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 Vladimir E. STALLIONS

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  • Zoiotko for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Volodymyr шановний! turbulence? You JNA d? Initiating? W Ukra? Nor? Name Yul? I)) написати tse You Stand? Fication made the big zahoplennya vashoyu creative? Stu, . aktorskoyu majsternya? Stu, . great talent, . scho Givet have yours? th shower?. Bazhan щастя you have a great life? ta u creative? th e? yalnost?. Wee neperevershenn? ... duzhe want щоб In? and tse znali.ya zahoplyuyus you, . USC? lki herself to stay with aktorsk? th e? yalnost?. Vi m? th kumir.ya you zakohana! всього you naykraschogo.z повагою Yul? I,
  • Why should I nickname, I have a great name - Anya for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • hi
  • Alicia for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Hesitate to ask any girl you like smart, or a painting?
  • Diana for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Vladimir, you are very good actor, I wish you щастя, more joy in zhyzni that you have always enjoyed success at the theater, cinema, never hurt, always had a good mood, was a favorite and themselves lbili. Sincerely your fan Diana. It would like to see you in zhyzni. See you later!
  • D for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Many people write to meet ... meet! These princes do not look at Cinderellas, . even if these Cinderellas better queens (((The Law of Life! Vladimir, . I have conquered your eyes ... in them as much sense, . much mystery .. ... I wish you a wonderful vam.chtob your princess was not worse than Cinderella)) Sincerely D. ..,
  • pelmeshka91 for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • I really want to talk personally with Vladimir! I had обажаю, especially after the series Broad River! Vova napishi.ya love
  • Marina for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Volodymyr big fellow. So young, novice actor, and so many really good job in the movies. Especially liked the role of a young soloist. So much emotion, character. Class !
  • Olga for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Vladimir your eyes captivated me in every movie they are so honest ... do you think such a piercing ... maybe you are an interesting young man of success!
  • Anonymous for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Cool!
  • Maria for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Judging by the films I viewed, very sincere and talented actor. I like your image on the screen. With pleasure to chat with you on the work and hobbies!
  • Tina for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • You are very nice))
  • Faith for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Here, read the commentary, so you do not want something similar to write and what to do if all the truth;) I was struck by the film "The Life That Was not". The first time I saw the actor in him, and the music for the movie Just like that ... something catches. Even a pity that people are not looking basically have multiple films, it does not look ... (Only I did not understand: there is a filmography and "An American Tragedy" and "Life is ...", which is charged on the tragedy? Hmm .. . Well, no film on the actor crying:)
  • Faith for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • What injustice! Where is my Comment?: (
  • Faith for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Oh, here it is:)
  • Julia for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • First drew attention in the TV series "Broad River" and all ... sunk into the soul ... such a charming young man! Marvelous!;) Will find and see movies with your participation:)
  • Karina for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • I'll say no more, . And you did not worry, . And that, . I've been repeating silently, . Do not dare to hint for anything. The whole day sleeping at night flowers, . But only the sun go down over the grove, . Disclosed quietly lists, . I hear, . as the heart blooms. And in a sick, . tired chest breathe moisture night ..,
    . I tremble, I'm not worried did, I'll say no more.
  • Anna Zolotarenko for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • You have the most enchanting sight that I have ever seen ....
  • Marianne for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • I also agree with previous authors, is that Vladimir is the most charming young actor in the national cinema, it is very similar to the English actor Makkoveya, I would say it is much better than his. Unfortunately other works of Vladimir I still could not see. But in future I will try not to let movies and plays with his participation. Frankly, I film "Broad River" was only looking out for him
  • Liana for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • The first time I see a man who is so similar to my husband. I thought of no more.
  • Dishenka for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • You really like me as an actor ... you симпотичный ... I liked you ...
  • Olya for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • I want to say that you impressed me with his eyes. This is something that a young man, radiating romance is hard to find in our world. Painfully all Cool any! Contact
  • Alena for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • I wish prosperity!
