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  • Dashulka for MORANDI
  • LOVE Andryusha !
  • Marina for MORANDI
  • You are the best!
  • Gel for MORANDI
  • Andrew, I adore you and love .:-))
  • Karina for MORANDI
  • Randi just my and nobody's more! Clear to you? "I love him and adore!
  • Anzhelika for MORANDI
  • Andrei MY ! Clearly you Karina? My, my, my !
  • mr-iris for MORANDI
  • Devchenki, I do not understand what you are arguing here. Who will go here, everyone will be the same write. This debate will never end. And while you're here arguing, . Andrew has already managed to fall in love at all in any one of you ....... I'm certainly not nice to write, . but better terribly bitter truth, . than sweet lie. I did too, very much and want him ......... I cried ... iiiiiiiiii ............,
  • ksundi for MORANDI
  • I agree with you mr-iris! Maybe he nebudu mine, but I wish him happiness in his personal and creative life! Andrew you all the best!
  • ksundi for MORANDI
  • By the way Andrei eyes are not brown and gray-green
  • Jakarta ... for MORANDI
  • I agree with you ... I love Randy)))) I was turned on it ... But he will never be my, . I just wish him luck))) And I advise you nezatsiklivatsya on it) Of course this is understandable, . such as he is no more! If I see people like him, . EXACTLY probably will not miss your chance!))) And Morandi we still will please his great songs! Good luck to them))),
  • Masya for MORANDI
  • Randi ... I love обажаю! You are my idol ...=****
  • Sonya for MORANDI
  • Morandi KRUTEZNA ! Super Morandi, Morandi CLASS Who does not love MORANDO that paragraph ... ace !
  • Sonya for MORANDI
  • I love Randy and Marius! Who nafik Andrew do not know.
  • Nastonka for MORANDI
  • Bu my fans I love you. I could not when? Hat to your concert in Nikola? Ve then zhelela preshlite me kakuyuta photo of your aftografom
  • Natalie for MORANDI
  • You fools, my Andrew! you at least know how many years, Andrew?
  • Ada for MORANDI
  • I also love Marius and Andrew, they are so talented (in addition to being nicer)! Romania рулит!
  • Asel for MORANDI
  • I adore you!
  • ПРИКОЛЬНАЯ GROUP! I especially like Andrew!
  • TE for MORANDI
  • MORANDI - MORE, MORE, best, beautiful and talented ON EARTH. I just adore THEM. Voice, music, video - is fantastic, such STILL no one was, that something can not be explained. МОЛОДЦЫ. WISH them tremendously Health, happiness, love and success, both in private and in the career life. WISH THEM do all what they so desires and be the best of who they are now is, and especially for me. Take care. Am looking forward to new creations, CLIPS AND ALBUMS. ОБОЖАЮ VASSSSSSSSSSSS. YOUR truest fan. KISS. YOU Charms. ОБОЖАЮ VASSSSSSSSSSS ! You just УМНИЧКИ. TO START, . TO sling mud at my favorite GUYS, . THINK, . A, . What will you do: I have achieved in LIFE, . Here's my answer - NOTHING:, . Bred people, . IF THEY LIKE, . DO NOT WRITE TELL HORSERADISH, . But they simply will not visiting their sites, . And once you have gone, . Keeps silent:, . Because, . WHAT YOU WROTE BAD, . They are of the worse fortunately will be:, . And I feel sorry for YOU:, . You still have to learn to distinguish, . WHAT - BAD, . WHAT IS GOOD,
    . With big love for the most admired MY GROUP Morandi, HELLO GUYS ! WRITE POKLONIIKI, here is my ASIA: 441-196-972
  • Anonymous for MORANDI
  • I adore adore ОБОЖАЮ MORANDI best!
  • Svetkaangel for MORANDI
  • Morandi best, and there is no one better than them, was not and never will be! "And the song" Angels "is the best I've ever heard!
  • Alena for MORANDI
  • Jakarta, you know, and I met a guy like Andrei (18let him), but we do not know, he told me very, very much in the past (while still in school - half a year ago when he was in 11kl). I was in love with him and still love. with very few meetings, we smile at each other. but I met him I can not (
  • Ochkarita for MORANDI
  • Nifiga, he's mine! Clearly, Karina ???!
  • Radmila for MORANDI
  • Yes, MORANDI-best and this one does not argue (and who argue, they are simply fools !). I wish the group "MORANDI" all the very very best!
  • chalcedony for MORANDI
  • Morandi's super! class song! keep up the great work! luck to you guys!
  • Elissar for MORANDI
  • MoRandi luck! luck! and eternal inspiration!
  • bathanshi miroslavskaya for MORANDI
  • Dear Ochkarita Karina Angelica do not have to argue about Andrew, he is not someone he was in itself, as I Bathanshi Miroslavskaya!
