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GRANOVSKY Alexei Mikhailovich

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  • Varfalamey for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • What else can be коменты of such a charming, beautiful, charming, etc.. etc. Lady Meyher? That's right, no-ka-cal! I want to ask a leash question: why no mention in the biography of Nadia that she had once worked in striptease? PS: my girlfriend Isochnik former stripper
  • Vij for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • It is gorgeous, charming, stunning, nepodrazhaema.Shikarnaya girl! Ultraprivlekatelnaya megaiskusitelnitsa =) And the fact that she's a former stripper (though this is still the question), not on your nelly not make it huzhe.URA, gentlemen!
  • vali for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • ea bi ne otkozalsea ot togo ctobi poobsceatsea s nadei. iz togo cto znali, . videli, . v to vremea kogda pela v via gre, . i to kak vigledet seiceas eto dve raznitsi, . toesti nebo i zemlea, . mne o na nravitsea bolsce seiceas kak vigledet, . vot jali cto iscezla, . i pocti nigde ne govoreat o nei,
  • Alexander Shatokhin for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Good morning You are my ideal bodybuilding please do not throw Favorite song Biology Dream-Live meeting with you! Someday kept driving the truck? "Do you like a sauna with birch broom? Tried out in the ring? Like you now, very little, . Nadya.A Igor eat bacon? May God grant you zdorovya.Priezzhayte in Krasnozerskoe.,
  • Dasha for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Adore Granovsky, ideal for all! Sex, beauty and many other qualities in one man ....! I heard about the return of the group, everyone will be pleased! We are waiting for you !
  • Nina for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Hope, you are simply beautiful. You are the pride of brunettes. Without you, what Viagra has become a boring, nondescript. Return to Viagra soon!
  • Elena for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Tom for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Bigger tits, and all ...
  • spider for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • most fuck .... Heifer
  • oleg for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Nadia Oh! Simply sexy. What chest. what lyashechki. Nadia you supuryu
  • Victoria for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Nadechka, you're super! I really like your looks, figure. You умничка! Keep it up! PS: "VIA GRA without you is nothing. You is" VIA GRA ". Zest!"
  • Herman. for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Quite simply, super. It is not in the external data, they are present. schi
    .. More comments neet. Good luck.
  • max for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • max for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Nadia I'm your angel hronitel, write me a note ....
  • max for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Olga for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Very much Nadechku! Nadechka you're just super!
  • Romario for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • I would have you zhahnul
  • Lyubasha for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Nadyushka you суперрр! I adore you! Over the years you became a mother for me, man, when you left the group, I lost myself, I was going crazy, and teperb you brought me back to life. Thank you! You're the most beautiful on earth, the most seksuadnaya, very good! Love, kisses, your fan Lyubasha!
  • Lyubasha for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Nadya you the best! I love you! Over the years you became a mother for me man, I'm so glad that you have returned to the group, they are nothing without you and with you is simply суперрр! You are very beautiful and sexy! You well done!
  • Masha for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Nadia, you're just a boy! beautiful and clever! keep it up!
  • Anonymous for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Yuri for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • why you do not have pages on mail.ru?
  • Tanya for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Nagy, good day! I am to you? Dr. mustache?? shower? Bazhan just happened? nochogo щастя! ? duzhe beg you, Let him do not write about you, scho Wee born? W wire? SC?. Tse your district? Dny Territory Under? Llya, Yakimov потр? BNO gorditisya (up peq? Sjá einnig I born? W Under? Llya). Joy?, Luck? You? Your? Th with? M? Much? "I l? Ta!
  • Darkhan for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Very beautiful singer!
  • Fair for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Your Granovskaya in mind - a real fool and damn ! Baba of 26-27 years, or how many, . but it looks like a used whore forty years! whom she had only her ass not to expose, . to break! pumped a lot of silicone and shakes them at every opportunity! (when you have to sleep again),
    . And look at her face ! So disgusting and vyebistaya! Fucking Khokhlushka! Oh same Rustle on Muz-TV Awards, which is overlaid damn, looked much nicer and fresher than her! Although older Olga Shelest this idiot-davalki Granovskaya
  • Vano for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • FAIR, . you - dalboebische, . huyasosina, . damn, . ugly and stupid creature! If you are not the dick you do not understand the beauty and can not appreciate the beauty Nadi, . Then take your shabby enjoy all and sundry ass and Wali panel, . can persuade someone to fuck you, . least for, . you do not pay, . and you pay - because you are incredibly ugly ebanashka !,
  • Vano for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • People! Why do you all not disgrace this schmuck? Intercede for Nadia, . or it you do not like it? Nadia is gorgeous ! It is the greatest example of sexuality ! Hooley you're not doing anything blyat? Write at least a couple of words in support of Nadi and subdue this fucking whore! Make at least something! Hooley wait so long blyat, . act нахуй !,
  • Popes for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Werk
  • Massaget for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Chic woman, chic
  • Olga for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • You are a beautiful woman. Two years ago my husband went to the left, because a girl like you. I saw her - the average similarity. But now when I see you hurt me and hurt. That's such a sad story. Good luck. I wish that you never heard of the betrayal of a loved one
  • Kate for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Nadyushka! Such as you was not and will not be in the Via Gre! You face, . integral part gruppy.I not only of, . you-the pride of our natsii.Ya herself a blonde, . but you're super-bryunetochka! And how behave on the stage, . just oboldet mozhno.Umnichka, . enjoy and admire you!,
  • Anonymous for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Nadia I'll be happy to clap
  • Colonel for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Competitive Babets. Although of course the beautiful wrapper does not mean that the content of the mark. But look at 5.
  • Lady for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Without Hope group at once poorer and many are not interested, do not even know what was going on - perhaps in some indefinable aura of the singer or just a fascination. If she returned to the group, it would be better with "Viagra" for the last time!
  • andreg for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • truth say that Nadia once stood on the track? I think that's true, although I still ... the only thing that is well cleaned tails, if it does not float
  • Aleks for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • With a mouth in n * norfilmah removed and two members zagalatyvat;)
  • Sergey for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Fully agree with Kate: Nadia Обалденная, . ОЧЧЕНЬ beautiful, . zhenstvenaya.Tretey, . little black, . in Viagra, . this class, we probably will not soon оЧЧень admire, . Let the producers head, . rather than purses think anyone in the group taking, . and very well dumayut.Mne was very interesting and nice to know, . that Nadia Aries horoscope for (all rams have a lot of similarities) Good luck and success in everything!,
  • Marlene for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Hi Nadia, I am your deep poklonnik.VY VERY BEAUTIFULLY both inside and externally, I am impressed you! You femme fatale, . which manages to not only bring joy to people, . but also to keep pace to meet with synom.VY fellow, I would like to meet you and talk to you, . because for me it will be honored,
  • Roller for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Looks knows how to suck well.
  • BAA for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Nadia I used you in the ass would clap
  • val for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • how many idiots wrote ! Let someone wants to give, but you would be pleased to give or zasodit, but not whom, from this evil and as a dog))) Gow Gow ))))))) Hope ahead ! !
  • SUPER ,,,,, VERY GOOD! Brezhnev and GRANOVSKY two beauties ... without leaving VIAGRA NADIA ! RADUY, and Brezhnev RETURN ! A Strashko NOT LISTEN-envious ........ MORE BEAUTY FOR ALL OTHER VARIETY ... REPOSE .... adore you .. BREED ...
  • berreses for Hope GRANOVSKY
  • Oh, how it excites me. I would have given everything to fuck her between those magnificent boobs and then bend down and enter in its most luxurious ass. As soon as I see it is a member of the oh, how fortunate that someone fucks her.
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