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Vitaly Solomin Methodievich

( Actor and film and theater director)

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Biography Vitaly Solomin Methodievich
photo Vitaly Solomin Methodievich
Born in 1941. in Chita. Father - Solomin Methodius Viktorovich (1905-1960). Mother - Ryabtseva Zinaida Ananevna (1910-1992). Wife - Mary Solomin Antoninovna (rod.2.03.1949), the graduate of the Textile Institute, the artist-designer. Works in the House of the models involved in the production of fashion magazines. She starred in the films "Urban Romance" and "Silva". Daughters - Anastasia (1973 g.rozhd), graduated from high school with an ensemble of Igor Moiseyev and working in this team, Elizabeth (1984 g.rozhd.) Schoolgirl. Grandson - Cyril (1996 g.rozhd.).

Since childhood Vitaly led parents - professional musicians - studied music, played on piano. When in high school, his interests ranged. Especially fond of mathematics, sports, and variety of its forms - gaming, gymnastics, acrobatics, boxing, athletics.

The end of the school coincided with the arrival in Chita commission from Moscow, from Schepkinskogo School, which gained the course of the youth in Siberia. He headed the commission VA Smirnov. Vitali decided to try his hand and brought before the Commission. As a result, was made a unique solution: go to Moscow and to enter college, the more so by that time his older brother graduated from the Yuri. My father really wanted to, and the younger son became an actor.

In 1959, Mr.. Vitali was admitted to the school im.Schepkina in class to People's Artist of the USSR NA Annenkov. His teacher at school all the time was Boris Markovich Kazan.

Since 2-year student Vitali began to invite to rehearse and play roles in the Maly Theater. But not all the performances have seen the light. So, when Vitaly Solomin was already a student of 4-year student, A. Efros, invited a group of students in their performance of "Dancing on the highway" (authors - Gerdt and Lviv). The plot of the play was the conflict between fathers and sons. In those years, the topic was more than controversial, almost political, and officials feared the debate and accusations on the subject of. At the last stage of preparation of the play closed.

At that time, the Maly Theater headed ER Simonov. He invited the whole group of students participating in the play, to work in the Small. Along with Vitali in this group were J. Sander, M. Fomina, T. Ryzhova, Kononov, V. Pavlov. Work began in the theater. Vitali had to play different roles, but especially the way his role in the play "Your Uncle Misha" G. Mdivani. In this setting, he played two roles at once, together with a wonderful actor V. Hohriakova, which subsequently became friends.

Then there were different periods in the theatrical life, were a break even for several years. There were changes in directors, executives Theater. Saved work in cinema. The first movie, which debuted Vitali became the painting "elder sister" (Cyril). In it he played with such notable actors as M. Zharov, V. Doronin. Then came the film "Women", in which Vitali played a major role - Zhenya. The film was a huge hit with viewers, was well received by professionals. Vitaly frequently and successfully filmed.

From the theatrical works of the period (late 60's.) Remembered for becoming the beloved role of Hippolytus in the play, staged by V. Hohriakova and director Yunnikovym "Not every day is not Sunday" (1973).

The new artistic director of the Maly Theater MI Tsarev, see Vitali in this role and began to prepare him for the role Chatsky in the play "Woe from Wit" (1974). Inside the theater held a competition on its Executive, . However, during meetings with the tsar's in preparation for the role, . his impression, . Tsarev already decided that, . Chatsky that will just play it, . with Vitali given complete freedom in the interpretation of the image,
. Tsarev allowed even to himself out Chatsky was unusual: he, as if slipping, falling, leaving the scene (assuming that the hero is young, durashliv, full of mischief). MI Tsarev said of the play: "We have been very well read, but I would like to see it, we played". For many years the show was a kind of calling card theater, they started season. Then there were some joint work with Nelly Kornienko, - it is the performances of the conspiracy Fiesco in Genoa, "and" The Living Corpse ".

There was a time when a young, promising, Vitaly became an actor who can be put on plays. Directed LY Kheifets and joined with several performances, somewhere even risked because Vitaly believed that not all the roles he approached. For example, in the play SALYNSKY Summer walks, the commission took 7 times, each time something to delete, edit out.

