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Sergey Nikonenko

( actor, screenwriter and film director)

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Biography Sergey Nikonenko
photo Sergey Nikonenko
Born April 16, 1941 in Moscow. Father - Peter Nikonenko Nikanorovich (1898 - 1979). Mother Nikonenko Nina (1913 - 1991). Wife - Voronina, Ekaterina A. Nikonenko, actress cinema. Son - Nikonenko Nicanor S. (1973g.rozhd.).

Sergei Nikonenko not grow up in an artistic family, but his way has set for himself early, firmly and forever. This happened, . When Sergei was 13 years old, . and from that moment for him there was only one profession - the profession of an actor, . the mastery of which he threw all his youthful strength: once enrolled in two circles - Drama in the Moscow Palace of Pioneers and studio art word,
. In the circles he found not only out of its energy bubbling inside, not just to satisfy a burning desire to play, but above all excellent teachers, laid in the nature of a teenager then, without which he would not take place either as a person, not as an actor. It was the world of real literature, great poetry, the art world, where morality is not taught, but simply were living embodiment of. It is the living embodiment of the ideals were Pushkin, Yesenin and Mayakovsky, whose verses Sergei memorized. S. Nikonenko graduated from night school and soon began working career. He worked as a bus conductor, postman and then dreamed of in VGIK.

Apparently, something very human, besides talent, was able to discern in a frail lad SA Gerasimov, selecting from hundreds of applicants a few lucky people in his studio vgikovskuyu. Today, this course would have called the course "stars". J. Bolotov, N. Gubenko, S. Nikonenko, J. Prokhorenko,, Polish, L. Fedoseev, EV Zharikov - a constellation of celebrities on a course Gerasimov and T. Makarova was not, on their admission, with time of Young "- Makarova, N. Mordyukova, Tikhonova.

The Institute Sergei Nikonenko outplayed almost the entire classical repertoire, including Hamlet. For graduate performance Gerasimov suggested that students' career of Arturo Ui ". This performance was then the phenomenon is not only the institute's chronicles, but throughout the capital's cultural life through the first game of two actors - Nicholas Gubenko and Sergei Nikonenko.

As the established actor S. Nikonenko first attracted attention in the movie A. Azarov "It happened in the police". The role he has been a little while, but as they say, a noticeable. And this early work was, in essence, the beginning of his actor's biography. All further work actor Nikonenko confirmed that it is the vitality, authenticity is his acting credo. And the best proof of this thesis was the work in the film Gerasimov "People and animals". Here, the young actor managed to convey the tense inner workings of the mind and the soul of his hero, was able to bring almost physiological need for the truth, harmony and naturalness of the world.

In his works, S. Nikonenko managed to avoid danger "zashtampovatsya" and get Role extremely poster hero. He proved that the true specificity actor - in the inner mnogotipazhnosti, in large amplitude vibrations of the actor's charm - from the "plus" to "minus".

When Nikonenko got to the shooting to A. Mitte in the film "People phone, open the door!", He was already a recognized professional. But whatever happens in his acting role fate Pioneer Petit, . a lot, . probably, . would not be enough in his creative money-box, . and, . maybe, . would not trust him with such an important role for the director's thoughts Reutova editor Gerasimov, in his "journalist"? Assigning roles Reutova specifically for Nikonenko, . Gerasimov already in the script attached to this hero of some features, . habits, . manners very Sergei,
. Nikonenko played reality. The reality of the old Russian provinces, its problems. In them and with them all starts. On such campuses here and everything is kept. The accuracy of the actor's conduct has created an amazing result - the true image of Russia's intellectual.

Sergei Nikonenko proved himself as an actor's unique organic. He has a gift for naturalness in any situation, in any genre and style of the movie. His presence on the screen every time an actor makes the audience a sense: he was born for his role. In the film, Sergei Urusevsky "Sing a song, the poet" Nikonenko played the role Esenina, one of his literary idols. And not the fault of the actor, the film was considered a failure by critics and virtually failed at the box office. Actor worked on the role of the great poet's enthusiasm, with redoubled energy. "This year my life was for me a gift - he later recalled. - I worked not only as an actor, but also as an art historian, literary critic ... I tried the whole year only to ensure that as far as they master the inner world of the hero, to live his life, even mentally "