  • Alesia for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • And I do not watch soap operas, once got on the "Broad River" and disappeared .. It is hard not to fall in love his smile .. view =) As an actress чтоли to go ...
  • Oksana for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Hello, . Vladimir, I agree with the opinion of many, . you have a piercing, . fascinating look, . At the same time warm and kind, I wish you only the good in life roles, . sincere and loyal friends, . good luck in all endeavors, . always good nastroeniya.Prodolzhayte to please us, . visitors, . his best roles! Good luck and love YOU! advance Thank you for taking the time to read the message! Oksana, . Moscow.,
  • Викуля for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Well, of course, after read above comments, my little head can not think of a more charismatic soobscheniya.Napishu briefly: thank your parents for what they created and raised such a remarkable young man.
  • Marina Cebanu for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Krasivyj kakoj. : -* Lublu
  • Galya for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • cool actor, a pleasure to watch:)
  • Malika for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Zdrastvuite, Vladimir! Ya vas vpervye uvidela v seriale Shiroka reka.Vy takoy krasivyi! Ya v pervyi raz uvidela takogo krasivogo cheloveka!
  • Svetlana for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Vladimir, . hi! I will not lie, . acquainted only with movies, . to the theater more nedoshla! Know hooked, . how! Everyone is your hero pozhozh each other and you just fine fellow! Of all the works most film "Life, . which was not "so I know, . as a romantic nature for some reason you believe in, . that it was an accident, . but this question can be answered only you! Since you are anyone took it to his heart truly, . maybe I am wrong, . but I believe, . so that, . when you are a declaration of love Natasha there by the river, . but this is false can not be called, . I even know you had a lot of times sorry, . What did she shook her nerves,
    . In the movie "Broad River" are you a, . very pleasant from the first minute, . both got off the train, . I do not just write, . and such feelings, . to the loss of reason happened to me several years ago, . is simply the cry of my soul when I saw you! And this happiness, . for this we live,
    . You know I will not lie, but you have to attract their soul! No doubt all the while!
  • Nastyulka-ryzhulka for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • I join the majority ..=)))) unfortunately could see only one serial in your performance ..= (but nevertheless I really liked your acting in meters creativity and execution ...)))) have a great incentive and interest to see movies with your participation .=) Creative you success and inspiration ...=))))),
  • Xenia for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • You are very very nice I really liked your role in the TV series "broad river" would be a lot of you know well, and I wish you great creative successes to release of more films and serials with your participation )))))
  • Alinochka for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • can and disbelief, but where is there in the distant hope of Tyumen girl on stupid reciprocity actor! me, this profession does not attract me, but oboldenno like its owner !:)
  • Irina for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • This all nonsense to write "I am so fond of Vladimir" and the like as possible to love a man without knowing it! Main do not famous people, and relations between people!
  • Nataly for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • kakaja ljubovj o cem vi pishete! eto ljubovj k aktjeru, a ne k celoveku, vi ego ljubite za sceniceskij obraz, a ne za celoveceskuju sutj, priglasite ego poletatj na samoljete, eto ego stijija etim vi bi mogli ego zainteresovatj, udaci :))))
  • Love for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Well played the role ...
  • Hope for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • On such a young man only dream ... what is the expressiveness of his eyes, which expressed the sincerity and kindness .. There is now little kids, just one disappointment.
  • Katia for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Hello, Vladimir! I prospotrela all your movies and I really liked. You are very cool actor! I wish you all good luck in personal life. I know you probably have no time, but if you come пожайлуста write! I would like to ask is will continue the series "Broad River"?
  • Nastya for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • A great, talented actor. VERY симпотичный young man. komuto very lucky!
  • NaNirk for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Look ... catch him ... Dorogova is worth it! Believe me!
  • Anonymous for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Hello. My name is ... You played well in the movie "Broad River". You know, you played well, but the plot a bit stupid. What do you think about this?
