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Pugovkina Mikhail Ivanovich

( film and theater actor)

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Biography Pugovkina Mikhail Ivanovich
Born July 13, 1923. village Rameshki Chuhlomskogo district, Kostroma region. Father - Pugovkin Ivan Mikhailovich. Mother - Pugovkina Natalia.

Michael was born in a troublesome time of haymaking, when all the villagers, except for young and old, from morning until late at night were in the field. Michael Pugovkin was the third son in the family home in the village of his affectionately called Minko. The family lived in poverty, and Minka at an early age knew all the hardships of peasant labor.

The school is located 40 km from Rameshek, the kids were taken there by horses. Little Minka did everything with jokes, jokes, but nobody then could not even think that this little boy with perky muzzles will be the People's Artist of USSR.

Minka's talent manifested itself at village weddings, where he famously danced a gypsy, lady and Russian Polechka. Without him, is a part of a wedding, and invited the neighboring villages.
In 1938. Pugovkina family moved to Moscow. Parents wanted to give children a good education. Went to live with her sister Natalia, in the house? 5 on the printed Lane. Michael, as his father and brothers, went to work and tried to remain solid, even everywhere would add a two-year.
At the brake factory where he worked as an electrician, his love of wit and cheerful nature. But then all thoughts of Michael hovered in the club im.Kalyaeva, where, after work he was engaged in the drama circle. At the rehearsal ran, forgetting everything.

Meeting with the People's Artist of the RSFSR AP Shatov, artistic director of the club, was happy for Michael. An experienced master to recognize in him a natural artistic gift, and when ill with the leading man in the play by Alexander Ostrovsky 'His people - Sochtjomsja', he instructed her to Michael Pugovkina. Mikhail overnight taught not only their role, but the play. After this, the role of the merchant Greater firmly entrenched him as much as two years.

Once the play came Honored Artist of the RSFSR FM Kaverin, who then headed the Moscow Drama Theater. He was struck by the game of the young boy and became interested in them. Soon he invited Michael to the professional theater. It was a godsend, because he was not even the special education and had to play with the pros, but even in such difficult repertoire: M. Gorky 'at the bottom', L. Andreev 'Children Vanyushina' Schiller 'Mary Stuart '. First, was assigned the role of episodic, but the youth did not get lost among the masters. His game admiring colleagues, admired by the spectators, began to write press.

He worked long and hard. Had a lot of work to work on diction. To this task he successfully managed, earning the respect of FM Kaverina.

In 1941, Mr.. M. Pugovkin received an invitation to work in the cinema. Famous director G. Roshal invited him to play in a role Stepashi in the film 'The Artamonov Business'. Without thinking, Michael has agreed. In samples Roshal asked whether he could sing, dance, play, and all was the answer - I. 'That's youth! Well, let him take ', - said Roshal. In this film as a young singer made her debut as well Lyubov Orlova.

At the same time MI Pugovkin met Mark Bernes, they became friends, traveled together on tour, participated in concerts. Bernes affectionately called it - peasant.

Filming 'The Artamonov Business' came in June 1941. The picture did not have time to voice, the war broke. Michael, add a year, left after his father and brothers on the front. Popal in the infantry regiment? 1147 scout. In the Smolensk region has gone through hell without a single scratch, and in August 1942. under Vorochilovgrad was wounded in the leg. In hospital gangrene, Michael prepared to amputation. He asked the chief surgeon of a field hospital: 'Doctor, I can not without a leg, I'm an artist! " At your own risk, the surgeon went to meet.

Treatment lasted for a long time, the disease retreated slowly. From one hospital - in the other, so got to Tbilisi. From there he wrote off the reserve, a whole month to travel to Moscow. Recovering, remembering his three-year artistic career, he had firmly decided - no scene, no movie set he did not live.

Once reached the capital, Michael came to the only force at that time, Drama Theater, where the principal director of a People's Artist of the RSFSR NM Gorchakov (now - Theater im.V.Mayakovskogo). Musical director of a Konstantin Simonov, the leading actors - Valentin Serov and Rostislav Plyatt. In the theater rehearsing a play 'Muscovite', Michael has a role. The success of the audience was huge.

