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FEDOTOVA Glikeriya N.

( actress)

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Biography FEDOTOVA Glikeriya N.
photo FEDOTOVA Glikeriya N.
Fedotova (Glikeriya N.) - actress of the Moscow Imperial Theater. She was born in Oryol, in 1846, grew up in a Moscow theater school, where she was admitted under the name Poznyakova; first studied ballet dancing and participated in the ballet, but soon gave myself quite a drama, under the leadership of I.V. Samarin. 16 years with outstanding success, she made her debut on the stage of Moscow's Maly Theater in comedy Boborykin "Child" (1862), and was accepted into the troupe. A year later she married the actor of the same company, Fedotova. To her went much of the first dramatic roles, and she immediately became one of the first dancers of the troupe and the audience favorite. Moscow's Maly Theater Troupe has preserved the traditions inherited from such directors as Kokoshkin and Zagoskin from such an actor as Shchepkin: Fedotova, and even he himself found dead. The troupe consisted of many artists not only vysokodarovityh, but seriously in his case. Among them, grew stronger and improved talent Fedotova. The repertoire of that time was also favorable for her, the remnants of the past joined in it with the true manifestations of novelty. Time melodrama, . romantic drama and vaudeville, . flourished in the first half of the XIX century, . just passed, . leaving the actress several outstanding classical roles of European literature (in "Hamlet", . "Lira", . The Robbers, . Le nozze di Figaro ", etc.),
. The time a new one: after Gogol and Ostrovsky Griboyedov made and his followers, was applied onto the scene living truth, liberated from all stilted Arts. The roles of the old time (even the worst of them) gave Fedotova scenic school and caring cabinet design, . the role of the new time - truthful material, . taken directly from everyday life, . which it could develop on personal observations in detail,
. Such a happy combination of circumstances, with the talent of the singer and her passionate love for his vocation, gave her a wonderful variety of creativity. In the first decade Fedotova bore the entire repertoire of the first young female roles, a rare piece get along without her. She belongs to the initiative in the performance of Ostrovsky's plays ( "Thunderstorm", "On the busiest place", "Vasilisa Melent'eva", "Ardent Heart", "Forest", "Bride," "Guilty Without Guilt"), A. Potekhina ( "Tinsel", . Shuba sheep ", . "Blame"), . Pisemskiy ( "Baal"), . Nicholas Potekhina ( "dead loop", . "The poor in spirit"), . Averkieva (Kashirskaya old "), . Antropov ( "Wandering lights"), . Krylov ( "In a state of siege", . "Snakes Gorynych", . "In the spirit of time"), . Shpazhinskogo (Mayorsha ", . The Enchantress), . Suvorin and Burenina ( "Medea") and many others,
. The repertoire of roles in plays by modern writers it has not prevented Fedotova continue to develop and classical roles (Lady Milfort, Queen Elizabeth, Cleopatra), changing as the years of the singer and her stage 'experience. Features of Fedotova is extraordinarily careful finish the smallest detail the role of, . what, . with remarkable integrity to the work, . sometimes even harm to her creativity, . but sometimes drove him up to an amazing virtuosity ( "The Taming of the Shrew", . "Much Ado About Nothing", etc.),
. These properties play F. make it for the most outstanding actress in a comedy, in which she sometimes has no rivals. Numerous trips actress on tour in St. Petersburg and all major cities of Russia strengthened its fame and became out of her native city of Moscow.

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  • Overview Mr.. N. Fedotova, her relatives and namesake on the site "Russia's genealogical tree."

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FEDOTOVA Glikeriya N.
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FEDOTOVA Glikeriya N., photo, biography
FEDOTOVA Glikeriya N., photo, biography FEDOTOVA Glikeriya N.  actress, photo, biography
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