  • Julia for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Hello. My name is Julia. I will not much flatter and say that you are fun to play on stage, beautifully played in films, and you know it, but if not, what you say is close. I am interested in something else: if you like to be the actor of choice, and not to choose? Will be time to reply. Yours Julia.
  • Kate G. for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • A talented man is talented at all.
  • Vetachok for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • You have a terrific smile !))) rarely see the actor, in which the soul and the talent there, but you have even more than this! Ogroooooomnyh success!
  • Vika for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • you just Sugar ! Write me, I'll be waiting!
  • Katia for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Posmltrela serial Morozov and I really liked the actor Vladimir talented actor. PobolsheZherebtsov.Po-mlemu really good roles and it's personal happiness.
  • Sun for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • КЛАССНЫЙ ACTOR !. SUCH A PLEASURE TO SEE his film ! MAKES positive impression, playing even negative Geroeva MUSICHKA !=)
  • Nato for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • I want to be with you and bear you children.
  • Julia for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • you're so cool, talented actor. great success to you. and oooocheeeeeeen beautiful. Write if you have time. while
  • Vladlena for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Cool actor, but before the Oscars are not overstretched:)))
  • Nadia for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • you Sugar ........... you ...... you ....... well straight ........ thanks that you are so good, and smile at you. and dimple on podbarodke., straight ideal even ...... WE ARE FOR YOU
  • Anna M. for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Hello, Vladimir! I just do not know where would you even write, . you are my favorite actor I admire your creativity, . talent! you are at the official site (in the guest book), anyone? "There are many girls who are waiting for your answer)) you probably do not read soon, . but still we wait!,
  • Anna M. for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • I love this actor, he just super))
  • yana for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Recently, in a performance with the participation of Vladimir. A very talented actor, but his eyes are really very beautiful. Thanks for the nice time.
  • Terekhova Anyuta for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Hi. You are very brilliant actor and you chedesnaya smile!
  • Elena for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Great actors and just bunting! Look necessarily new melodrama with its primary role of the "My". I think that this film will not leave indifferent even the most stale biscuit!
  • Tanya for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Yes ... actor and in truth very oboyatelny and talented ... The only pity is that neither one of us (admirers), he does not answer ...(((
  • LENA! for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • HELLO! READ ALL COMMENTS, . Addressed to you, . I realized, . Many of these people, . PRIZNYUTSYA YOU IN LOVE AND ONLY SAY, . WHAT YOU BRILLIANT ACTOR, . Although this BEZUSLONO so it is really! I realized, . WHAT CAN YOU AND Unread These comments and declarations of love, . Because you will not have time, . MAYBE YOU WILL NEVER BE LIABLE TO SEND YOU A MESSAGE, . And MANY WOMEN LIKE TO HEAR YOUR VOICE, . Wish to await your response! BUT it will never happen! I'll post HOPE, . That although OCCASIONALLY YOU WILL SEE YOUR SITE AND READ A LETTER ADDRESSED TO YOU! Reply letter your fans and then they will be more ! THANK, . WHAT ARE YOU ! HOPE YOU EVER READ THESE LETTERS PEOPLE! SPAIBO !,
  • Anastasia for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Hello! I want to say like all that Vladimir really a very good actor. 25 years he has not only fame, but love and respect of many people. I am very like his eyes. looking at them you can drown, but his smile fills my heart with joy, even when very sad. Of course I would like him to read all our letters, and of course to get an answer. I want to wish you success, love. because without love life is not possible. with respect Anastasia
  • Victoria for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Privet.Ya watch all movies with your uchastiem.Takoy young, but plays in the movies as a professional dela.Spasibo you for your eyes
  • Valeria for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Thank you, that you are! ! !
  • Alenka for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • After a series Shiroka reka I'm in love with you. I am very interested to know, but in life you are as crazy difficult, as in the movies?
