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Biography ZIMIN Julia
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 ZIMIN Julia

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  • elvis for ZIMIN Julia
  • oh what! best.'m looking episode, detectives and dream and stick her cancer.
  • Karina for ZIMIN Julia
  • Julia, a good actress with beautiful eyes
  • Natasha for ZIMIN Julia
  • прикольная actress
  • Yulia Volkova for ZIMIN Julia
  • Carmelita you the best actress in the world arrived in Voronezh, I beg you please, and myrrh peredovay hello! my name is Julia, too, by the way I want to be like you-such as beautiful!
  • cfif for ZIMIN Julia
  • you are very beautiful
  • Sasha for ZIMIN Julia
  • yulichka you are very beautiful and you are me nravishsya
  • Sasha for ZIMIN Julia
  • you're the best and beautiful write me пожайлуста Julia I am 14 years old
  • NeX for ZIMIN Julia
  • Very beautiful girl !
  • Julia for ZIMIN Julia
  • You know, Yul, my father tsigan.Vo me his blood flowing, but I never, never met tsiganami.Mne interesting to know about nih.Tvoy-series helps to understand the sut.Znayu that busy girl, but how would like to receive from You otvet.Ty-fellow.
  • Irina for ZIMIN Julia
  • Julia, you're a great actress! I love to watch the film "Karmelita.Tsyganskaya passion ."! you there this classroom gypsy! You are the best! Come vgosti in Novosibirsk! Say hello to Alexander Suvorov! Goodbye!
  • Anastasia for ZIMIN Julia
  • Hello sunshine ! I like you very much, I want to see you in reality! Come visit g.Sol-Ileck! I'll wait for you, you are very nice)))) Write me if you have time!
  • Ludmila for ZIMIN Julia
  • Very beautiful talented and successful aktrisa.Udachi. Creativity flight and love all around her. And now the wishes of those who make our comments. Do not understand why the department prints nasty sort of imbeciles comment. This matter, and no need to chase ratings. Who he is, on whether he leaves. Respect those people who are our comments, and print those. from which people will have a good mood. Our comments. the person of our time, respect themselves and others.
  • Falyahutdinov for ZIMIN Julia
  • You are very beautiful! With you can talk? Write me please. Tel: 89123331049
  • Marseille for ZIMIN Julia
  • You are very beautiful! With you can talk? write пожайлуста! Tel: 89195182429
  • Anonymous for ZIMIN Julia
  • You are very beautiful! With you can talk? Write me please. Tel: 89123311111
  • Julia Dance. for ZIMIN Julia
  • You are the most beautiful actress. I love to watch the film "Carmelita" and "Monte Cristo" with your participation.
  • alena for ZIMIN Julia
  • Julia you're the most beautiful
  • Sabine for ZIMIN Julia
  • Julia you are a very good game, especially in the TV series "Carmelita" did a super, you fine fellow. And you're Pts Pts Pts Pts Pts very beautiful !
  • Anonymous for ZIMIN Julia
  • Alexander Troschilin for ZIMIN Julia
  • Julia you are simply divine, and you класная aktrisa.Esli you will have time to call on my mobile number: 80954565149.
  • Katia for ZIMIN Julia
  • Julia, you are very beautiful and very good actress!
  • Diana for ZIMIN Julia
  • Юляшка, hello! You're just super! I love to watch movies with your participation! Be always positive! No! If you can, write, I will wait for a!
  • Vladislav for ZIMIN Julia
  • oh .... PPC I would fuck you every second tebch anal fucked Solder sucker PLEASE ! SASIIIIIIIIII BITCH I B TY PI OTEBAL TO ANY OPPORTUNITY! Bitch Bitch I'M WORTH TO YOU suck
  • Helen for ZIMIN Julia
  • Julia! You are the best actress! Creative success to you! To convey greetings and best wishes to Maxim Shchegoleva!
  • Ira for ZIMIN Julia
  • Hello everyone! I love to watch episodes Carmelita! Julia, . You play wonderfully! Just for the soul takes! I do not miss a single series! And if something looked through some very frustrating! I wanted to come to Tver, but I was not allowed to go parents! You are my idol! And to not talk about you do not worry! I am 12 years old! I hope that my comment comes up to you! Sincerely most devoted fan of Ira Tikhonova!,
  • nactenka for ZIMIN Julia
  • kARMILITA the coolest SERIAL
  • Julia for ZIMIN Julia
  • Julia you're the most beautiful and talented actress is the best in the world! I love you more than life and will not give it, this is all true you do not think I'm crazy, I just love you! And as said Miro in Caramel where something in the 44-46 series when you asked him to give up the fight you say: Give up for me, . for the sake of our lyubvi.Miiro said: for your sake I am ready to return to prison, . I am for your blood, drop by drop ready to give, . I die gotov.Tak I'm also ready Yulchik! I'll be back soon come to Moscow at the theater and really want to see you and make friends with you, . I'm sure we will meet!, you are very beautiful and by the way, my namesake! You have a very beautiful gypsy eyes, . beautiful lips and you're all pretty ! Good luck hare and love! We'll see you soon ! I love you!,
  • Alexey for ZIMIN Julia
  • Julia you're super! "I am delighted with you!
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