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photo ARNO Tatiana

ARNO Tatiana

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 ARNO Tatiana

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  • andr for ARNO Tatiana
  • I want it. What is her chest! Beauty.
  • hotest for ARNO Tatiana
  • Priivet:) I'd like to meet you! What's your real name, or as I call you??
  • Alex for ARNO Tatiana
  • Hello, you are a smart woman, even no words. I wonder how about your thoughts? They are just beautiful?
  • Vasya for ARNO Tatiana
  • Too old to babishchy botoksnoy uhmylochkoy
  • Zamen for ARNO Tatiana
  • Blonde and nothing more ...
  • tima for ARNO Tatiana
  • preevet eto tima s andruhoy iz ramenskogo. napishi esli vremya est
  • secret admirer for ARNO Tatiana
  • Good photo, less than half - where the real thing - without makeup, but with a sincere smile
  • artem for ARNO Tatiana
  • Beauty! dream and not a girl!
  • Tatiana Gunyaga for ARNO Tatiana
  • Great Tatiana led Programs at "Drawing"
  • luna for ARNO Tatiana
  • looks much older than his years, I think it deeply for 30
  • pouria aryan for ARNO Tatiana
  • Hello. My name is Pouria Aryan. And I'm 40 years old. I want to become familiar with you. I am a very passionate man, kind, devoted, and I am very sexy. I travel, swimming, mountaineering, nature, and the horse I am very interested. I understand a little English, and I speak a little English. But I want You to help me better understand and speak better. Can you help me? I'm looking for a real love. I live Iran, the city Tehran. I'm very passionate and young man, communicative. I'm sure that one of the most important things in people is a sense of humor, and I hope you have it just like I do. I hope you liked the picture in my profile. In general I'm very optimistic and cheerful person and I can spread light into your life, full of loneliness and work. I will make everyday a holiday for you, and as you only start to communicate with me you will understand that your search is over. I value such features like loyalty, wife, intelligence, open mind, high moral stand arts. And you can never ask something of one if you are not ready to give the same in turn. We live once only and it's necessary to aspire to receive from life the maximum of pleasure and opportunities! I like to learn all new and to travel; I am in constant movement always. I would like to find my second half and to create a family! You may get an impression that I'm a dreamer. Yes I am, but also a believer, and I'm sure that a man I'm looking for is waiting for me and will surely reply! Is it you? Take a chance! Hope to hear from you soon! Please e-mail address for yourself I can send. Best wishes, Your Pouria
  • pouria aryan for ARNO Tatiana
  • Hi my dear I am Pouria Aryan. I'm from Iran. I'm really surprised of all the beauty and elegance! Ukrainian and Russian beautiful women crazy to me. I wish I one of the beautiful Ukrainian and Russian women like you unable to know. Do you want me you love? I love you so much. Would you please send me your photos?! I hope it is enough for the first time, Take care of yourself and write to me soon please! my email address is p_aryan110@yahoo.com
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