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photo Taranda Gediminas

Taranda Gediminas

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 Taranda Gediminas

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  • Solnechnyj Veter for Taranda Gediminas
  • In Ivanovo, with glitter were touring the Imperial Russian Ballet. The creative team presented to the court demanding public ballet 'Don Quixote', has found an enthusiastic response in the hearts of grateful visitors. At the end of the play the author of these lines had interviewed the artistic director of the theater Gediminas Taranda, peretantsevavshego for thirteen years at the Bolshoi Theater a number of leading political parties and created 15 years ago, the Imperial Russian Ballet. In his troupe of more than 40 artists in the repertory - about fifteen ballets. - Gediminas, the current year has been declared the Year of the Family in Russia. The tenor of your ballet 'Don Quixote' - love, the eternal human values. What do you personally love and family? - For me, family and love are inseparable. If you have a family, is the love of family, it means that there is love for the Motherland. This understanding exists only in our Russia. It was always. Today, we must restore it to its original form, since in recent years it has been somewhat forgotten, but in my heart for all of us are still very much mean the family and traditional family values. For the family - the future of the country. - What is the most important task put before him during work on the show? What they want to convey to viewers? - The main important task in the progress of the performances, . and during the touring of Russia's cities and villages is, . so that the audience saw, . that there is a very beautiful classical art,
    . His most important task I and my colleagues in the theater see it, is to return the young audience for classical ballet, to show him that it is - interesting, great, that it will live forever. Rock-culture, pop culture come and go, but we must now promote classical arts. In the Russian people, there is great interest to him. We simply have to maintain its. And not only we. Not only our viewers. City and provincial authorities are obliged to maintain the classical art. Otherwise we will not keep that layer of young, which is now losing. - 'If I start again, I would choose again the endless chores of these' - sung in a journalistic anthem of my youth. If you happened to start all over again, . have chosen to renew their destiny ballet, . would like to correct any errors in your own past? - I think, . I chose to, . probably, . this way, . but many mistakes, . sure, . would have avoided. - If not a secret, . What exactly,
    . Give them at least for the edification of the same youth. - No, the error in general must perform in order to understand where you are going on. If you made a mistake and is not broken, unable to understand why this happened, then you're rising to a new step in their spiritual and creative development. If you are not mistaken, it will not be able to move on. - Gediminas, please name, favorite ballets Taranda spectator and Taranda-director. - In all its manifestations adore ballet 'The Nutcracker'. This is a show for the whole family. There is light, there is love and there is the most important thing - sad adults on the outgoing childhood. There is a second plan - our dream: There is a dream, we live, we will create and be happy. I love the ballet "Don Quixote". We have placed it in the past year. This is a great upbeat show with a lot of any finds, allowing all the actors in a scene to show himself in all the creative talent. And I love to play in a drama play theater Mossovet 'Dancing Master'. I hope that soon we will bring it in Ivanovo. - And your favorite party in the ballet? - Much Loved. Very much Yashku in the 'Golden Age', Abderrahmane in 'Raymonda', Ivan the Terrible in 'Ivan the Terrible'. I like the forester in 'Giselle'. This is the background in ballet, but I love him very much, because the role itself is very diverse, very diverse. - The most memorable trip abroad? - Mexico. This was my first trip abroad. All went there with money, and I - with a folder for music. In the resulting free time was able to become intimately familiar with life and life of Mexicans. - What does it mean for you that you created the Imperial Russian Ballet? - You know, it's almost the same as your child you raise. The theater, which I created 14 years ago, giving it strength, soul and pain, instilling in him the many winners of international competitions, the winners of gold and silver medals, roads, like the cherished dream come true one day. The only thing that upsets - multiple-company counterparts, using the popular name for personal gain and damaging to us. This is very upsetting. - And what pleases? - I'm glad Daughter. Her name is Deymante, in Lithuanian - Pearl. February 11 she was four years. - You often gastroliruete. It is difficult to see her go? - It is difficult to. On the day of departure, usually early in the morning I'm taking her daughter to her bed. We spend the hour. Chatter. A friend of a friend combs. Deymante certainly sings to me in the end: 'Captain, Captain, smile! ". These words, she admonished me, and before a trip to Ivanovo. Happy that Ivanovskaya audience warmly accepted our performance, while maintaining a sunny mood, with whom I went to your city, where I have many friends.
  • Mariska for Taranda Gediminas
  • Thank you for what you have!
  • Natalia for Taranda Gediminas
  • Currently watching Ice Age. You do not need any ratings! You are so organic, you are like you, you have already achieved such a creative level that can afford to be yourself. And this "suit"-Ice obviously you are too simple and cheap :)))) very long time ago you saw in the "Golden Age", . was small, . but still you remember, . I think, . now it would be called "charisma"))), . now grown, . and how well, . you have started to appear on television! (In the theater does not always take of ((() How do you feel the music ! How to dance the tango! It can not be called just a dance, . it already looks, . as life, . only the music.,
    . Be the first one, I think, who began to change men's dance, created more Nijinsky, that is, you do the first name male dance. Continue, please! Even in the ice age you just acts out every musical nuance, and others it looks as acrobatic rock and roll, like a dance, a kind and no.. I wish you a very, . appeared to television project, . where you could finally realize your creative's ideas about the connection of Music, . Dance and Drama, . I think, . this is what you are trying to show in the ice, . but it is too small for this market and not so creative.,
    . Does not vanish anywhere! It is waiting for your new projects
  • Anonymous for Taranda Gediminas
  • Dear Gediminas! I'd like to see you in programs such as glacial. She looked to the project only because of you, Irina. You - artitichny, positive, talented, loved by the audience. Look at you with a fun Irina. I wish you continued implementation of your creative plans and happiness in all, good luck! Always remained an admirer of your talent.
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