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Sergei Bodrov

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 Sergei Bodrov

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  • www098www for Sergei Bodrov
  • SERGEI not such actors as everything he was very puzzling, SPECIAL draws attention
  • leetah for Sergei Bodrov
  • have a lot of time passed since then, and I'm waiting for news and hope in my heart ... hurts ... in their observations to notice - these people do not live to old age, they like bright stars - give yourself and your light is completely free of charge and people and going out ... so unexpectedly ... He - the idol of my childhood and even the ideal man:) I think he's not verbose, but it's very interesting talk, charming ... he's one of the few actors who are not depending on the movie just to attract the attention. In his game felt spiritual kinship - the language, homeland, Russian ... to him I feel a sense of light samie. I sincerely wish that the spiritual power of his friends and relatives. Memory film forever imprinted his enigmatic, where are confused smile ... I hope he is well ...
  • SS for Sergei Bodrov
  • Sergei Bodrov is a person in all aspects of the word, and his film a realistic, life showing the truth, and the characters who played Sergei is an example for me and I think he will be remembered ...
  • Dmitry for Sergei Bodrov
  • Sergei Bodrov is just a cult personality of the Russian cinema, and he more than anyone else deserves a life, I hope he is still alive, though it sounds silly, but I hope
  • Victoria for Sergei Bodrov
  • sorry for Sergei, was still too young!
  • Vika for Sergei Bodrov
  • Victoria for Sergei Bodrov
  • I am very sorry that Sergei had left nas.Na the peak of its popularity! when watching movies with other actors now living, you realize that none of them will ever compare with Sergei. Such a man, as he will no longer be nikogda.Proshlo already 5 years from the time he died, but people remember him and love, but his memory will be eternal. Until now, I can not accept the idea that Sergei NO MORE! "When I watch movies with his participation in her eyes-tears. Very sorry for Sergei and his family.
  • His eternal admirer for Sergei Bodrov
  • Although, . he had no acting education, . He played very well and "Sisters"-just super! I really like this Chelovek.Nesmotrya anything, . He's alive! He just lives in another dimension, . but his soul is always close to those, . Who loves, . remember and value! talk about him in proschedshem difficult time and it is impossible, . because he and his soul is always there! He is alive ...,
  • AbZyY for Sergei Bodrov
  • I will begin with a quotation from the movie ... "What is the strength, . brother? "And I'll answer-force in, . I remember Sergei Bodrov ... And not just remember, . that was such an actor ... and that he - "live" actor, . who showed us all imple this life ... the truth ... nothing razukrashivaya ... just ... like ... a huge thank him for it ...,
  • AbZyY for Sergei Bodrov
  • I will begin with a quotation from the movie ... "What is the strength, . brother? "And I'll answer-force in, . I remember Sergei Bodrov ... And not just remember, . that was such an actor ... and that he - "live" actor, . who showed us all imple this life ... the truth ... nothing razukrashivaya ... just ... like ... a huge thank him for it ...,
  • Alesia for Sergei Bodrov
  • It hurt to remember that Bodrov is no longer ... He was and always will be my favorite actor, and not only. He - the ideal man. I can not think of it without tears in his eyes. This, as he will never happen again. Sergei forever remained in my memory. I remember those days in September 2002 ... It was kind of a shock to me. Some odd turbidity in the head. It was a great tragedy. Do not believe it until now. I always remember you and will remember Sergei. I know you're still somewhere near us. And I believe that where you are now, you are well ..
  • Ksyusha for Sergei Bodrov
  • I love Seryozhenka. It is the coolest, most talented person on earth. It is a pity that it no longer and he will not be able to please me with their new projects ...
  • Christine for Sergei Bodrov
  • Sergei Bodrov, one of the great actors and directors in Russia, it is one of the few who managed to win the hearts of all! Such men as he had not. He will be remembered all and always.
  • yuo for Sergei Bodrov
  • I liked Bodrova as a man .... I always liked it internally and externally! Especially his face .... his thick eyebrows ... always wanted to have a husband = well, or at least a friend! It grieved for him as for the mother!
  • Irina Kovalenko for Sergei Bodrov
  • п░п╠п╟п╤п╟я▌ "Nautilus" = group resembles Bodrov! Oh, how I miss you !...
  • Gothic for Sergei Bodrov
  • I love Bodrova poomuchto he Pts strong guy who is not afraid of no fig, and he knew he could not vrnutsyai vseravno went to the mountains
  • ONA88 for Sergei Bodrov
  • LOVE HIM ..........
  • Anonymous for Sergei Bodrov
  • God needed a good clever and talented people ..... so he zaberaet them and to myself .... this is destiny and this is not something be done about it ... But Sergey is always with us ... as long as we remember him, he will live our sertce !