In 1943, Mr.. opened in Moscow school-studio V.I.Nemirovicha-Danchenko, headed by the director of the Moscow Art Theater Sakhnovsky. Michael goes to the admissions committee, and in it: Kachalov, IM Moskvin, NP Khmelev, AK Tarasova, AI Gribov ... After reviewing the documents, Moskvin exclaimed in surprise: 'You - actor! Already an artist! I want to learn? Yes, you have three classes of education? " Despite the great excitement and lack of certificate of education, Michael successfully passed the entrance exams. His first enrolled in the lists of students. IM Moskvin, as an experienced master, was confident in the success of the talented young.

Classmates Michael Pugovkina were: Vladlen Davydov, Alexei Pokrovskii, Igor Dmitriev, Andrei Goncharov, Vladimir Troshin, Irina Skobtseva. Michael studied with great pleasure, happy to play all the roles assigned. IM Moskvin, not concealing worshiped student Pugovkina.
They invited M. Pugovkina and film. In 1943, Mr.. he got a small role in the movie soldier Fyodor V. Petrov 'Field Marshal Kutuzov,' then in the movie AI Annenskogo 'Wedding' by Chekhov. The scene was the dance, filmed a lot of doubles. Wounded leg hurt and bleeding, but Michael tried to move easily and smoothly. Working in the film he remembered partnership with Faina Ranevskaya, Erast Garin, Zoya Fedorova, which after many years, met on the set of 'Weddings in Malinovka'.

In 1944, Mr.. Michael Pugovkina have to interrupt their studies, as he was called to active duty in the tank school in Vetluga. He began to work, doing concerts, speeches, defending the honor of the native school. Over the years, MI Pugovkina donated books issued to the 50 th anniversary of the school, where there is a picture of him with the caption: 'A student MI Pugovkin, done a lot for the development of amateur college now - People's Artist of the USSR'.

The war. After demobilization from college Michael continued studies at the Moscow Art Theater Studio.
In 1947, Mr.. M. Pugovkin married his classmate, now the Honored Artist of the RSFSR NV Nadezhdina. They had a daughter, Helen, now living with her husband and son Michael in Moscow. With NV Nadezhdina they lived for 12 years, then family life is cracking, they separated. With her daughter and grandson of Mikhail Ivanovich good relations. NV Nadezhdina before his benefit performance, May 22, 1994. in the Omsk Academic Theater, Mikhail Ivanovich had sent an invitation and a warm letter.

After the Moscow Art Theater School MI Pugovkin goes to work on the North. In Murmansk the theater of the Northern Fleet, he plays Oleg Koshevogo in the play 'Young Guard'. Then - a year of work at the Vilnius Russian Drama Theater, and then - again, Moscow, Lenin Komsomol Theater, and shooting a movie. For eight years - 16 paintings. Among them, 'Admiral Ushakov', 'Soldier Ivan Brovkin', 'Land and People', 'Oleko Dundich', etc.. After the movie 'Admiral Ushakov' critics, the press unanimously pointed out that so sincerely and genuinely could only play the talented, gifted natural actor. His uncommon appearance spoke for itself. And they went from Pugovkina one after another comic role, and each of them he was magnificent and unique. Much later, the directors consider it new, completely different properties, which will allow him to play the role of the opposite genre.

Film 'Admiral Ushakov "was filmed in Yalta. Then Michael Pugovkin first saw the sea. It made a tremendous impression on him. It so happens that out of 33 films, which starred Michael Pugovkin 26, shot in Yalta, and 6 - in Sevastopol. Played sailors, Boatswain, naval officers. Entering the image, go to the shirt, stood on watch, drail deck. Friendship with the actor sailors is still going. The 70-year anniversary of Michael Pugovkina gave his jersey, cap, captain tunics. Black Sea sailors sent warm congratulations.

Directed by Mikhail Romm in the young actor saw not only the desired я?п?п©п°пІ, but also talent, rare for young actors the ability to naturally stand in front of camera. It was he who said to him, the important phrase: 'I think if you work hard, then age to 50 full draw. Then you will be more interesting to shoot '. His words proved prophetic. By age 50, MI Pugovkin starred in 57 films.

In 1955, Mr.. on the screens released film S. Rostotsky 'Land and People', where M. Pugovkin colorfully played Grishka grip, the typical individual farmer from the village who does not want to work on the farm. The grip is not a criminal, but Sofron Lozhkin from the movie 'The point motley', filmed in 1958. H. Dostal - persistent offender with experience. The role performed superbly, although in a criminal environment M. Pugovkina 'spin', of course, did not have. LOZHKIN was not the main character in the movie, but Pugovkin played it very vividly, so the viewer's attention was riveted it to him. His figure overshadowed other heroes pictures. This is a quality actor Michael Pugovkina said and Sergei Bondarchuk. Once, at the end of his life, he confessed, Mikhail Ivanovich, what was wrong with the role of Nekrasov in the film 'They Fought for Their Country' - it was necessary to remove Pugovkina and Nikulin would have found another role.