After some time, Vitali decided himself to do performances and for all answer. One of his performance theater is not released, and then was "Living Corpse" (1984), in which he played the role of Protasov. Put it, with varying success, many times show, rehearsed, and, finally, in a slightly modified version released him on the stage of a branch of the Maly Theater. The play was a few years. In those years with him was even linked one unpleasant moment - in the newspaper "Pravda", signed by some Velikhova appeared scandalous article about the production. However, at the same time, Vitali received many letters from viewers in support of the Performance. Then there were several other directorial works, among which the most memorable staging V. Livanova "My favorite clown" (1979).

Shortly V. Solomin went to the theater Mossovet. Period of work in this theater of the last two years (1987-1989 gg.). Here he played in the play by V. Astaf'eva "The sad detective".

Meanwhile, in the Maly Theater was a change of leadership. Vitali is back 'home' and staged the play by Ostrovsky's "savage" (1991), which played Ashmeteva. The play was a few years on the stage of the Small.

After the successful staging V. Solomin offered to do the very first time posing - "Wedding Krechinsky on A.V.Suhovo-Kobylin (1997). He gladly accepted this offer. The result is a musical performance, and now it comes with success on the stage of a branch of the Maly Theater. Prior to that, after returning to the theater, he played Astrov in the play "Uncle Vanya" (1994) directed by S. Solovyov, a very interesting director. In these two performances Vitaly Solomin busy and now.

In addition to the theater Vitaly Solomin continued to work hard in the cinema. A grateful sense of experiencing it to the director Igor Maslennikov, in films where he played a leading role. His favorite - Dr. Watson in the series of Sherlock Holmes. In the process of filming an actor and acquaintance of lifelong friends with Vasily Livanov. Great success has brought V. Solomin film "Winter Cherry". Subsequently, the same director, invited him to play in "The Queen of Spades. Very dear to him work in the film Daura, because the novel is set in Siberia, Transbaikalia, native Vitaly. With pleasure starred in the musical film "Silva" and "Die Fledermaus" as a child he loved music and wanted to sing, dance, or even had time to record songs on the radio that Vitali decided after all not to continue. One of the latest works Vitaly Solomin - the multi-film "All Red", which has not yet reached the screens. All these and many other films brought Vitaly Methodievich enormous popularity and the love of millions of viewers.

In 1995-1996. V. Solomin tried himself as a filmmaker, taking off his feature film "Hunting". Filming began at the Lenfilm "and ended already at its newly established studio. The film is set in the late XVIII century. Costumes for her - embroidered jackets and dresses - do a master special technology. The picture was shown on television.

VM Solomin - People's Artist of Russia (1991), winner of the Prize of Moscow (1998). He is a member of the Union of Theater Workers and the Union of Cinematographers of Russia.

In his spare time V. Solomin pleasure reading the classics, each time finding in it something new. Among his contemporaries, like the writer's Vladimir Orlov (violist Danilov, "" apothecary "). Reading his work, wondering how exactly can words express the soul's plenty of thoughts and feelings. Very fond of music, which rests - Paul Maria, Demis Roussos, E. Humperdinck. With pleasure heard all of Peer Gynt, engaging staging of it. In recent times carried away by the Italian classical opera. Likes music transfer "Play the accordion favorite". In moments of rest sometimes picks up the detectives.

Hobby - socializing with friends, the friendship that has lasted for many years. These people are completely different professions, and overall, that connects them - this is the same relation to the events, people, events. Among the friends are surgeons, engineers, mathematicians, artists, actors (eg, engineer-mathematician V. Travush - project by the Ostankino television tower and the new Business Center in Moscow). Favorite artists Vitaly Solomin - Yuri Yakovlev and Alisa Freundlich. Favorite movie - "The Birds" by A. Hitchcock.

When we go outside the city in the country, likes to sit by the fire, to reflect. Very fond of dogs. At home he is living the American Cocker Spaniel Ronald (Romka).

Lives and works in Moscow

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Vitaly Solomin Methodievich, photo, biography
Vitaly Solomin Methodievich, photo, biography Vitaly Solomin Methodievich  Actor and film and theater director, photo, biography
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