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Biography LEONIDOV Maxim
photo LEONIDOV Maxim
Born February 13, 1962 in St. Petersburg, in Snegirevka. Parents of future musicians were performers - both worked at the Comedy Theater, . then it is called Akimov Comedy Theater, . so much of his childhood Maxim naturally, . held in the theater, . backstage, . radio, . TV, . We toured with the theater, . so that the theater was his 'second home'.,

. Then Max went to the mathematical school, classes in which brought him only misery
. Fortunately, in the third grade, when his parents realized that the great mathematician of his son is unlikely to get, a little Leonidova transferred to the Choir School of. At Leningrad Glinka State Academic Capella. This is such an institution, attended only by boys from 1 st to 10 th grade and, in general subjects, still in the music. There were about 20 music subjects: musical literature, solfege, harmony, composition, conducting, piano, etc..

In 1979 he graduated from this wonderful school and enrolled in the Theater Institute at the rate of Arkady Katsman and Lev Dodin, who graduated in 1984, then briefly worked in the BDT and went into the army.

A student course. I. Katzman in Leninradskom Theater Institute took part in the formulation of a course of the play "Ah!, . those stars! ", . which has played several roles: Elvis Presley, . Louis Armstrong, . Paul McCartney and Andrei Makarevich, . a group, . he collected for the musical accompaniment of the performance, . lively and fun portrayed Beatles,
. This led Leonidova the idea to organize a group that would have sounded in the manner of 60-ies and in some degree imitated aesthetic Beatles (but failed to play their songs). So in 1982, has been born a bit-quartet "The Secret"

. Songs Maxim Leonidova formed a significant part of the repertoire of a large segment of her biography, . "The Secret" has toured the country and outside, . down the plate and was filmed on television (the first in the USSR they did their own teleseriyu "whirling disks, . leading a long time was very Leonids), . weighed in the tape Vitaliy Aksenov's "How to become a star" (1986),
. However, over time there has been a rift within the Quartet

. Leonids, . which has been increasingly absorbed by their own musical and theatrical projects (in 1989 he played a major role in the staged solely by his play "King of Rock 'n' roll ', . dramatized biography of Elvis Presley, . and also starred in the film in,
. Aleinikova "drayman and the King" - on the story by Isaac Babel's) increasingly moved away from the group, which led to the fact that in November 1989, he left "The Secret". Meanwhile, his solo career initially was not as successful, . as desired: "The King of Rock 'n' Roll" enjoyed only moderate success, . a new record and speeches, accompanied by the group "Collected Works" is it that attracted the most ardent fans of "The Secret",
. All this has accelerated the decision Leonidova to emigrate to Israel, and in late 1990 he left the country.

During the 90-ies Leonids several occasions in Russia, gave concerts, but reluctant to return did not show. Suffice unexpected return of the singer took place only in mid-1996, . when the radio sounded Leonidova new songs from the album "The Captain" (Love, . Two dumbbells, and one iron), . which was recorded a year earlier with a group of musicians from Moscow, and Israel,
. As a producer, Alexander made Kutikov ( "Time Machine"), who worked with Leonidov even in times of "The Secret".

In 1997 he saw the light of his next album, "Girl-vision", recorded in St. Petersburg with a group of experienced studio musicians: Vladimir Gustov (Tele U "," Radio Rock "; guitar), Eugene Olesha (keyboards) and t. n. Title song became a hit album.

In May 1997 in St.Petersburg Music Hall held two concerts, which were submitted to all incarnations of "The Secret": bit-quartet in its original composition, "secret 5" and Zabludov Murashova, as well as solo works of Fomenko and Leonidova.

After such success Maxim once was and 'old songs about the main' and 'New Year's flames' and all sorts of fashionable and popular shows. Little by little, began to record their second album, which was released recently and it's called (it's third solo album, Russian) 'Do not let him go'. Max: "In my, . This album also got me there and the road many songs, . and 'Wolves' and 'Do not let him go', . and I would least like, . to continue with my album 'whirled' kind of a song on the radio, . because, . seems, . the song 'wolf' or the song 'Horse' from the album "Sailing over the city ', . Yes and the song "Sailing over the city 'no worse, . than the same 'girl-vision': I'm sorry, . that they are less known:,

. In November 2001, another musician's album, entitled "Thursday"
. Like its two predecessors, he recorded together with Vladimir Gustov, my regular guitarist and arranger in his St. Petersburg studio Favorite. Produces his company Real Records.

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  • Songs with a great sense of the mouth M. Leonidova bring him fame as a great citizen. "Learn how to survive when there is nothing else to run."
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    LEONIDOV Maxim, photo, biography
    LEONIDOV Maxim, photo, biography LEONIDOV Maxim  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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