In 1961. MI Pugovkin married a second time to actress Mosconcert AN Lukyanchenko. Mikhail Ivanovich and Alexander N. 32 пЁпЎпЄп° lived happily. The house has always reigned comfort and order, creative atmosphere. But April 1, 1991, Mr.. Alexandra Nikolaevna passed away. Mikhail Ivanovich grieved at the loss. Therefore, when he was invited to Yalta on the scoring of the film 'Marsh Street', in which he played the commandant of the house - went without delay.

Already at the time of artistic maturity M. Pugovkin met with Leonid Gaidai. Their happy collaboration continued for many years. A stunning success with the audience were the images of the superintendent-perevospitatelya of 'Operations' N 'and the director Yakin from the film' Ivan Vasilyevich changing profession ', the father of Theodore '12 chairs' and other.

In 1965, Mr.. Mikhail Ivanovich Pugovkina given the rank of Honored Artist of the RSFSR. He has traveled throughout the country, meets with the audience and, of course, removed. 'The uncertain economy' directed by M. Zharov, 'Girl with a guitar' A. Fayntsimmera, 'The Court is' S. Tretyakov, "Nylon-100' Basov, 'May's Star' S. Rostotsky and other. Significant work in 1967. was the role Yashka artillery in the movie A. Tutyshkina 'Wedding in Malinovka'. Then he played with the same director's primary role in the film 'Shelmenko-soldier'.

People-based humor characters MI Pugovkina highly esteemed director storyteller A. Rowe. Pugovkin he starred in several films, fairy tales. They are very different actor. That silly, conceited king, the brave, with a soul unbuttoned voivod, the crafty, wily chieftain. But overall in them - Distinguishing and absurdity.

In 1977. MI Pugovkina awarded the title People's Artist of the RSFSR, and in 1988. - People's Artist of USSR. After 1982. Pugovkin appeared in more than twenty films.

After the death of his wife, Alexandra Nikolaevna, Mikhail Ivanovich came to Yalta to work on the film and stayed there. At Yalta, he met a sister of his friend, actor Yuri Medvedev - Irina Konstantinovna. Eventually they began to work together, Mikhail Ivanovich felt around with her hand great care. Now she - his manager, administrator, producer and close friend, beloved wife. Since 1992, Mr.. They live in Yalta.

In August 1995, Mr.. the hotel 'Yalta' film director and cinematographer, Igor Krasovskii shot a documentary on Michael Pugovkina. The actor fell very long creative life - began acting in movies in 1941, he is working so far. Not every actor can not only maintain but also to develop their creative potential for such a long time and be so beloved by MTV viewers in each of their roles. The secret of the popularity of Michael Pugovkina is not only faithful to his subject, but also in organic connection with the roots, the customs of his native land, his own people.

In July 1991, Michael Pugovkin moved to permanent residence in the Crimea, to Yalta, where he organized the Center Michael Pugovkina, went to the presentation and creative meetings in the resorts of Crimea. In 1999 he returned to Moscow, he worked in his own "Cinema Center Michael Pugovkina".

July 25, 2008 Russia's well-known actor Michael Pugovkin died on the 86th year of life. Affected long-term disease diabetes, plus the age (July 13, the actor turned 85).

During the years of artistic career, the actor starred in the movie 101.

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  • Pugovkina Mikhail Ivanovich
  • Pugovkina Mikhail Ivanovich
  • Pugovkina Mikhail Ivanovich
  • Pugovkina Mikhail Ivanovich
  • Pugovkina Mikhail Ivanovich
  • Pugovkina Mikhail Ivanovich

Photos of Pugovkina Mikhail Ivanovich
Pugovkina Mikhail IvanovichPugovkina Mikhail IvanovichPugovkina Mikhail IvanovichPugovkina Mikhail Ivanovich

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  • In fact, Chuhlomskoy district, as Mr. Chukhloma (regional center) are in the Kostroma region, but not in Yaroslavl.
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    Pugovkina Mikhail Ivanovich, photo, biography
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