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photo Andrew Burkovskii

Andrew Burkovskii

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Biography Andrew Burkovskii
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 Andrew Burkovskii

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  • Anonymous for Andrew Burkovskii
  • Andrew Burkovskii just Apollo, ie beautiful as God! With great charisma and uymoy Oboyan
  • Zhenya for Andrew Burkovskii
  • First, . probably, . should say hello. Hi. You, . sure, . never Will you come to this site, . therefore, . why I am here to leave your comment using such a wild number of introductory words - not znayu.Odnako. She just wanted to say this IS thanks for your game. I, . something like KVN music lover, . ie,
    . looking at the games, all teams, . failing to provide for yourself someone special (still reading? =) I expound at length - but reduced, . How could =)) So this is what I have everything? Besides all that I have now written above - a little bit of truth or lies (that's who prefer to take both). K "Tomsk-Max" I have a special otnoshenie.Tolko you go on stage and now it is impossible otlepit smile from his face. Thank you for your good humor, . calorie skepticism and crushing irony. And with a victory, . natural surrounding, =) can not, really want to say ... that you're just well done well, beautiful (=,
  • Anonymous for Andrew Burkovskii
  • п·п·п·п·п·п·! You're just lovely, why only married ????? My heart is broken ((((
  • Mariana for Andrew Burkovskii
  • This class )))))))))))) )))))))))))
  • Vikochka for Andrew Burkovskii
  • And what does Andrew married?? This п╬я┤п╟я─п╬п╡п╟я┬п╨п╟!) Coming to the uproar from the concert will come Maximum, envy! 1
  • Elsinore for Andrew Burkovskii
  • Burkovskii and in truth, the fig are you married?? TI handsome )))))) And where is my heart (((........
  • Anonymous for Andrew Burkovskii
  • Untitled for Andrew Burkovskii
  • Blin, why did you marry! "All my heart is broken forever, but I still love you ...
  • ala Goth for Andrew Burkovskii
  • oh! ... daezh youth without you none! cool especially germane and Daniel! keep up the great work!
  • Mila for Andrew Burkovskii
  • Ah! Really Andrew why did you marry, tree sticks. And Daniel, and Herman Otpad simply adore you.
  • Chrystyna for Andrew Burkovskii
  • Andrei, you are so beautiful! when I see you on the screen, I'm losing my mind, I am sorry that you're married ... that's cool bolo to meet with you. '3 Love love love love love love love
  • Victoria Burkovskaya for Andrew Burkovskii
  • namesake) proud of you) and you just handsome;)
  • Alice for Andrew Burkovskii
  • You Pts nice young man, throw your mop went to rest in Tokyo (I have an apartment there), my e mail kasha_87@mail.ru vseravno Although you can not see it ...
  • Zhenya for Andrew Burkovskii
  • Done! Keep up the great work!
  • Danilo for Andrew Burkovskii
  • simply greytebl:)
  • Nastya for Andrew Burkovskii
  • Andrew just a class!
  • Anonymous for Andrew Burkovskii
  • ((Pulyo_Chek)) for Andrew Burkovskii
  • And I so sorry that you're not here Will you come! (I will not repeat what they say and say what he married, because you're so ... , well, stuff like that! "The girls want to say that you will be glad for him, rather than the whip nonsense! married means to him as well!" Andrei would like further creative success and good luck to all that would be trite as it may sound, =) ))))
  • love with Burkovskii Andrejosta ( for Andrew Burkovskii
  • Ah well as Jay then?? so cute cute, charming charming and talented young man and married (((even on someone (((I split (((
  • Anonymous for Andrew Burkovskii
  • How much do I know (my sister at this time resting in Geshe), his brother crashed on the board ...
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