good luck!
  • Michael Filonenko for VITAS
  • Vitas is a very esoteric. It tells you the winner "Psychic Battle" Michael Filonenko. My site fedmichael.narod.ru Tel: 8911-744-58-97
  • Michael Filonenko for VITAS
  • Vitas is a very esoteric. It tells you the person who received the audience award "Psychic Battle" Michael Filonenko - the empatichny Sensitive to recognize the magazine "Forbes". My site fedmichael.narod.ru Tel: 8911-744-58-97
  • Elena for VITAS
  • Do you have a great voice, I love your songs. The soul of a poet, or crying - depending on the song. Thank you.
  • Lenusya for VITAS
  • your name!
  • Fawn for VITAS
  • Vitas, vroshebny love your voice, charming smile. I'd like you to vysupili at Eurovision 2010! Otherwise, we further 53 had not win! Please snizoydite to earoda!
  • Natalia for VITAS
  • Far from the Motherland, . No matter where you were, . Russia is always with his big heart and forsake, . when you leave you, . always in my dreams hope, . faith and love in return vselyaesh.Vy abroad now, . Listen to my sad eyes, . all the same you? Other Mademoiselle virgins did not replace us? "I shall hear again eh your songs? my heart nice and beautiful!,
  • Marina for VITAS
  • thanks for the fact that there are new songs and the song La donna mobile of like I really thank you.
  • rfpfr19 for VITAS
  • For me, there are few singers who really have a voice and talent. One of them, of course Vitas. Very nicely kept on the stage, and her voice is a phenomenon. Very rarely shown on TV. My wife always yells "Go sing your Vitas. Thank Pudovkin that vyel on the big stage a talent. Good luck Vitas!
  • 689 for VITAS
  • but as his name is?
  • Xenia for VITAS
  • His name is Vitaly Grachev name, patronymic Vladosovich! He likes me too, I would have wished that he made in g.Kimovske Tula region.
  • Oksana for VITAS
  • Good day! Call when the heart alone. This is you in any way is not binding, T for I am very daleko.89135384742. I thank you, that you are!
  • Bird for VITAS
  • I can hardly describe the joy and the feelings, . I feel when I listen to music and songs of Vitas - it's just super and fly away ! Songs of cheer me mood and even live help. I am always glad, . he has in life is good. I would like as often as possible so that the voice and songs of Vitas sounded not only on the radio, . but also on television and more emasculated to his new songs,
  • Love for VITAS
  • Health, you boy, be happy. You're the best!
  • Love for VITAS
  • Thank you, dear boy, for your talent. Health to you! You're the best!
  • Tanya for VITAS
  • We are waiting for you in Sebastopol, handsome.
  • luba for VITAS
  • Vitas Since childhood I adore you. you're the best, I love you
  • Wick Bannikova for VITAS
  • I have a headache but when I listened to your voice as togolova Butt and nebolela, It's just a class
  • Vadim for VITAS
  • Vitas bald freak
  • Arina for VITAS
  • Vitas you a miracle! Very much I love you and your creativity.
  • mahsa for VITAS
  • i like vitas. he is amazing!
  • i love Vitas,his voice and his beautiful music.When i listen him i feel in paradise,he give me life.I don't have words tho thanks Vitas for the joy that bring in my heart and in my life.
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