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Biography JURASSIC Sergey
photo JURASSIC Sergey
Sergei Jurassic born March 16, 1935 in Leningrad. After school, in 1952-1955, he studied at the Faculty of Leningrad University, and in 1959 graduated from the Leningrad Theatrical Institute, named after AN Ostrovsky, where he was in the studio LF Makarieva. In 1957 Sergei Jura became an actor Leningrad BDT, . the scene where he played his brilliant role in the famous performances, . George set Tovstonogov: Chatsky in "Woe from Wit" Sir.doc, . Henry IV in King Henry IV "by William Shakespeare, . Professor lie in the "troubled old age", . Victor Frank in the "price" Arthur Miller,
. A significant event in the theatrical life was put on the stage Jurassic BDT performance of "Moliere" on the play by Mikhail Bulgakov, and the central role he played himself. Since 1979, Sergei Jurassic works in Moscow, the Teatro Mossovet. In the movie actor made his debut in 1959, . in the movie "The Tale of newlyweds", . and the very first major role, . Freak, . in the screwball comedy of Eldar Ryazanov's "Nowhere Man" (1961) showed uncommon skill Jurassic, . organically combines comedic and dramatic features of character,
. After no less interesting role in "The serf actress" was followed by an undoubted acting success - Margulis in the picture of Michael Schweitzer "Time, forward!" (the novel by V. Kataev). In Schweitzer's Sergey Jurassic played and the other his best role - Ostap Bender in the "golden calf", staged on the novel by I. Ilf and E. Petrov and where gleamed as Zinovy Gerdt, Evgeniy Evstigneev, Leonid Kuravlev. In 1979, the actor played the lead roles in two very different genre of television films - in the movie "Little Tragedies" by A. Pushkin, . set by Michael Schweitzer, . he played an improviser, . but has become a legendary detective strip "Meeting Place Can not Be Changed", . removed Stanislav Govorukhin, . Sergey Jurassic played the role of Gruzdeva,
. Among other notable kinorabot actor can also be called such films, . as "Republic SHKID" and "Intervention" Gennady Poloka, . tale "King-Deer" Paul Arsenova, . political drama "The Fall of the Condor" Sebastian Alarcon, . comedy detective "Cherchez la Femme" Alla Surikova,
. It is worth mentioning that Sergei Jurassic put some movies on television, including on their scenarios, and in 1990 a feature-length film "Black. Shernov "for which he wrote the screenplay for his novel. Shortly before Sergei Jura also debuted in the literature, published his book "Who holds the pause".

Biographies Photos Portfolio
  • Article C. YU. Jurassic "Attempt monologue" in "October".

  • Speech From. YU. Jurassic when giving him the prize of the Institute of Education (Mr.. Jerusalem) for the story "Seyuki". Photos.

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  • "Miracles do not happen". From Monologue. YU. Jurassic time and about himself in the newspaper "Donets ridge.

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  • From Story. YU. Jurassic "Fermat's theorem.

  • Article C. YU. Jurassic Voice Gerdt was a tuning fork "in the magazine Ogonyok.

  • From Story. YU. Jurassic "Seyuki.

  • From Story. YU. Jurassic "Fermat's theorem.

  • Article C. YU. Jurassic Voice of Pushkin. Apology 60-x "in the" Banner.
Interviews Publications
  • Article A. Zlobina "is related to heart choice" (C. YU. Jurassic reads "Eugene Onegin" A. S. Pushkin).

  • Article A. Melnikova in connection with the 65-year anniversary with. YU. Jurassic. Photos.

  • Sergei Jurassic in Leningrad hounded:. Note M. Reznikovich in the newspaper "Facts".

  • Magazine "Brownie". Information From. YU. Jurassic Article M. Zajac Journey of festivals. Golden Mask.

  • Article H. Kaminskaya "How much in Copenhagen cucumbers?" C. YU. Jurassic. Photos.

  • Information From. YU. Jurassic Article G. Stepanchenko "Under the constellation Kraynev.

  • Article L. Segal, Sergei Jura "on the presence of an actor in Mr.. Izhevsk.

  • Article S. Malakhov to the 65 th anniversary with. YU. Jurassic "Not Bender has not yet Bergerac" in "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

  • Notes and. Bondarenko "To defy Sergey Jurassic?".

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JURASSIC Sergey, photo, biography
JURASSIC Sergey, photo, biography JURASSIC Sergey  actor, director, writer, photo, biography
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