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photo Daria Subbotina

Daria Subbotina

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 Daria Subbotina

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  • Mic Check for Daria Subbotina
  • I love you! Dasha !
  • Sergey Titov for Daria Subbotina
  • Probel for Daria Subbotina
  • Hi Dasha Sasha loves you!
  • Tom for Daria Subbotina
  • Daria, I love you, answer me on mail:) Please
  • Tom for Daria Subbotina
  • People who know the address of Darya, send me an email:)) Pnpb@mail.ru
  • Tom for Daria Subbotina
  • Daria, answer me, I love you!
  • Tom for Daria Subbotina
  • You are for me the most beautiful and most unique:) Believe me!
  • tina87 for Daria Subbotina
  • Tiny Mae for Daria Subbotina
  • Dasha, . hello! long you did not write by e-mail (you really forgive me, . please) Three years have passed since that time, . I became a fan of your talent ... Date considerable, . Of course ... I remember that December day, . I included "Music - TV", . accidentally "Juicers", . and realized, . that you are the, . man, . who deserves respect and attention,
    . Then I looked for some number of programs with your participation, and feel that you are very close to me man to understand the world, the outlook, according to the views of the people etc.. Well, to list your virtues do not need to, you do everything perfectly familiar ... For 3 years, and of course there were many good and bad ... If you remember that tragic day 24 June 2003, when I, after long hours of waiting and not won your attention ... Sure, . you gave me to understand, . that you had pity on this, . and did not want to hurt me, . Yes, and I realized, . it's silly to take offense at the end of such a vast amount of time ... Now I'm a freshman SamGPU (if you remember the last letter) to journalism, . and hope, . that we're ever, . but - did meet ..,
    . So write me better by mail, please, and then I can not often go to the Internet. That's it, bye! Your fan, Maya (Little May).
  • wisher for Daria Subbotina
  • Food for Thought: Dasha! Do you think that your level of professionolizma satisfies the requirements of transmission "Around the World"? I think not! So bring down its gov * nnoe "Muz-TV"!
  • Spartacus for Daria Subbotina
  • It was you'd go to hell! Dasha - super! No comments.
  • PROBEL for Daria Subbotina
  • Who's there against Dashi Subbotina. Normally takes its transmission! Well, it just looks better as a VJ-I!
  • Theophanes Feoktistych for Daria Subbotina
  • Dabrazhilatil! Do you Schitaish shta uravin tvaey gramadnasti pasvalyait pesad gnefnye pizma? "professionolizma, but damn? Learn to write in Russian to begin with, moron. And Dasha in "Around the World" looks very organic, I like. And it it pogramotnee "daprazhilatiley". As for Muz-TV - do not know, I was not there and no.
  • Tiny Mae for Daria Subbotina
  • Dasha-best in all the qualities and relations! Dasha, . appeared on screen more often!:) And in "Good jokes" you looked ofigenno! And about his vocal abilities, does not shy, . sing well, too! Creative success to you and HAPPINESS! If you have something to write, . write to the email address! No!,
  • Kulturolog for Daria Subbotina
  • Dasha, pussy, I want you!
  • Dark for Daria Subbotina
  • Honestly as children. A bunch of morons. (words no one emotion)
  • Little Mei for Daria Subbotina
  • Moron, first of all you! Once you have even a word not found ... Envy, . probably, . takes, . you, . unlikely to cause other such emotions! And you sumey ensure, . accomplishing Dasha, . and then judge the intellectual level! Daria Subbotina - a true professional, . versatile and multi-faceted personality!,
  • Tapochkin for Daria Subbotina
  • let7 nazat in the evening bells you read my letter, where I called Claudia Schiffer, machalkoy in comparison with you! pleased to be honored for you my poems, behold, they only care that you? I'm really confused!
  • !!!!!! for Daria Subbotina
  • Remarkable woman ...
  • fakofsky for Daria Subbotina
  • Why clothing? Undress and will be more attractive.
  • Teletubbies Misha for Daria Subbotina
  • Dearest darling, and very beautiful Beauty Darya! -)) You look like my cat, which is also called as-you-))) You're my charming and warmly loved by all, I would kiss you - beauty is ethereal on both cheeks Your rumyanenkie-) )
  • nebo_goluboe for Daria Subbotina
  • Video about Dasha: .flv
  • Roman for Daria Subbotina
  • Daria takes the life of Max impressions. Done!
  • AlexBel for Daria Subbotina
  • Hello, Dasha.Vashi pictures-super! You are a great lead-very nice, good-natured and cheerful. Hello, you fought the transfer of "Evening Bells" on Muz-TV. "Around the World" was also quite an interesting project. It's a pity that now you are no longer shown on teleku.Tvorcheskih you success.
  • Dasha Subbotina for Daria Subbotina
  • As you all ... excuse me for my French. No, what would a money transfer to send ... write here fsyakoe ...
  • Dzimon for Daria Subbotina
  • Gallery Administrator! You beauty! Really like your new program, especially in summer shootings. Autumn no good - what smyasl staring at the clothes. And in the summer vydno your charming body, your bare feet, I thirst for you!
  • Oksana for Daria Subbotina
  • And people like Dasha unit! The first time I saw her in "Summer answer, and I was very pleased at the way he lead peredachu.Voobschem, Dasha completely surprised me with its beauty and charm, and I think Dasha best TV and radio lead .
  • Oksana for Daria Subbotina
  • Such people, . Dasha unit Dasha just unique chelovek.Mne interested in all the events happening in her life, . and, . seems, . I am glad for all its successes, . as for svoi.Ya not a fan Dashi, . rather I simply its poklonnitsa.Konechno, . I dream, . Dasha wrote to me, . but we are all adults, . and understand, . that not all dreams sbyvayutsya.Dasha, . I wish you success in everything!,
  • Alexander for Daria Subbotina
  • Dasha just very beautiful and very nice, I really like her voice, and all she just superb.
  • AlexBel for Daria Subbotina
  • Absolutely agree with the last two users. "Villa answer я─я┐п╩п╦я┌!
  • anna for Daria Subbotina
  • I am very like your green coat! you it is very idet.Dumala I too would, . made himself so ... yes takoe.Vse not like the same thing, . but not that something ... shade cloth does not match, . pockets with bows as it is not so fervently look ... In general, I just live without Otpad п©п╬я┌я─я▐я│п╫п╬пЁп╬-green coat.,
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