  • Rufina for Sergei Bodrov
  • Sergei Bodrov ..... In these two words lies a lot of mysterious, attractive, kind, courageous, sparkling, sad ..... He is a great actor .... Sensitive to the whole ... To the world, to our existence in this crazy world .... He knew everything and felt. Until now, love it. Not as an idol, but as a person. Good and understand ... "What is the force, brother?" In such as you, Serge ....
  • Vika for Sergei Bodrov
  • great man of his time! looking at his photos, reviewing his films completely immersed in the era of the 90s. he is a man - a legend. it is our history. a man worthy of eternal memory. He knew how to live .... Sergei ... we remember you ...
  • Anonymous for Sergei Bodrov
  • Sergei Bodrov, my favorite actor. He is alive in my heart!
  • Lilja for Sergei Bodrov
  • Sergei Bodrov ... no one knows he is alive or not, but in our hearts he will remain forever!
  • Anonymous for Sergei Bodrov
  • It pains me to think that it is no longer alive! I am very fond of Sergei as an actor and just a man! (I Masha Bazhenova of Vilva)
  • Anonymous for Sergei Bodrov
  • I unlike others believe that Sergei is alive ! I am very, very, very, very, very, very much and watching movies with his participation, I cry and I believe that he is alive!
  • Irina for Sergei Bodrov
  • is a talented akter.ochen sad and very sorry that he is not.
  • Ina for Sergei Bodrov
  • Sergei Bodrov bright personality, neordinarnaya.On naturally gifted actor, a decent, kind, charming man .... When I saw the film Brother-1, I was only 14 years old, but for 14letney girl he became an idol, even the ideal man. Now I'm 21 years, . and still I look for in guys that sparkle, . which was in Sergei Bodrov .. His shy smile, . good look, . voice .... Everything in it for the viewer draws attention .... Thanks to all the people (fans), . who remember and loved by Sergei Bodrov, . talented actor and just a good man .....,
  • Faith for Sergei Bodrov
  • I was 6.7 years old when I first watched "Brother-1", and even then I fell in love with this movie. When I looked up "Brat-2" and wanted to watch it again and again. But when I learned that the entire crew, including Sergei Bodrov, buried by an avalanche, I like something snapped in my heart ... Just do not believe that I only recently saw him in the film, but here again, and no man ... Now I am 14 years old and I still can not understand: why did this happen just with him? Why he decided to shoot first with mountains, . and then the rest? Maybe he knew, . then he will die? If we, . his admirers, . experience so, . then as now, his family and friends? ..,
    . I believe that he is with us always and everywhere ... He was a great actor though he himself did not recognize it ... Nobody compares to him .... Sergei Bodrov legend .... I have no more words ... I can not convey the words that I feel, thinking that he is no more ... He's alive!
  • Anonymous for Sergei Bodrov
  • 6G6G
  • Anonymous for Sergei Bodrov
  • Anonymous for Sergei Bodrov
  • Recently I met a man, almost like two peas in Sergei Bodrov ... Turning my life and made him think about the essence of human existence. As far as we are insignificant in the plans of the Lord and how human life is short! If Sergei was alive, how much joy it would give people for his films ... But sooner or later we will meet ... As long as we remember him, he is with us! I believe in it.
  • Julia for Sergei Bodrov
  • Even after so many years is difficult to believe in his death, he was my idol and it remained the same, standard of male beauty, fascinating actor, and even sekssimvol-so he will remain in my heart ...
  • love for Sergei Bodrov
  • already been seven years since he was missing, but for me he is always alive, he lives in my heart, he is the best !
  • Paul for Sergei Bodrov
  • until we remember about him he's alive!
  • NIKITA for Sergei Bodrov
  • Sergei Bodrov ZAMECHATELNYYAKTERMNE Really like all his films OSOBENNOO: SISTERS WAR 2 AND his brother Stinger !
  • Vladislav for Sergei Bodrov
  • Now I am 16 years old but I'll remember it till the end of his days in the first I saw the movie with Bodrov participates in 6 years I have been going up Seh to watch it because it is the man the legend
  • Dmitry Salmi for Sergei Bodrov
  • Sergei Bodrov, the idol of many. And only thanks to those who will be remembered - will show his film. And only those people will get pleasure from watching his movies and enjoy the fact that this man was not afraid of truth of life. And thanks to him that we - people will always remember that we must fight for the truth and eventually get it .............
  • Nadejda Kuznetzova for Sergei Bodrov
  • Sergei Bodrov had personal & professional talents that cannot be compared. His best acting role was in "Prisoner of the Mountain" - in my mind, a story about universal love. Every character in that movie revealed a great love for someone else. My favourite movie of all time & I believe it reflectived Sergie's own personal characteristics. A beautiful man & I'm so sad that he has left us!
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