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Chilingarov Arthur N.

( Hydrometeorology, polar explorer, Vice-Chairman of the State Duma, Russia, former chairman of United Industrial Party)

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Born September 25, 1939 in g. Leningrad, Armenian.
Worked fitters Baltic Shipyard.
In 1963 he graduated from the faculty of the Leningrad Arctic Engineering Marine Institute of. Admiral C. O. Makarov specialty "oceanographer". Ph.D. in Geography.
In 1957 - 58 - fitter Baltic Shipbuilding Plant. S. Ordzhonikidze.
. In 1963 - 65 - Engineer oceanographer Tiksi Observatory of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute.
. From 1965 to 1969 - first secretary Bulonsk district committee.
. In 1969-1974 - head of research drifting stations in the Arctic Ocean and the Antarctic stations, was the chief scientific research station Bellingshausen in the Antarctic.
. In 1974 - 79 - Head Amderninskogo management Hydrometeorological State Committee for Hydrometeorology of the USSR (Arkhangelsk region).
. In 1979 - 92 he worked in the State Committee of the USSR (later Russia) on Hydrometeorology, 1986 - Deputy Chairman of the State Committee.
. In 1985 led an expedition to rescue the crew of the icebreaker "Somov.
. In 1987 he was the head of the expedition on a nuclear icebreaker Sibir.
. In 1988 led an expedition to Antarctica in the inspection of foreign scientific stations.
. Since the autumn of 1991 to 1993 - Advisor to the President of the Supreme Soviet Ruslan Khasbulatov on ecology, Arctic and Antarctic.
. Since December 1991 - Co-Rossiyskogo fund international humanitarian assistance and cooperation.
. In December 1993, was elected to the State Duma of the first convocation.
. 10 June 1994 was elected Vice-Chairman of the State Duma.
. January 28, 1995, was elected co-chair of the association "Regions of Russia".
. In May 1995, Russia participated in the creation of United Industrial Party (Roppen), was elected one of three vice-chairmen of the party.
. 17 December 1995 was elected deputy of RF State Duma of the second convocation.
. January 1997 - Chairman of the joint government-parliamentary commission on military reform.
. In July 1997, was elected chairman Roppen.
. Since December 31, 1997 - Member of the Board of Directors Sovkomflot.
. 19 December 1999 was elected to the State Duma of the third convocation
. January 26, 2000, was elected deputy chairman of the State Duma.
. In connection with the election of Vice-Chairman of the State Duma in March 2000 left the presidency Roppen.
. President of Russia Association of polar (1991).
. Corresponding Member of the Russia Academy of Natural Sciences.
. Member of the British Royal Geographical Society.
. He has state awards.
. Playing football.
. He has a son and daughter
. My wife she works in the International Labor Organization at the UN. Son Nicholas graduated from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO).

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  • Helen for Chilingarov Arthur N.
  • Dear Artur Nikolaevich, we ask you to respond because you are looking for the nephew Krygin Alexander
  • Tomas (an alias) for Chilingarov Arthur N.
  • I'm proud of you, live long in this world. The main health to you in the New Year, and romance you will not hold! Do not forget the book, write about their adventures!
  • Karapet for Chilingarov Arthur N.
  • I am the grandson Karapetyan Karapet syn Garnica Karapetyan, dad always said, and you, I have been looking for you.
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    Chilingarov Arthur N., photo, biography
    Chilingarov Arthur N., photo, biography Chilingarov Arthur N.  Hydrometeorology, polar explorer, Vice-Chairman of the State Duma, Russia, former chairman of United Industrial Party, photo, biography
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