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photo Leonid Roshal

Leonid Roshal

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Biography Leonid Roshal
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 Leonid Roshal

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  • Ken for Leonid Roshal
  • I urgently need syazatsya the clinic where he works Leonid Roshal who knows please E-mail or ICQ contact would be very grateful.
  • Elj for Leonid Roshal
  • Hello. How can I connect with Leonid Roshal. If she does site? Can he write a letter by e-mail. If you can then please send us a link or address. Sincerely, Elvira
  • Tamara for Leonid Roshal
  • congratulate Leonid Happy New Year!
  • volume for Leonid Roshal
  • what you do, priceless for the Russian land
  • Dmitry for Leonid Roshal
  • My child is very seriously ill, urgently need skilled care. As mono contact Dr. Roshal. Kaliningrad
  • Nazir for Leonid Roshal
  • Hello, I'm also a doctor, please write the site of Dr. Leonid Roshal to my E-mail, I really need to address him.
  • jenya for Leonid Roshal
  • My child has half a year, needs an operation, help with OWL as a contact Leonid Roshal
  • Anna for Leonid Roshal
  • Show you how to contact Dr. Leonid Roshal! need help with child girlfriend (boy 3 years)!
  • Natalia for Leonid Roshal
  • should seek the advice of Dr. Roshal. Can you please tell how to contact them!
  • Ludmila for Leonid Roshal
  • Hello! Advise please E-mail Leonid Roshalya.Moey daughter 1godik and 2 months. Diagnosis: congenital dysfunction of adrenal cortex. Help please!
  • Hope for Leonid Roshal
  • I bow to Leonid Roshal Mihaylovichem.Ya with Kamchatki.Hochu contact with Dr.. Girls need pomosch.Posle a dog bite, can not recover. already the second god.Proveli three operations. The sting was in the groin, was reflected in stopu.Proshu help! Thank you in advance.
  • Irina for Leonid Roshal
  • Contact Dr. Roshal? U daughter gigantism 2paltsa right foot
  • Alevtina for Leonid Roshal
  • Child, a citizen of Russia located in Kazakhstan, was in serious condition, how to contact Leonid
  • Olga for Leonid Roshal
  • I really need an email address Leonid. Help, please! How did this man ... bow low before him.
  • Tatiana for Leonid Roshal
  • It need consultation Dr. Roshal. Can you please tell how to contact them!
  • Anonymous for Leonid Roshal
  • Tatiana for Leonid Roshal
  • Help Girl 16 let.God after appendicitis not heal stitches .. girl cut and sew during the nearly year ... g.Orel.Kristina Zhuchkina-pupil school? 16 (now the home instruction). Why, . Orel if doctors can not heal themselves, not naprvit girl to specialists higher urovnya.SProshu-help devochke.S respect-mate's mum Christine, Tatiana V.,
  • Marina for Leonid Roshal
  • Help, please. We have trouble. My parents will soon have a son, he was already 22 weeks, but doctors insist on removal of the fetus, tk. they think my mother could not bear it. In our hospital, there is no necessary equipment, it should be sent to the region ( "It will not reach" - the doctors say). But you can not take and kill a child. My parents do not vynesut. Not power, not the doctors do not want us to help. You have been our only hope. Our address: rp.Rudnya Volgograd Region. Tel.89270642303.
  • Anonymous for Leonid Roshal
  • Galina for Leonid Roshal
  • Help please, my daughter is absolutely no appetite, she could do all day is not falling behind their peers in height and weight, in the summer it even scary to watch, only bones. All that is prescribed by doctors does not help.
  • Ina for Leonid Roshal
  • Hello! We have a problem! Doctors time vnutiriutrobno was not detected pathology rebenka.Rebenok poyapilsya born and diagnosed with Arnold Chiari defect ", . he has three mesyatsa.Iz Stavropol Regional Hospital we were sent "to die" in the hospital Mineralnye Vody.Vrachi bezdeystvuyut.Chto we do?'ll show please email Dr. Roshal.Budem very grateful.,
  • Nelia for Leonid Roshal
  • Please help us to move from Irkutsk sick boy Nikita Chemezov in Moscow in the Burdenko Institute! Maybe there is even a small chance, all only lament!
  • Marina for Leonid Roshal
  • Hello my child needs help. Weц║can please Dr. Roshal site or e-mail.Zaranne thank you very much.
  • Olesya for Leonid Roshal
  • Hello, child needs an operation on ruchki.podskazhite Dr. Roshal site or e-mail.Zaranee thank you very much.
  • Sergey for Leonid Roshal
  • Hello! Help please, show you how to contact Dr. Roshal. Six-month nephew need immediate assistance, already 2 months with a temperature of 39 degrees is in intensive care. I beg you, help me!
  • Olga for Leonid Roshal
  • My daughter (7 months) diagnosed with congenital carditis, needed a heart transplant. Please help, we do not have money, I'll be very blakodarna you for your reply.
  • Ruslan for Leonid Roshal
  • URGENT! Nephew of six months, head contusion, gemotoma, coma!'ll Show me how to contact Leonid Roshal!? Matter of life and death!
  • Roman for Leonid Roshal
  • Comrades, the question often raised in this branch. Show you how to find Dr. Roshal. It is very important. Thank you in advance. Await your reply.
  • solomom for Leonid Roshal
  • I have great respect for Dr. Roshal and therefore did not understand his involvement in the mess-show Malakhov with Pugacheva and Orbakaite. How such a man could get into this market the company? Very sorry!
  • Olga for Leonid Roshal
  • It need consultation Dr. Roshal. Does he have a website? Can I write to him via e-mail? If anyone knows, please tell me!
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