  • Annie for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Anya for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Vladimir you very I like and you are very beautiful. True. I want to tell you something that I live far away from Moscow, but I was in that year in Moscow and I really liked it. I think you're so beautiful and wonderful as our capital MOSCOW. I wish you all the best. While. ANNA
  • INNA for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • HELLO MY zavut INNA I'm from Athens PRESENTS I was married to Zherebtsova Vladimir Evgenievich BUT WHAT'S FUNNY THAT YOU ARE AT THE NEVO PAHOZH only him 29 years HOTELOSX TO YOU ANSWERED
  • Istomin Svetlana (Moscow) for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Vladimir greetings, . you are ruining not only the hearts of girls, . but also people of other age, . how do you manage, . Yes you are just a real hero of our time, . in such a short period so many times all delighted and in film and theater for its unique game, . the only way to work - it is not really, . after all you are just not rested, . I love you more than anyone in the world, . but this feeling will stay with me Volodya, . What can I do for you - this is just write you a few words on the website and to please you with his presence you have on the performance, . I admire you and am proud, . that this guy lives in our city, . Many who made something of a change, . life start over, . may love, . the eyes were burning, . heart ached and a smile would have been at face!,
  • Anonymous for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Anonymous for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Vika for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • lovely view:)
  • Muhabbat for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • I live in Tajikistan recently watched episodes "Broad River". Just super no words That's a real pleasure kino.Stolko received. Vladimir Zherebtsov simple lad. So young but not looking at it so much talent. The truth was sorry Andrew Chernyshego.No how to say this-movie! My dream of becoming an actress too, but do not know how to become. Vladimir Zherebtsov but you just charming. Be healthy and Happy with kindest Regards your Muhabbat !
  • Lena for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Hello, Vladimir! After the series "Broad River" I am in love with you and I love to this day! Give that I do ...
  • Vita for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • You're cool, very much like to talk with you, but tell the truth, that these princes of Cinderellas do not look, just very intiresno what you in real life, the same charming, sweet and sincere?
  • matter for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Come to Kiev. My sister urgently needs to be married.
  • Natali for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • VLADIMIR HELLO! ME zavut Natalie! I'm with the Donetsk! With great UDOVOLSTIEM SEE YOUR WORKS ! I want to say that you will МОЛОДЕЦ! YOU HUGE TALATN! Never lets down SCENE. And surprise people! Lived WANT YOU LUCK LOT! Sorry that you have not read our letters! BUT, THERE IS LITTLE HOPE THAT YOU HAVE READ !
  • Ludmila for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Vladimir you ooooochen cool, amazing smile, from your eyes I'm mad. Movies watched all of your participation, more to see on your screen. All you the very best!
  • Olga for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Girls, svy remind all those provincial prostushek with garment factory from the series "Life, which was not ...", where your beloved horses played a major role. To me he seems to" over correct and saccharine, sometimes ad nauseam
  • Irishka for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Hello! (If you can, . I'll be on "you "???) My name is Irina! I'm from the Sumy region. You are very cool, . and at the same time, the talented and beautiful, . as sincere ....... I thought, . that one man it all together can not be, . but it is not so .......... this example, YOU!))) After "Milkmaid of Hatsapetovki", . "Broad River" I really liked you so! Chmaffffffik cha! Write OWL ! I'm waiting!,
  • Anonymous for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • You are very talented akter.Mne liked the film "milkmaid from Hatsapetovki" it's so cool you played.
  • Lena for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • I am in love with you, you barter subdued in all roles, especially in the series: Shyrokaya river.
  • Catherine for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Why do you bow down to him as an idol? It is Well humiliating! Just not familiar with it and already "you are very cool, and at the same time, the talented and beautiful, just honest ...." - Sickening to read. Girls, do not crucify: you give a gift not needed.
  • ELka for Vladimir E. STALLIONS
  • Olga, before writing such unflattering reviews of Vladimir, to revise his early work. I think you have no idea about his game.
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