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Chris Isaak (Chris Isaak)

( Musical Performer)

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Old rock 'n' roll is a saying: every time should be your Elvis. Chris Isaak dauntlessly and has repeatedly declared himself in an interview with the successor of the great king - and he was absolutely right. Striking appearance a la 50's, a magnificent voice and the nostalgic hits of proof. September 22 goes musician's new album "Speak Of The Devil".

Chris Isaak has the honor to be proud of the Californian town of Stockton - it is there June 26, 1956 the singer was born. Parents of the stars could not boast of high-income countries, but terribly fond of country and rock 'n' roll. The house had a huge collection of CDs of music stars 40-x - Dean Martin, Bing Crosby and rare collection of early singles by Elvis. All this had to listen to little Chris. Listen, listen, and imbued. In 1984, going on student exchange in the Japanese Pacific University, Isaac was already ingrained elvisomanom. In between lectures, enjoy your favorite music, led tours of local studios and boxed. Over the past infatuation had to pay a broken nose, and Chris decided that the boxer will not pour out. Released a singer, so what! Upon his return to Stockton, he founded a rockabilly band SILVERTONE, naming it in honor of the six-model "Sears-Rebaque, and became its frontman. The structure includes guitarist James Calvin Wills, bassist Rowland Sally and drummer Kenney Dale Johnson.

In 1985, with the support of the famous producer the late 60's Eric Jacobsen SILVERTONE signed a contract with Warner Brothers, prokatili tour of the West Coast and released the album "Silvertone". This disk has failed, the vocal style of Isaac criticized, calling him a poor imitator of Roy Orbison. Chris offense, rolled up his sleeves ... and set to work. All with the same team, but under his own name he recorded the album "Chris Isaak", which nevertheless fell into the cherished billbordovsky Top 200. True, the 194-th place, but the bread. Hard-working Chris personally wrote ten of the eleven tracks. This eleventh, "Heart Full Of Soul", composed for him by the legendary English hitmeyker Graham Goldman, musician THE MINDBENDERS and 10ss.

In October 1987, from Isaac came the first hit - now all well-known ballad "Blue Hotel". This kind of "hybrid" vocal techniques Orbison and Presley, together with absolute elvisovskoy appearance. Sad charm of "Blue Hotel" first assessed for some reason only the French music lovers. But in the end of the magazine "USA Today" recommended the album "Chris Asaac" to his readers as "album of 1987 the first", indicating the growing popularity of Chris. Know this, however, did not suit the company Warner Brothers, who wanted quick profits. After the album "Heart Shaped World" in August 1989 has not risen above the 149-th place in the U.S., the company announced the termination of the contract, explaining the move so that the dark and melancholy ballads ayzekovskie a la 50's not commercially profitable.

But Chris managed to persuade the bosses label does not leave him to fend for themselves. The conflict settled, but Warner Brot. refused to advertise the songs of Isaac, and forced him to do music for film. Directed by David Lynch, have already used the works of Chris in the film "Blue Velvet", drew attention to the song "Wicked Game" and asked to make an instrumental version of "Wild At Heart" with Nicolas Cage in the lead role. In addition, Isaac has composed the theme for the soap opera "Days Of Our Lives" and the movie "The Preppie Murder". He had little idea what movie would bring him worldwide fame.

In October 1990, "Wild at Heart" came on shtatovskie screens. Music Director Atlanta radio station "Power-99" Lee Chestnut looked now three times and was mesmerized by the machine shop ayzekovskoy. Was given command DJs - unscrew the vocal version of "Wicked Game" from the album in 1989, and soon the example of "Power-99" followed by all the state radio station, and then the country. December 15, 1990 "Wicked Game" - a grim sexual ballad with nice guitar part in the spirit of Stephen Stillza, . tragic vocal strain and an excellent music video - went on the 10-th place of the English hit parade, . Chris Isaak and himself suddenly became a darling of fashion magazines - "Esguire" and "Elle" devoted his great articles, . and "People" proclaimed a musician one of the most beautiful people in the world,

1991 became "modern Elvis' triumphant. For the British market was re-released album in 1989 (under the title "Wicked Game") - and won 3rd place. On the drive home got to the 7-th. "Wicked Game" housed in the U.S. on the 6 th place, and the reissued "Blue Hotel" - the 17 th in England. Isaac was an international rock award "Best vocalist of the year", video "Wicked Game" was also recognized as the best. The next year was much quieter - the singer took part only in two teams concerts. Careers actor continued in 1993, when Isaac played by David Lynch in "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me" and by Bernardo Bertolucci in "Little Buddha". Was then recorded the album "San Francisco Days", in April, took 12 th place in England, and in May - 35 th in the U.S.. This CD turned out weaker than the previous one - a permanent sadness Isaac began pall, greatest hits, like "" Wicked Game "was not. Chris could play a very "romantic" Elvis period, say, 1960 or 1962 second-go, but here's a cheerful, energetic king of rock 'n' roll from it obviously did not work. Even brisk rockabilly number "Lonely With A Broken Heart", quite close to Presley on the vocal style, leaving a strange impression of unhappy.

The new drive appeared in 1995. Like its predecessor, "Forever Blue" hit the British Top 30 and U.S. Top-40. The only hit was "Somebody's Crying". The next year Isaac pleaded with the food company "Hunt-Wesson Inc.", Which used the melody of "Wicked Game" for advertising popcorn.

And now - new CD by Elvis of our time. Apparently, Isaac does not intend to change its image - and winding cheerful songs we hardly expect this from him. Judge for track-list: "Walk Slow" (Go slowly), "Black Flowers" (black flower), "Breaking Apart" (in pieces), "Speak Of The Devil" (Remember the hell) ... But is it so bad?

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    Chris Isaak (Chris Isaak), photo, biography
    Chris Isaak (Chris Isaak), photo, biography Chris Isaak (Chris Isaak)  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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