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  • Varfalamey for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • What else can be +++-- of such a charming, beautiful, charming, etc.. etc. Lady Meyher? That's right, no-ka-cal! I want to ask a leash question: why no mention in the biography of Nadia that she had once worked in striptease? PS: my girlfriend Isochnik former stripper
  • Vij for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • It is gorgeous, charming, stunning, nepodrazhaema.Shikarnaya girl! Ultraprivlekatelnaya megaiskusitelnitsa =) And the fact that she's a former stripper (though this is still the question), not on your nelly not make it huzhe.URA, gentlemen!
  • vali for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • ea bi ne otkozalsea ot togo ctobi poobsceatsea s nadei. iz togo cto znali, . videli, . v to vremea kogda pela v via gre, . i to kak vigledet seiceas eto dve raznitsi, . toesti nebo i zemlea, . mne o na nravitsea bolsce seiceas kak vigledet, . vot jali cto iscezla, . i pocti nigde ne govoreat o nei,
  • Alexander Shatokhin for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Good morning You are my ideal bodybuilding please do not throw Favorite song Biology Dream-Live meeting with you! Someday kept driving the truck? "Do you like a sauna with birch broom? Tried out in the ring? Like you now, very little, . Nadya.A Igor eat bacon? May God grant you zdorovya.Priezzhayte in Krasnozerskoe.,
  • Dasha for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Adore Granovsky, ideal for all! Sex, beauty and many other qualities in one man ....! I heard about the return of the group, everyone will be pleased! We are waiting for you !
  • Nina for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Hope, you are simply beautiful. You are the pride of brunettes. Without you, what Viagra has become a boring, nondescript. Return to Viagra soon!
  • Elena for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Tom for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Bigger tits, and all ...
  • spider for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • most fuck .... Heifer
  • oleg for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Nadia Oh! Simply sexy. What chest. what lyashechki. Nadia you supuryu
  • Victoria for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Nadechka, you're super! I really like your looks, figure. You ++T+! Keep it up! PS: "VIA GRA without you is nothing. You is" VIA GRA ". Zest!"
  • Herman. for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Quite simply, super. It is not in the external data, they are present. schi
    .. More comments neet. Good luck.
  • max for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • max for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Nadia I'm your angel hronitel, write me a note ....
  • max for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Olga for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Very much Nadechku! Nadechka you're just super!
  • Romario for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • I would have you zhahnul
  • Lyubasha for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Nadyushka you ---! I adore you! Over the years you became a mother for me, man, when you left the group, I lost myself, I was going crazy, and teperb you brought me back to life. Thank you! You're the most beautiful on earth, the most seksuadnaya, very good! Love, kisses, your fan Lyubasha!
  • Lyubasha for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Nadya you the best! I love you! Over the years you became a mother for me man, I'm so glad that you have returned to the group, they are nothing without you and with you is simply ---! You are very beautiful and sexy! You well done!
  • Masha for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Nadia, you're just a boy! beautiful and clever! keep it up!
  • Anonymous for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Yuri for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • why you do not have pages on mail.ru?
  • Tanya for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Nagy, good day! I am to you? Dr. mustache?? shower? Bazhan just happened? nochogo +-! ? duzhe beg you, Let him do not write about you, scho Wee born? W wire? SC?. Tse your district? Dny Territory Under? Llya, Yakimov +--? BNO gorditisya (up peq? Sj einnig I born? W Under? Llya). Joy?, Luck? You? Your? Th with? M? Much? "I l? Ta!
  • Darkhan for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Very beautiful singer!
  • Fair for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Your Granovskaya in mind - a real fool and damn ! Baba of 26-27 years, or how many, . but it looks like a used whore forty years! whom she had only her ass not to expose, . to break! pumped a lot of silicone and shakes them at every opportunity! (when you have to sleep again),
    . And look at her face ! So disgusting and vyebistaya! Fucking Khokhlushka! Oh same Rustle on Muz-TV Awards, which is overlaid damn, looked much nicer and fresher than her! Although older Olga Shelest this idiot-davalki Granovskaya
  • Vano for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • FAIR, . you - dalboebische, . huyasosina, . damn, . ugly and stupid creature! If you are not the dick you do not understand the beauty and can not appreciate the beauty Nadi, . Then take your shabby enjoy all and sundry ass and Wali panel, . can persuade someone to fuck you, . least for, . you do not pay, . and you pay - because you are incredibly ugly ebanashka !,
  • Vano for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • People! Why do you all not disgrace this schmuck? Intercede for Nadia, . or it you do not like it? Nadia is gorgeous ! It is the greatest example of sexuality ! Hooley you're not doing anything blyat? Write at least a couple of words in support of Nadi and subdue this fucking whore! Make at least something! Hooley wait so long blyat, . act +- !,
  • Popes for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Werk
  • Massaget for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Chic woman, chic
  • Olga for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • You are a beautiful woman. Two years ago my husband went to the left, because a girl like you. I saw her - the average similarity. But now when I see you hurt me and hurt. That's such a sad story. Good luck. I wish that you never heard of the betrayal of a loved one
  • Kate for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Nadyushka! Such as you was not and will not be in the Via Gre! You face, . integral part gruppy.I not only of, . you-the pride of our natsii.Ya herself a blonde, . but you're super-bryunetochka! And how behave on the stage, . just oboldet mozhno.Umnichka, . enjoy and admire you!,
  • Anonymous for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Nadia I'll be happy to clap
  • Colonel for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Competitive Babets. Although of course the beautiful wrapper does not mean that the content of the mark. But look at 5.
  • Lady for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Without Hope group at once poorer and many are not interested, do not even know what was going on - perhaps in some indefinable aura of the singer or just a fascination. If she returned to the group, it would be better with "Viagra" for the last time!
  • andreg for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • truth say that Nadia once stood on the track? I think that's true, although I still ... the only thing that is well cleaned tails, if it does not float
  • Aleks for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • With a mouth in n * norfilmah removed and two members zagalatyvat;)
  • Sergey for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Fully agree with Kate: Nadia ++, . ?- beautiful, . zhenstvenaya.Tretey, . little black, . in Viagra, . this class, we probably will not soon ++- admire, . Let the producers head, . rather than purses think anyone in the group taking, . and very well dumayut.Mne was very interesting and nice to know, . that Nadia Aries horoscope for (all rams have a lot of similarities) Good luck and success in everything!,
  • Marlene for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Hi Nadia, I am your deep poklonnik.VY VERY BEAUTIFULLY both inside and externally, I am impressed you! You femme fatale, . which manages to not only bring joy to people, . but also to keep pace to meet with synom.VY fellow, I would like to meet you and talk to you, . because for me it will be honored,
  • Roller for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Looks knows how to suck well.
  • BAA for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Nadia I used you in the ass would clap
  • val for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • how many idiots wrote ! Let someone wants to give, but you would be pleased to give or zasodit, but not whom, from this evil and as a dog))) Gow Gow ))))))) Hope ahead ! !
  • SUPER ,,,,, VERY GOOD! Brezhnev and GRANOVSKY two beauties ... without leaving VIAGRA NADIA ! RADUY, and Brezhnev RETURN ! A Strashko NOT LISTEN-envious ........ MORE BEAUTY FOR ALL OTHER VARIETY ... REPOSE .... adore you .. BREED ...
  • berreses for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Oh, how it excites me. I would have given everything to fuck her between those magnificent boobs and then bend down and enter in its most luxurious ass. As soon as I see it is a member of the oh, how fortunate that someone fucks her.
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