  • Emma for MORANDI
  • why govaryat only Andrew can think he is one in a group there is more and Marius and he podyuser MoRandi and too cute !
  • Elissar for MORANDI
  • strange name Chalcedony you a girl or a pair of very interesting to me
  • chalcedony for MORANDI
  • I am a girl but shifted by two things: Morandi and chemistry))) you also have the name of the movie прикольное pomoemu vlastilina rings. Morandi Chen And you like it?
  • Elissar for MORANDI
  • Yes I'll stand обажаю MORANDO and everything connected with them for ! And how did you guess about the name?
  • chalcedony for MORANDI
  • brother suggested. And what is your favorite song at MORANDO?
  • Elissar for MORANDI
  • I do not know me very like)))
  • Elissar for MORANDI
  • hello how are you doing who knows what's new about Morandi write
  • Kristyushka for MORANDI
  • I adore you ! especially Andrew ! You just super !
  • Kristyushka for MORANDI
  • you're just super ! ! I love you ! ! you're the coolest kid ! Randy super !,
  • Kristyushka for MORANDI
  • Morandi's just super, I love them ! You steeper all ! !
  • Niuta for MORANDI
  • Morandi The Best !
  • svetkaangel for MORANDI
  • MORANDI very very very very best !
  • Rasha for MORANDI
  • Morandi real boys, not childish twig!
  • Nephilim for MORANDI
  • Morandi children's group and not чого new with these guys do not and most likely will not be! I like more B. Choi likes him so popular as the popularity despite the fact that it long ago is dead!
  • Elissar for MORANDI
  • I also like but I am not Choi phablyu other artists ! !
  • Nephilim for MORANDI
  • you girls calm down I still do not like this band he fagot like !
  • Elissar for MORANDI
  • Well Nephilim you and kzel walked out from the site of parasite edakii!
  • Nephilim for MORANDI
  • Well, go and you're still here I just do not see WTO girls !
  • Rasha for MORANDI
  • fellow Elissar so keep! let segoodnya never comes!
  • Nephilim for MORANDI
  • I see everything!
  • Rasha for MORANDI
  • Well, look son of a bitch!
  • Elissar for MORANDI
  • where you Nephilim?
  • Rasha for MORANDI
  • He washed away because there are only rabid aficionados of Morandi, . we have the right to defend svaih idols, . Morandi very talntlivaya group and they have great будующее, . These guys go and cloves are still many many years, will delight us with their singing, . your clips and just his appearance!,
  • kristyushka for MORANDI
  • watching the three of you and do not understand ochem dispute you're all well aware that MORANDO super! klassssss! in general plague which ОФИГЕННЫЕ!
  • Nephilim for MORANDI
  • MADAME RUSSIA WITHOUT OSKARBLENY I'll ask my personality ! Me the same results have been LIKE IT. INTUITIVE MADAME RUSSIA! and vznak primereniya I write MORANDI класные guys!
  • Anonymous for MORANDI
  • life is beautiful
  • Niuta for MORANDI
  • Morandi super, . Morandi class, . who is against what I will give the eye! No seriously,, . do not spoil the comments all kinds of nonsense about them! They are really cool, . talented and beautiful boys! And the one who says that they are not the orientation, . Or they just jealous of themselves are =),
  • Anonymous for MORANDI
  • I want children from Andryusha! God I love thee so
  • Light angel for MORANDI
  • I do not know what you all here think, but after the concert Morandi we had kissed !
  • Alena for MORANDI
  • I adore you! YOUR BEST ON EARTH AND IN THE WORLD! Andre, you are the BEST! I LOVE YOU!
  • Elissar for MORANDI
  • you guys zahereli pomoemu where your new songs MORANDO gentlemen, I appeal to you
  • Anonymous for MORANDI
  • Anonymous for MORANDI
  • Anonymous for MORANDI
  • pots, I fell in love with the most beautiful singer in the world, it Ropcha Andreas, I simply adore !
  • Anonymous for MORANDI
  • I have pots in love with the very, very, very best singer and just a guy in the world, this is Andrew Ropcha! I love you!
  • Olga for MORANDI
  • I have pots in love with the very, very, very best singer and just a guy, this is my favorite Andreas Ropcha! he is the best in the world! I adore you!
  • Nephilim for MORANDI
  • long nebylo me here! Th I thought something new would be, no one here is a declaration of love.
  • Diana for MORANDI
  • Group Otpad, Andrei super.
  • Tasha for MORANDI
  • Andrew coolest. He has a very beautiful voice and looks just super!
  • Tasha for MORANDI
  • Morandi - best group! Randi is the best singer!
  • lanuska for MORANDI
  • You know, Nephilim, you get out on ...
  • Nephilim for MORANDI
  • yes ... did not have time to go already sent! пиздец people go!