. SP Nikonenko played 130 roles in film, . including in the film "People and Animals" (1962), . "War and Peace" (1965-1967), . "Wings" (1966), . "Zvonyat, . open the door "(1966), . "Strange People" (1969), . "Red Square" (1970), . "Liberation" (1968-1971), . White Bang "(1969), . "Sing a song, . poet "(1971), . "Beyond the Clouds Sky" (1973), . "Countrymen" (1974), . "Tryn-Grass" (1976), . "Unfinished Piece for Mechanical Piano" (1976), . "Broken Sky" (1979), . "Waves of the Black Sea" (1976), . Gypsy Happiness "(1981), . "Sixth" (1981), . Inspector GAI "(1982), . "Parade of Planets" (1984), . "If you, . Forgive me ... "(1984), . "Winter Evening in Gagra" (1985), . "Tomorrow Was the War" (1987), . "Holy smoke" (1988), . "Red wine of victory" (1990), . "Family Man" (1991), . "Brunette for 30 kopecks." (1991), . "I want America" (1992), . Bread - noun ", . "I do not want to marry" (1992), . "Time of the Dancer" (1996), . Children on Monday "(1997), . "Sinful Love" (1997), . "Chinese service" (1999), . "Classic" (1998), . "Kamenskaja" (2000),

Sergei Nikonenko played the role assigned films - is evidence of his citizenship. It is always not only interesting characters, but characters are brightly colored and clearly socially. Sometimes they just set off the main characters, but without them, this does not become a hero himself does not come to life.

As fate willed Sergei Nikonenko belongs to that generation of people who today call "the sixties", and he shared with his peers all the hopes and disappointments of his time. Times change, and at the turn of the 60-70-ies to replace the soaring creativity in literature and film came stagnation. Is it because most activity from generation Nikonenko changed their profession, leaving the technical college, going on to the stage, in literature, cinema? And the actors - in directing. It is in the relentless quest for the eternal things and is the source of the internal energy, which makes Nikonenko all the time to look for a new way. When there were no good roles, he worked on the stage, read Pushkin, Esenina, Zoshchenko, Mayakovsky. When accumulated a lot of his own ideas and strengthened the decision, he returned to VGIK, but at the Directing Department. Today in the direction to his credit more than a dozen paintings. "Birds of the city", "Tryn-grass", "kiss Dawns," "Gypsy fortune," "Love. Waiting. Lena. "," Alien spacecraft "," Holy smoke "," Family Man "," Brunette for 30 kopecks. "" I wish your husband, "I want to in America," "I do not want to marry".

Not all films have been favorably received by critics, not all were successful, but some directing work Nikonenko has generated interest and has gained recognition.

They say that if a person is talented, he is talented in all. Sergei Nikonenko - a great lover of painting. In its rich library of an entire home collection of books on fine art. He not only enjoys a contemplative painter, but he himself is trying to do. And, judging by the reviews, he has it pretty well. Anyone who saw the portrait of the actor's wife, written them from memory in kinoekspeditsii near Saratov, does not hide his admiration for the richness of colors, the brightness of the image created.

S. Nikonenko is never easy in the creative. If no script is capable of carrying him as a director, he had willingly withdrawn, without neglecting the roles of young. With a special feeling of brotherhood vgikovskogo removed from future directors in their diploma studies

. S. Nikonenko - People's Artist of Russia (1991), . Laureate of Lenin Komsomol (1976), . Commander of the Order of Merit (1971), . Medals APDovjenko (1987), . Film Festival award winner "Constellation" in Tver (1999) Home for the best male role in the film "Classic", . the top prize of the festival in Oberhausen (Germany) for the best dissertation director's work - the film "Petrukhina name",
. He is a member of the Union of Cinematographers in 1968. In 1994, together with his wife EA Voronina created Yesenin cultural center.

Musical preferences: SV Rachmaninoff, the quartet the Beatles, classical opera music. Favorite literary writers: Tolstoy, Pushkin, S. Yesenin, V. Shukshin, B. Terni, N. Rubtsov. Favorite actors: AN Gritsenko, B. Babochkin, M. Romanov.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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    . P. Nikonenko and its namesake on the site "Russia's genealogical tree."

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  • Dear Sergei Petrovich.Pozdravlyayu you a happy birthday! Dolgikh you years of life and creative uspehov.Vy great actor and just a good chelovek.Nastoyaschy-Russia ... Once you health and good mood!
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    Sergey Nikonenko, photo, biography
    Sergey Nikonenko, photo, biography Sergey Nikonenko  actor, screenwriter and film director, photo, biography
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