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  • Katerina for Dadu
  • Dmitry, you are very beautiful! Would like to meet you =)
  • Katerina for Dadu
  • Dmitry, you are very beautiful! There is a desire to meet you! My photos can be seen here love.mail.ru / anketa.phtml? Oid = 223670845 & afolder = albums I look forward answer.
  • konfetka3001 for Dadu
  • Dmitry, I will not say that I love you, I understand that you have your own personal life, . I would just like to talk with you and with you only have a friendly relationship, . If you answer me I'll be very glad you obschatsya.tak that I look forward to your reply.,
  • Natasha for Dadu
  • Hello! Dmitri! I really like you! ! I will not say that I love you and there is all this! Just do not like to throw words to the wind! And Th .. write a thread in my email! ! I would be very pleased and grateful!
  • Girl for Dadu
  • Hey, if you're not busy drop me a few words, please
  • Katya for Dadu
  • dim, I can not. maybe you are not available for all of us. show you how to make your acquaintance, and even just to talk
  • Katia for Dadu
  • Indeed, . I can not say, . that interested in soccer, . but see another poster with the image of Dmitry, . nor bonalno, . impressed by his deep eyes and amazing cheekbones outlined, . Reflecting on the sheer nature of this handsome young football player! Yes, and no-load ..)))),
  • Dominica for Dadu
  • For example, girls! Enough napisyvat my boyfriend ...:) For me begins and ends with his personal life, you all so amicably discuss! All! Dima, hello, how's life? LOCOMOTIVE? 1 ! Well done! ;)
  • Angel =) for Dadu
  • Dmitry, . T+, . you are the coolest player Loko and team Russia, . you so Sugar, and for this they RESPECT and T- !=) Lokomotiv -T- !:) Dimochka, . Write me at 89189533736 to Mobile, . I expect !:) ?T+, . you Kayfny guy, . I LOVE TY !=))) I 20.Lapa, . I expect Pts call! you sexy boy !=),
  • Jan for Dadu
  • Dima yachitala that you are a very good friend ichelovek. Prikin we come by their names (Jan-Dmitri) and the signs of the zodiac (Virgo-Taurus )!
  • Lena for Dadu
  • Yes he did zainka! Only now married ... =((((
  • Alexander for Dadu
  • Thank you Dmitry for what you did for Russia in the Euro you brought me great pleasure and I think all of our vast country. call 89607490898, thanks.
  • Alexander for Dadu
  • Dmitry thank you for everything, you most luchshiy.Esli you give me at least a small SMSochku send it will be the best gift in the world, the most real Christmas miracle, because that is a numbered nevozmozhno.moy 89607490898 (I'm a fool)
  • ruma5510 for Dadu
  • I wish you happiness in your personal life. adore you !
  • Elena Torbininskaya for Dadu
  • Hello I'm your second cousin 89258473096
  • Tanya for Dadu
  • You +LT++- football =) Thanks for an interesting football! =)))))
  • Erdem for Dadu
  • Dmitri you are the best player ! oh .. how to get the sword form with your autograph!
  • Erdem for Dadu
  • Write something on my e-mail! Please =)
  • tatka for Dadu
  • Dmitry, you are the best ! Even though I have not so many years, but I do it because of you know about football is much more certain parney.Napishite me please at least one line (89271816866). Although I know this is impossible .
  • Olya for Dadu
  • My sister loves you
  • Eltra for Dadu
  • I love futbol.Mne very like the way you play, Dmitriy.Ya not a fan, just wanted to express my admiration (After all, agree that everyone happy when they admire) Good luck on the football field and in personal life!
  • kir for Dadu
  • Torbinski fast as the wind smart as hotabych
  • Vikusya for Dadu
  • Dimochka, . ty simply super, . most samyy.ti my favorite football player in LOKOMOTIVE.povezlo your zhene.Vsego most of the, . Chi zayas.I name just a beautiful Torbinski =******************* even when I watch the match watching you and do not have time to watch a ti on one end of the field at the other, . Chi Answer please when you can =******,
  • Vikusya for Dadu
  • I even Thomas bought with your initials, hee
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