  • Elissar for MORANDI
  • actually Nephilim you are not very much and love
  • Flashka for MORANDI
  • And they are to us in the club priezzhalii potusila with them on the dance floor from dushii ! Bratsk FOREVER like guys!
  • Olka for MORANDI
  • PEOPLE! In July 2009 a new album MORANDI "COLORS"! URA GOD!
  • amy for MORANDI
  • Morandi is just a sea of emotions, drive and beauty ! Andrei and Marik КРАСАВЫ! АБАЖАЮ YOU! Devchenki and went to Romania can find prototypes of our lapochek?! )))
  • amy for MORANDI
  • Narodik hello! What's your mood?? Nobody knows why Morandikov new clips do not come out? (((
  • Olka for MORANDI
  • voobsheto already have a new clip for the song colors you just need to search! (where they splash around in the water, Andrei half naked, and all Moga izresovan!) :-))!
  • Elissar for MORANDI
  • hello people! Morandi's super!
  • Besfamilnov for MORANDI
  • super! morandi burn! all singers nervously smoking in the toilet!
  • Besfamilnov for MORANDI
  • Girls! no need to cry, . suffer and nights without sleep! yes, . he was handsome boy, . yes, . he has a pleasant voice, . But he will never be in your hands! You just need to understand it and grow up a bit ! listen to their songs, . See clips, . and just stay their groupies! It will soon, . 'll vsrominat with ulybkoy.VSE SIMPLE !,
  • Dima for MORANDI
  • Dima lyubyt Rita
  • Anonymous for MORANDI
  • Ritulya for MORANDI
  • Besfamilnov You're wrong! "If you want to be a fly in space ... That sho, girls, hold your nose to the wind.
  • Again Ritulya for MORANDI
  • Even forgot to say, . I тож going to Romania ... the truth of my charges run from 9 th class and I, . Pardon, . already ah .. 19 ... Here sharyus the sites of travel agencies and nechegoshenke not find ((((((( Okay, . we put the lyrics, . Andrew does not remind you of a well ооочень steep footballer? .. What is there in it from Cristiano Ronaldo but the very, . воть),
  • Elissar for MORANDI
  • hello people. Who knows what's new about Morandi?
  • Angelica for MORANDI
  • MORANDO-СУПЕРСКАЯ GROUP! Their songs take for the soul! A VOICE ANDREW-Delicious! SO MORE AND HOLD IT!
  • AgelRandi for MORANDI
  • super paws my sweet Morandi you the BEST
  • Roman for MORANDI
  • Man YOU are the best
  • Alinka $ olnyshko Orlova for MORANDI
  • I love MORANDI, especially Andryusha. That's just me wondering how he, as well as Marius years?
  • I love MORANDO more. I no one can love them. especially MARIUSA.PONYALI?
  • zhyulide for MORANDI
  • Andreas, I love you and please you I come to the contest misss Intercontinental 2009 in Minsk
  • Ulker for MORANDI
  • I love them, Morandi Best ...
  • Annie sexy Randi for MORANDI
  • Nina for MORANDI
  • I love Morandi.
  • Nina for MORANDI
  • I love Morandi.
  • Nina for MORANDI
  • 25.09.09.Morandi skontsertom.Muzyka we had a fire just for the clubs. Sfotalas and with Andrew and with Marius, they fired at me not a bad vpechatlenie.Ochen slim and fit lads. I really like their style odezhdy.U Andrew beautiful voice he did not smoke or drink, which is very poradovalo.Teper love Andrew more.
  • Janie for MORANDI
  • mil for MORANDI
  • Andreas just my clear
  • Elissar for MORANDI
  • moronity what the direct terms of some idiots
  • voodoo for MORANDI
  • It is on this pictures just awful !
  • lev for MORANDI
  • I am surrounded by some idiots !
  • Oriental Beauty for MORANDI
  • Well, you're all fools, he is not yours, not teshte illusions
  • Alyona for MORANDI
  • De ce nu am stiut despre acest lucru inainte, dar nu le inregistreaza? Dupa show pe televizor, chiar si atunci cand acestea sunt doar inceputul carierei lor. Sunt un mare fan al ei au fost doar doi ani si jumatate in urma. Eu sunt un dusman al tuturor clonelor Morandi. Nu-mi place ei. Si eu am emis deja. Si fanii fericit sa vorbeasca. My casuta postala ANALETOVA94@MAIL.RU si Asia Morandi cele mai bune din lume, le iubesc. Acestea sunt cele mai bune dintre cele mai bune. Tine-o tot baieti, pastreaza cel mai important lucru in acelasi spirit. Te iubesc, iubesc, te iubesc toate si doriti sarut teribil. Dvs. de mare admirator al lui Warn
    ! Calculatorul meu este un anti puternica-program de virus si nu mai incercati ))))))))))))))))
  • claudia for MORANDI
  • Sorry Randi is Gay.............!
  • Anonymous for MORANDI
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